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  1. Dunn_Deal28

    Winston article by Bassinger

    Oh, for sure buddy. And that post isn't directed at you. I know your Gator pedigree. Doesn't cloud your judgment though when evaluating certain players on the team.
  2. Dunn_Deal28

    Winston article by Bassinger

    Analysis is irrelevant when it comes to the starting QB. He's only as good as the school he attended. Hearing that Felipe Franks is high on the most informed's draft board.
  3. The Bucs don't concern themselves with such trivial stuff. The winning culture and tradition of excellence are sure to bring out the best in players once they get to Tampa Bay.
  4. BA is legit. The best the Bucs couldn't have hoped for in terms of an immediate turn around. Unfortunately, he can't play OT. He can't play DL. And he can't play LB. In other words, we're fucked.
  5. Dunn_Deal28

    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    Hargreaves is trash. He's always been trash. A slot corner with mediocre measurables. But, you know, once a Gator, always a Gator so the smartest of the most informed will surely have excuses lined up.
  6. Dunn_Deal28

    Geraldini speaks!

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26684979/bucs-mccoy-responds-calling-out lol. Can we please move on from this guy already? If he showed up in the 4th quarter of games as much as he does on social media, the Bucs might have sniffed a playoff game over the last decade.
  7. Dunn_Deal28

    Time to See Reality

    The reality is the Bucs are now the league's worst franchise. While it remains to be seen if Cleveland's personnel equates to on-field success, they're still far and away a better run franchise than the Bucs are right now. Even the Jets seem to be on the upswing. Haven't won a playoff game since 2003. Haven't been in the playoffs since 2008. Retread head coaches. Inexperienced head coaches in over their heads. Historically bad defenses. First and second round draft picks that flamed out. Free agent busts. And the worst part is (or best part depending on how much you like self-inflicted wounds), there's no end on the horizon. There's not one person in the front office, on the coaching staff, or on the roster, that can fix this crap. Arians will stroke out by October. Jameis will be starting and playing extremely well for another franchise in 2020 (Titans, Dolphins). And the Bucs will still be the league's laughing stock. Nothing changes until the Glazers sell this team.
  8. Dunn_Deal28

    JPP out for year?

    Would be 12-4 but-for the shitty QB. Oh wait.
  9. Dunn_Deal28

    JPP out for year?

    lol. This team is cursed.
  10. Dunn_Deal28

    Geraldini speaks!

    http://www.fox13news.com/sports/buccaneers/jameis-winston-s-bossy-leadership-style-surprising-to-new-coaching-staff Someone let Geraldini know what leadership looks like.
  11. Dunn_Deal28

    Roster moves

    And the Bucs signed a journeyman RB that's hung around with Arians. Presuming he's battling Ellington for a roster spot.
  12. Dunn_Deal28

    Geraldini speaks!

    How is this any different than other years? He always comes into training camp spouting off about how he's tired of losing and he's going to drop the nice guy routine. The results never change. 5 sacks. Numerous 'disruptions' and QB hurries. And a defense that ranks among the league's worst.
  13. Build from the inside out. Start with the lines. Licht didn't get the memo. Or maybe he did and either doesn't care or he doesn't know how to read.
  14. Dunn_Deal28

    Browns to possibly trade for McCoy

    lol. Sounds about right for our esteemed GM. Drafted a RB in the second round last year. And already trying to fill the void.
  15. Dunn_Deal28

    McCoy seems to not be in the team's plan

    Yep. Time to move on. Good, but not great player. And his being the 'face' of the defense for nearly the last decade - the proof's in the pudding.
  16. Dunn_Deal28

    Draft thread

    Yep. Certainly more well-rounded and addresses a wider range of needs.
  17. Dunn_Deal28

    Time to See Reality

    Licht's the only GM that goes all-in on one position...and then does it again the next off-season. We're better off he ignores a position group.
  18. You don't build from the outside in. The Bucs' lack depth along the offensive line. They lack talent and depth along the defensive line. Licht's drafted at least 9 defensive backs since 2016. When a GM continues to go all-in on one position group and doesn't have any tangible positive results, he sucks. Nelson might wind up being the best player in this draft class. But its not enough when you consider switching to a new scheme and the fact that McCoy's likely to be a cap casualty.
  19. The kid from Buffalo, Anthony Johnson. He was on a few mock drafts prior to this weekend. If he doesn't stick with the Bucs, probably will be on someone else's roster.
  20. Dunn_Deal28

    Draft thread

    Rivaling the Bucs and Raiders for the dumbest front offices in the league - the Giants. Almost as if they took Jones because he resembles Eli Manning,
  21. Dunn_Deal28

    Last Call..who’s it gonna be?

    The majority of scouting reports about White begin and end with this leadership qualities and how he's going to change the culture. He's 21 years old. Played two seasons at linebacker for LSU. Seems like an absolute quantum leap. And one that the Bucs make every fucking year. Oh, and he's fast. So was Willie Gault. Takes more than speed. Can he diagnose plays at the line of scrimmage? Can he shed blocks? Can he change direction when dropping into coverage? Does he take shitty angles and overrun plays like the guy before him?
  22. Dunn_Deal28

    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    Unless the coaching staff has the cure for an undersized corner with limited speed and ball skills, I suspect we already know what we're going to get.
  23. Dunn_Deal28

    KC's Draft Strategy

    Hunt and Hill. One dumber than the other. Hunt got another chance. Will Hill?
  24. It's okay. Just let him drift off to the afterlife. It's better than rooting for this team.
  25. Dunn_Deal28

    Draft thread

    And, yeah. Taylor would be an awesome pick if we want to maintain Licht's stellar second round track record.