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  1. Chas

    Post Mini-Camp state of Bucs from BA

    I have a feeling the Buccaneers will be selecting a QB next season. Just a feeling nothing more.
  2. The Buccaneers are just trying to corner the market on head coaching prospects for 2022.
  3. I personally think the girl in the red tube top fourth row up and five seats in from the end will be the hidden gem.
  4. Chas

    When’s the Season Start?

    Jimmy Giles shall not be replaced in the minds of long time fans, but it will be fun to see OJ Howard excel at tight end this season.
  5. Chas

    RIP, Big Dog

    Moose and Rocco have to help the judge find his wallet.
  6. Chas

    Roster moves

    C'mon guys... have some faith. I just spoke to Licht and he said they are so confident in the defense that they will refuse to punt. The defense will be able to not only hold on the goal line, but force a turnover and take it to the house. Pffft! All of you non-believers just want to go bandwagon on the Patriots.
  7. I have given up on expecting a turnaround, but it is technically possible. Arians could be the old man to do it... he seems a mix of what the Buccaneers have been looking for. A players coach who holds players accountable for the product on the field. A coach who expects the team leaders to hold players responsible for their play. In Morris the Buccaneers got a players coach who wanted to be invited to their parties. In Schiano the Buccaneers had a task master who held players accountable, but he was not a players coach. In Smith the Buccaneers got a players coach who was not in touch with the NFL any more. In Koetter the Buccaneers got a players coach who had issues holding people responsible and making decisions. Maybe, just maybe Arians is a real coach after several unmitigated disasters.
  8. In Beckwith's case he was not the driver.
  9. Chas

    Winston article by Bassinger

    I have heard third year before, but not fifth year. I would agree that Winston has to show something this year or he will likely not be resigned.
  10. Chas

    Time to See Reality

    Luckily, my children have avoided following the Buccaneers. Unfortunately, by following this cursed franchise I lost the opportunity to have my kids watch football with me. If I had followed a decent team they might be sports fans.
  11. Talib and Blount had off the field issues that the Buccaneers moved on from. Bennett had not shown a ton of talent yet, but he certainly played well for Seattle. I would count Bennett as a large mistake. If having a Super Bowl ring is a sign of a messed up cut then the Buccaneers have a lot longer string of bad cuts going back to Doug Williams.
  12. In general the front office blows chunks. It has not been able to evaluate talent in the draft, in free agency or in the locker room. I think a six year old throwing darts at the wall would have had a few more 'hits' than this group of talent evaluators.
  13. Is that the 1920 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition?
  14. Well written and on point. You need to protect your QB (LT) and sack the opposing QB or defend the pass. However, despite taking the wrong positions the larger issue is that the picks have not HIT.
  15. Chas

    Nice story about Bucs FA pickup

    Nice pickup. Pulling for the guy.