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  1. Yeah, its the one area of his game that's really lacking. He's made huge strides elsewhere.
  2. Yep. Fournette was very good yesterday. Glad to see him healthy. Jones is emerging as a big time back but I think the offense will be at its best when you have both of them as complements.
  3. The Patriots would have been better off giving the starting job to Stidham and building the offense in a way similar to what they did with Brady when he was breaking in as Bledsoe's injury replacement. Instead they decided to try and resurrect $cam's career and revamp their entire way of doing things. When something has worked for 20 years, you don't scrap it in favor of a cancerous, me-first loser like Cam Newton. First mistake the Hoodie's made in a long time but its a gigantic one.
  4. The light bulb went on with the offense. Brady feeling more comfortable and the skilled position players getting into a rhythm. Through the first 5 games though, 2020 was looking an awful lot like 2019 and the 15 or so seasons prior to that one. You can make an observation 5 games in and not have it be an eternal indictment on the team or the season. Context is key.
  5. He was playing at a higher level than Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean down the stretch in 2019. Now he's the weak link. He must have put some stuff on film last season and it took the opposition a little bit of time to catch up with him. He's picked on a lot. As for Edwards, the only thing really holding him back last year was fundamentals (or lack thereof). If the coaches trust him with his assignments, he'll be more of a factor going forward.
  6. Evans looks like he's about 50%. Can't really get much of a push off the LOS. He's always been a gamer and just being on the field helps to open things up for Godwin, Gronk, Miller, at al. As for Brown, if the reports are true and Brady was pushing for this, I wouldn't be so quick to write him off as a two week experiment.
  7. Wirfs is the best lineman to come out of the 2020 draft; at least so far. Marpet is the offense's version of Lavonte David. He's been playing at a high level since he came into the league; just hasn't gotten the recognition. Brady's the GOAT for a reason. Look at New England's offensive line right now. Personnel hasn't changed too much but the results are vastly different.
  8. Cam will be out of the league in 2021 so perhaps a career in modeling or fashion design awaits.
  9. AB living with Brady? lol. The guy is certifiable. But if anyone can keep him in check, it's Brady.
  10. Jesus. Could have done some real damage with that hit.
  11. Never mind seeing Matt Ryan lose. Fuck that guy.
  12. I miss Cam, too. As an opponent twice a year. Especially with this defense.
  13. Also, Carr is kind of douchey with always signaling a penalty against the Bucs. Glad that White laid him out at the end.
  14. Dinner at my in-laws so couldn't post. I said this would be a huge challenge and they answered the bell. All three facets. Dominant win.
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