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  1. Chas

    New Uniforms!!!

    I am going to buy a Winston jersey... that will ensure he is not signed by the Buccaneers.
  2. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    Oh... so your problem is comprehension. Let me help you out. I will stand on my original statement. Winston is WORTH a 2yr/11,000,000 contract. WORTH is the keyword. I did not say that it what he will sign for. I did not say that he would agree to sign for that amount.
  3. Brady is not going to play for another 6 seasons... that is a stupid contract to give him.
  4. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    That's OK... you can call me stupid. It will only make me appreciate when you are proven wrong all the more.
  5. Chas

    New Uniforms!!!

    Hope they bring back more of the orange to the uniform.
  6. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    I was not being humorous.
  7. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    I think Winston is worth a 2yr/11,000,000 contract... maybe a little more, but certainly not starting money.
  8. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    Agreed... that was speculation at best.
  9. He just needed more time. we should have more patience with him. It is not his fault Jameis was making it too easy to get interceptions in practice.
  10. No, no.... some of us know just how stupid the Buccaneers are.
  11. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    On that... about as useless as yours on Winston.
  12. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    Yeah, a couple of elite players that combined dont have as many titles as Tom Brady.
  13. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    The rushing game was not good. I agree with that. I do not think Barber is good enough. Jones has potential but is NOT the 'stud' the Buccaneers had hoped for.
  14. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    NNUD... Define good running back. What do you want to see? For me, the answer is a guy who can get 4+ YPC and is an asset in pass protection and as a receiver. A true 3 down back. I do not think Barber is the answer. Jones I feel is a liability in the passing game but has the potential to improve.
  15. Chas

    Jordan Love (QB) Utah State

    Actually, Jones is #35 out of running backs... you have to eliminate the non-RB rushing stats.