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  1. Dunn_Deal28

    4-20 Mock draft....

    If nothing else, Jesse provides some nice comedic relief during draft week. Helps to offset the shit show and fuckery that's sure to go down on Thursday night.
  2. Dunn_Deal28


    In the NFL's defense, the Bucs have had such a consistent run of success over the last decade. It makes sense to try and level the playing field with a difficult schedule.
  3. Dunn_Deal28

    Cobb Crosses Last Goal Line

    Ugh. Remember him well with the Bucs. Way too young. RIP.
  4. Dunn_Deal28


    Last year, Licht threw a curve ball in the first round. Hopefully he does the same thing this year but I won't hold my breath.
  5. Dunn_Deal28

    The Moment When 2018 Turned to Mung

    Wait a minute. So you mean to tell me that a shit offensive line and crappy play calls could have an impact on the team? According to the most informed, the Bucs' line rivals the 80's Redskins and the Koetter / Monken brain trust was the best in the league.
  6. Waiting for someone among the most informed to tout and peg this kid as a viable replacement for Winston.
  7. Dunn_Deal28

    Good Read on Winston

    And he did that while playing behind a shit offensive line, having no running game, and a defense that couldn't flip the field or even force a three and out. None of that matters though. Fuck Winston.
  8. Dunn_Deal28

    Bucs football content

    Does it bother anyone else that its April 18th and it already feels like the 2019 season is a lost cause?
  9. Dunn_Deal28

    London Game

    No way in hell would I incur the expenses to fly out to London, stay there, and watch the Bucs get their heads smashed in. I won't even pay for tickets and the gas to drive to see them play the Giants / Jets or Eagles.
  10. The fact that Joe felt the need to opine on that is pretty telling.
  11. Dunn_Deal28


    The Bucs' schedule always looks hard - I guess that's what happens when the team sucks. Fully expect the playoff win drought to continue through 2020.
  12. Thank goodness we dodged that bullet!
  13. In no particular order, in 2019, the Bucs will select a RB, DL, and OL. The 2020 draft will be used to address weakness at RB, DL, and OL.
  14. Dunn_Deal28


    If White's the pick at #5, might as well start speculating on the next GM of the Bucs. You don't take a MIKE backer at 5. Especially when there are legitimate franchise type talents along the defensive line.
  15. Dunn_Deal28


    Probably? I think it's more likely than that. Couldn't imagine another scenario where Licht remained as GM.