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  1. Dunn_Deal28

    Offseason Blows

    Here's the problem I have with Licht. Ali Marpet. Donovan Smith. Alex Cappa. Caleb Benenoch. Vernon Hargreaves. Ryan Smith. Jordan Whitehead. M.J. Stewart. Carlton Davis. The two positions most linked to the Bucs in the 2019 draft / first round - DB and OL. Licht loads up at certain positions and not even a year later, the position is still a shit show.
  2. Having to pay Ryan Jensen is a result of badly missing on Caleb Benenoch and J.R. Sweezy. Mistakes snowball in the NFL and the offensive line is a mess right now. Next year, there's a strong likelihood that Marpet's the only remaining starter.
  3. Also, this whole 'fight' thing is being so overblown. They exchanged a few words. That kind of stuff happens all the time.
  4. Dunn_Deal28

    Dononvan Smith

    Considering the nonsense being spewed by the 'most informed', Smith warrants about 54 threads.
  5. The offensive line played their worst game of the year - speaks volumes considering how bad they are. Godwin couldn't catch a cold. But yeah, the first finger pointing is directed at #3. Shocking. Don't care who you had at QB on Sunday. Meltdowns on ST's, defense, and from the OL and WR, and you're going to lose.
  6. Dunn_Deal28

    Worst Call in NFL History

    Yep. That one stuck with me for the rest of the season. That game, along with the loss to Carolina where Jurevicius and Alstott were hurt on the same, summed up the 2003 season.
  7. Dunn_Deal28

    Offseason Blows

    Licht has to go. He's whiffed on way too many draft picks to get another chance.
  8. If Jensen went anywhere else, he'd be a solid player. Free agents go to Tampa Bay to watch their career die.
  9. Dunn_Deal28

    Dononvan Smith

    I blame Benenoch and Jameis for Smith's problems.
  10. Dunn_Deal28

    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Only three more games until his fat ass is kicked to the curb.
  11. Dunn_Deal28

    Fire Warhop Tonight

    But Donovan Smith is a top 5 left tackle...
  12. Dunn_Deal28

    Brate is Great- Bucs 7 Saints 0

    More accurately, he'll blame Winston for Smith's shit play as well as for the missed field goals.
  13. Dunn_Deal28

    The Taste Of Losing

    16 years of mostly shitty football with a few seasons of mediocrity sprinkled in. Tastes great.
  14. Dunn_Deal28

    Koetter is done.

    Koetter was and is done. So too is Donovan Smith. He's emerged as the team's biggest problem.
  15. Dunn_Deal28

    Randy Gregory

    Meanwhile, Noah Spence is still on the side of a milk carton.