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  1. Been on that wagon since 1976. With the exception of a few seasons the draft has been the one thing to be positive about. 1979 was great. 2002 was magical.
  2. We have to wait until we have two loses? Pfft. This is the Buccaneers... they always look forward to the draft.
  3. I understand people want the TEs to get more balls. However, I am OK with Brady throwing to the open guy. Both Howard and Gronk have had some stone hands too.
  4. He has been impressive so far. Making plays all over the field.
  5. Fuck. Suh and GMC are not Warren Sapp. Hell... they are not even Brad Culpepper.
  6. Impressive showing by the Raiders. Great coaching by Gruden.
  7. After watching this game... I so wish we had kept Gruden.
  8. It will be interesting to see how things go. I am rooting for Gruden. I liked him as a coach and thought the Glazers fucked up when they fired him.
  9. I guess I can start posting here again as long as the urine misting fisherman has not returned.
  10. So we have an old slow TE who can't catch and a young fast..ish TE who can't catch. Great. At least Tundra and Axe found a Llama to be their huckleberry.
  11. Not like it matters... this Franchise can't hire a decent coach.
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