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  1. Sweezy will be released.

    Back to the o-line, even with such a small sample size, I'm not enamored with Benenoch. I could see a trial by fire from Cappa and he eventually emerges as the long-term option.
  2. Winston media from PFT

    If Winston plays well, and if he stays out of trouble, he'll get a long term deal. Admittedly, those IF's are gargantuan and very far from a sure thing.
  3. Sweezy will be released.

    Now they have more cap space to ink Jameis to a long term deal.
  4. Winston media from PFT

    The Bucs' official statement is probably not want some people want to read or hear, but could be a better indication of what facts the league had, or didn't have.
  5. Winston media from PFT

    Which means there wasn't actual evidence of sexual assault because if there was, there wouldn't have been any negotiation. He lied about the Uber trip. NFL's equating that lie to guilt of what he's accused of. This isn't rocket science. He should have come clean the moment the story broke. Whether he lied because he was guilty, or scared, or someone gave him bad advice, all that's irrelevant at this point.
  6. Majority of public opinion is that Winston groped the driver's crotch. There's likely no actual evidence of that. Unfortunately for him, whether because he legitimately didn't remember that particular Uber trip (doubtful), or was scared of no one believing his account of what happened, or because he did what he was accused of, he and his running buddy came up with a relatively poor cover up. Because of that cover up, the taint of this will follow him around for a long time.
  7. I'm also curious to know what the driver told Uber as to what exactly happened. If there was any mention of groping or touching her crotch, I wonder if Uber wouldn't have gone to the police on her behalf if for no other reason than to cover their own ass? And, if she was compelled to get Winston's account suspended but didn't feel the need to mention the groping - that too opens a lot of questions.
  8. My wife and I have had Uber drivers lodge complaints - mostly because she's been in about a dozen screaming matches over the GPS being 'wrong' and preferring the driver to take a different route - regardless, the only notifications we've ever gotten were to either inform of us a complaint being lodged or that the price increased to a certain amount because of the unruliness. Except I was in the car each time, and was sober, I wouldn't know what the complaints were in reference to. If Winston was drunk and had no recollection, then getting a call from Uber wouldn't necessarily give him an indication of what happened. To play devil's advocate, perhaps if the infraction is more serious than just yelling at the driver, the passenger is made aware of what happened. I have no way of knowing for sure. If someone had a gun to my head... 1. He was black-out drunk. 2. He made a clumsy / awkward attempt at hitting on the girl. 3. At some point, he made contact somewhere and was rebuked. 4. That was the end of it. If he didn't have a recollection of what happened, and if Uber didn't give him the full story, then I guess there's nothing for him to report nor would he necessarily seek counsel with his attorney.
  9. Top Quarterbacks 2029 Draft

    In 2029, we'll be lamenting that Tim Tebow never had a son.
  10. Agreed on all counts. If it was a blank slate, I'd take Winston only because the idea of his skill set (pocket passer, pro offense) is my preference over someone like Mariota who needs a system tailored to his strengths. Regardless, each has his warts and as GSS mentioned, neither may be with their respective teams after 2019.
  11. The Titans invested a lot in their offensive line and running backs so that they could build a more Mariota-centric offense. Can't have it all. Would you rather have better WR's or a better OL and group of RB's?
  12. You realize they've been 'godawful' because they're playing with a QB that can't read the entire field, and generally has problems throwing anymore than 15 yards downfield?
  13. Oh, and Keyshawn should keep his mouth shut. Focus more on his own problem child for a son.
  14. That story is bizarre. It might begin and end with his brother. If you ask a few select posters, Jameis is still worse than Jenkins. Once a Gator, always a Gator.
  15. I don't think free is alone when it comes to college allegiances clouding the judgment / assessment of pro players. That's pretty much a staple among the smartest fans on the internet. What I don't understand is why anyone still gives a damn about debating the merits of Suh and McCoy, or even Winston and Mariota. I'd be more inclined to read one of hammerhead's posts about Trent Dilfer than I would be the same old tired dialogue about how Suh's better than McCoy or vice versa, or some revisionist history nonsense about what the Bucs should have done differently over three years ago.