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  1. Yeah... this thing is making me not want to watch football next season. Ed Oliver, IDL Jachai Polite, EDGE Amani Hooker, S Miles Sanders, RB Daniel Jones, QB Darius Slayton, WR Josiah Tauaefa, LB
  2. Did one of those mocks... Jawaan Taylor, OT DeAndre Baker, CB Deionte Thompson, S Joe Giles-Harris, LB Kingsley Keke, IDL Benny Snell, RB Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR
  3. Chas

    Blaine Gabbert SUCKS

    Some notes: Doug Williams - Super Bowl Winner Steve Young - Super Bowl Winner Trent Dilfer - Super Bowl Winner
  4. Jameis Winston wird als Quarterback der Buccaneers nicht erfolgreich sein
  5. Chas


    If the Buccaneers select him he will bust. If some other team selects him he will go HoF.
  6. The Buccaneers will take Drew Lock in the draft and then everyone will be confused.
  7. Chas

    Blaine Gabbert SUCKS

    Geeze... we are not even out of the draft and all the Bruce Arians will be the savior folks have already jumped off the pirate ship and started to swim towards shore.
  8. Jameis think Tom Brady is a fruit loop with his conditioning regimen and diet.
  9. Is that He Hates Me's brother?
  10. Chas

    OBJ to the Browns

    Makes me feel better about what the Buccaneers got for Jackson.
  11. Chas

    DJax traded to Eagles

    I thought the Buccaneers would at least get a 6th rounder for him. While it is good they got something for him and off the salary cap it would have been nice to not have to give up the 7th rounder.
  12. Chas

    DJax traded to Eagles

    What the heck... we send a 7th and Djax to the Eagles for a 6th round pick... Damn... that was terrible.
  13. Makes me think of two songs... What we sound like when we want a new coach... and what reality looks like a year after we get a new coach...
  14. That might be an improvement.
  15. Chas

    So Fitzpatrick....

    I had not thought about what kind of wrestlers... my mind immediately went to Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage kind of wrestlers.