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  1. Chas


    I like what I am seeing from the young guys, but it is too early to determine what the final outcome will be.
  2. Pass interference is what the NFL uses to help the team they want to win, win.
  3. Yes, I mean the Seahawks... my mistake.
  4. Its quiet when the Buccaneers lose meaningless games... sure if everything still aligns they could sneak in to the playoffs. Pretty much hinges on the Vikings losing all their games and the Buccaneers winning all of theirs. Not very likely. When the season is basically over except auditions for next year there is little to talk about when the team wins. This is where loses to the Giants, Cardinals, and Titans start to hurt. The one game the Buccaneers won (Rams) that people thought was a loss just doesn't make up for failures against those three teams.
  5. Chas

    100 Congrats Jaboo

    Arians still gives Winston credit for all his TDs though.... after watching today's game Godwin made a TD out of a crappy throw so I don't credit Winston with that one.
  6. Did Snook ever say anything about Winston? That might explain a great deal.
  7. Chas

    Prediction thread

    I predict four. Arians will claim that it was all special effects and there were no actual turnovers. He will be at a loss to explain the final score though.
  8. Shocking. Who could have predicted that the Buccaneers would ruin another coaches reputation.
  9. Why haven't the Glazers learned that was wrong given the piss poor performance over the last ten years?
  10. Chas

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Yeah... at least in the early days of the Buccaneers sucking we had a legit defense. It was fun watching us wreck some team's offense even though we lost. When Dilfer was playing (no he was not as bad as Winston) and the ball was turned over inside our own 20 you could depend on our defense getting a turnover or pushing the other team out of field goal range. Now I get to watch captain turnover expose our weak-ass defense when he doesn't throw a pick six.
  11. Chas

    Myles Garrett

    Too bad Winston did not instigate a fight with the Saints.
  12. Chas

    I've Seen Enough

    That could ease your suffering on Sunday.
  13. Chas

    It Wasn't His Fault

    All I can say is that when your Franchise QB (Winston) performs at the same level as Ryan Fitzpatrick (journeyman) then you don't really have a franchise QB. Winston's performances are inconsistent. Sure it could be the offensive line. Sure it could be the receivers. Sure it could be the lobster bisque that he had for lunch. I don't care what IT is... it sucks and he is consistent about sucking over the course of a season. Time to move on. If I bought this franchise (which I can't) I would fire Licht, Arians and most of the scouting staff. Not sure who I would hire to replace them, but they are blowing chunks.
  14. Licht and the scouting department are a problem. The coaches are a problem. It has been an issue since we ran Gruden out of town. Look at what Gruden has done in two years at Oakland. Lynch in two years at San Fran. The Glazers have to start hiring the correct people... unfortunately, this means cleaning house again. Hitting the reset button. I bet Miami is more competitive than the Buccaneers next year.
  15. Chas

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    If Tua falls the Buccaneers should stay away from him. He has too much of an issue with injuries.