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  1. Right or wrong, it's what's going to happen. Leading the league in interceptions isn't good. Leading the league (or being close to it) in touchdowns thrown is very good. Making the argument that the Bucs missed the playoffs because of Winston is understandable, but it's not without counters. Yes, the back half of our season was nowhere near the competitive heap at the front half, but any team stringing 4 victories in a row together is doing something right. I think Winston will both do great and horrible things for us throughout his career. I also think we're not going to find someone that can do the great things at all next season if we let him go. I think Arians is likely to make the same argument. I hope we draft someone that can be molded and that can actually be a starter at some point, but ultimately they're going to make Winston an offer, and Bucs fans should prepare themselves for that.
  2. Jeebus. My optimism was obviously well placed.
  3. I believe that a Bucs win today would actually be pretty significant. The Colts are the best team remaining on the schedule, and it would be the longest winning streak this team has had in forever. Finishing this year at .500 or better after the awful first half could help change the culture. It even took St. Dungy a season to get the culture changed. I think with a couple more skill players and another off season in this system, we might start having winning seasons again. Ah, who am I kidding? We’re fuckened.
  4. Foles is a terrific #2, but a mediocre starter at best. When he comes off the bench, he's solid. That's about it. Hard pass.
  5. When you date a psycho stripper, you know something terrible is going to happen before long. You can’t fully celebrate the fleeting moments of fun, because you know she’s going to wreck your car or find a way to steal your savings. At least you can’t when you’re sober. So you quietly brace yourself while nuzzling those big fake breasticles. She’s done it to you enough that it’s not a matter of if.
  6. I personally do give a fuck what the media has to say about the Bucs - but pretty much for blatantly superstitious reasons only. It's anecdotal and not necessarily factual, but to the best of my recollection, when the national media really starts singing Buc praises, that's generally when the franchise falls apart. Best thing ever was when they had no chance to win against Philly in Philly for the NFC championship, followed by having no chance to win against Oakland. In any case, I like what I see: https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-saints-expert-game-picks-week-5-2019?fbclid=IwAR3Kfxk3VCrUEfGTD_T6yJCw0Iiyi4JWIXvf-Ng9dopcWqhVO5zgda3Rw2U The majority believes the Bucs are about to go to the Superdome and fail. Much like they believed they'd fail in the Rams' house. For whatever reason, I'm far more comfortable with that than if the media picks were all for the Bucs. Of course, given the history of this franchise, I can't imagine feeling seriously confident in the team for ANY game.
  7. You know what I'm talking about. A big sneeze comes, but before it actually hits, you have this pregnant pause where you know it's coming and you just have to wait until it does. That's what it feels like as a Bucs fan right now. I have friends asking me how I feel about the Saints game. I get quiet, look upward and go "Uhh.. uh..." Not much different than an "Ah.. ahh CHOO".. Can Bruce get this squad to offer consistency? No idea. But I do know that the Saints represent quite a few Bucs issues: When teams with a solid starting quarterback play the back up against the Bucs -- generally speaking, they eat us alive. When the Bucs do something that makes the national media start saying good things about them - generally speaking, they start shitting the bed. When Winston starts looking like he's started figuring shit out - generally speaking, he takes a sizable step back when you even momentarily believe that. Anyone else feeling the pre-sneeze impending doom?
  8. Justafan

    Sorry about your loss boys.

    Ouch. Nothin like the game you thought was a gimme biting your nut sack. Enjoy it, Ed.
  9. Justafan

    Ass kickin Thread

    I’ll take the ugly win.
  10. Justafan

    Ass kickin Thread

    Aaaand our kicking woes continue...
  11. Justafan

    F**k McCoy

    And yet.. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/09/10/gerald-mccoy-im-going-to-retire-a-buc/
  12. Justafan


    Tua pretty much already has the Dolphins jersey on his back. Did you see them 'play' this week? No matter what happens, I think we've got no shot at Tua. Herbert, Hurts, or Eason are the current front runners at being the post-Tua choices left on the board after the Miami pick.
  13. Justafan


    I hear JW's dick is forked at the end. Like a W.
  14. Justafan


    Emotional reaction notwithstanding, benching Winston serves almost no purpose. He's most likely just as awful as we think he is, but he's the starter because the guys behind him are worse. Griffin couldn't start anywhere, and Gabbert has solidly proven himself as a clipboard holder. And ultimately, if we're right about Winston, we need to draft the replacement next year. If Winston has enough rope to hang himself with, the new rookie QB will be welcomed with open arms. If you bench him now, you've got a host of fans out there thinking Winston was the guy, and there's already plenty of pressure on a top pick. BTW, I think Arians and his staff would be a far better rookie QB evaluator than Lovie and company were in 2015. You might be able to get better draft position next year starting Griffin, that's about it. But I think it'll be difficult to pry that #1 pick out of Miami's hands. They're only one loss in, but there's a solid chance they're about to rack at last 13 more. I think Winston will pull his usual roller coaster inconsistent play, which will probably net us about 5 wins and a top 5-6 draft pick.
  15. Winston undoubtedly looked like shit. But there was some life in the running game, and the defense had moments where they looked mediocre- a vast improvement. Not a lot changes by Thursday, so we’ll get spanked by the Panthers. But I think a solid six wins is possible. GO BUCS! 🤢