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  1. People can dispute that Suh doesn't provide an upgrade over McCoy. I'll say that I'd much rather have Suh along the d-line instead of an oversensitive pussy like McCoy.
  2. As long as its not Columbus, we should be fine. Any other murderers lurking on Urb's coaching tree?
  3. Arians is a breath of fresh air for sure. I do think the team will be better coached and play harder. But holy hell. That offensive line and secondary. Not what you find on a playoff team or even a .500 team. It's going to be a long season.
  4. Is there any doubt that McCoy will have 5 sacks on the season? And all of them will come against the Bucs.
  5. I really want to believe and everything you said can certainly happen. I'm simply too jaded at this point. The Bucs' have beaten down the fan base to the point where most people are looking ahead to the 2020 draft.
  6. I believe that these five hidden gems will be in the mix to compete for an opportunity to be in the mix of a handful of players that could potentially see practice reps with the third and fourth string. Obviously, this speaks to the Bucs stellar depth and shows once again that Licht's playing 5-D chess and we're that many steps behind his genius.
  7. Between a lack of top end talent and the inexperience, we're going to see the Keystone Cops in the secondary. Or, in other words, we'll see what we've seen for nearly the last decade save for a six game stretch in 2016.
  8. Biggest concerns right now - the offensive line, running game, and the secondary. Playoff teams are typically strong in those areas. We'll see if Smith improves and if they can find someone or anyone to play the other guard spot. Maybe Ronald Jones' dreadful rookie season was an outlier. And maybe Bowles can piece together a secondary with young and unproven players. Hell of a lot more confidence in Arians / Bowles than Dirk / Smith, but there's talent and experience lacking across the board. Only so much coaching can do.
  9. Licht's playing 5-D chess. We're just not smart enough to see it.
  10. I got the sense that Arians was ready to move on from McCoy relatively soon after he took the job. As to why it took so long, or went down the way it did, who knows - just the Bucs being the Bucs I guess. Suh will be an upgrade on the field and brings a much different mindset to the defense.
  11. New York media already hated Brady. This pushed them over the edge. Rightfully so.
  12. McCoy and Marpet will be playing a lot of patty cake when the two teams meet. As I've said, McCoy's a good dude and I'm sure he'll be missed in the community. But, as a player, his best days are in the rear view mirror. Defense needed to go in a different direction and with a different mindset. Bucs will be better with Suh. Not sure you can say the same for the Panthers with McCoy.
  13. I'm just curious to hear the musings of the most informed.
  14. Tight end from the Jets. Claimed on waivers. He's more of a receiving threat than he is an in-line blocker so I'm not sure he would be competing for Auclair's spot. Wonder if there's a concern about Brate's ability to come back from the hip injury.
  15. In May 🙄 https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/05/21/vernon-hargreaves-says-lingering-injuries-kept-him-out-for-bucs/ Wasn't related to the shoulder. He hasn't played since September. So WTF is the lingering injury? The gift that keeps on giving. #11 pick overall and the Bucs have spent the last two years trying to find a decent corner back.
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