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  1. From the Book of WTF

    That bitch ate her own sister.
  2. From the Book of WTF

    He's what, 24? I just see a guy letting loose a little. He's not uppercutting a girlfriend in an elevator. This is a non-issue to me. I get that it's cheesy as fuck to eat your W fingers. I get that he's a corny pre-game hype guy. I get all of that, and I don't give a shit about it. I just want him to put games together at the start of the season that look like he worked the entire off-season at getting better. Because if that's true, he's going to be solid. I still think that we're likely to see another losing season, but seeing Jameis actually take a positive development step could make that easier to deal with.
  3. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Doesn't look to me like fan has that narrative at all, but then I'm not a rabid fanboy.
  4. next year opponents

    I'll go to Baltimore to see 'em play. Ravens fans aren't all that bad, plus Inner Harbor ain't a terrible place to pre-game. Last time I saw the Bucs play the Ravens, the team ended up in the Super Bowl! Get your LIII tix now!!
  5. Off-season Check List

    Rumor has it the Raiders are offering Gruden 10 mil per year and a stake in ownership - a deal that the other 31 owners would have to approve, and likely wouldn't. However, the rumor is that the ownership piece of the deal gets restructured as bonus money if the league thumbs that possibility down. Given that heavy contract offer, it's no wonder the Glazer triplets told Koetter he could keep his job. No way were they offering that much for the spot. And Gruden has a couple enticing pieces on that Raiders squad - plus a sweet new arena/stadium in Vegas. Could be pretty hard to turn this one down.
  6. Koetter Staying!!!!

    Went 10 with Raheem, and it was proven to be bullshit then, too. Dirk had a hodgepodge roster, got 9 wins, grabbed more talent and came out with a soft, unprepared team in too many games before Winston was injured. A backslide of five wins is what it is. The team tanked. He’s a ham and egger through and through. I’m sure in 2019 when the Glazers hire a new coach they’ll find yet another master of mediocrity to continue this parade of dull. Go Bucs!
  7. Koetter Staying!!!!

    It would be great if Koetter puts things together next season. But I’m guessing this is a six win team at best with Dirk at the helm. Team is soft, and maybe they play hard to keep the score close, but they aren’t winners, and next season we’ll watch more of the same. Happy New Year, all.
  8. While you're waiting, maybe you can tell me about that imaginary decade that Gruden has somehow been out of the NFL. I've stated repeatedly Gruden won't be coming here even if he comes back. But if he does return to coaching, the guy has probably a better network for assistant recruitment than he did when he was actively working as a coach, he's compulsive about his offensive approach and has undoubtedly been tweaking his offensive playbook concepts this entire time. The guy couldn't stop himself from writing up offensive plays on cocktail napkins. How the hell does a compulsive freak like that just quit when he's been working with and around players and coaches in the league for the last decade? Rule changes, player strengths, defensive looks - you really think he's somehow been in the booth this entire time and hasn't noticed this stuff? Again, I'm sure he won't coach for Tampa again. However, I am very interested to see what happens should he make a return to the sidelines again and build a strong team. What will the hater excuse for that success be?
  9. Game Chat

    Yeah, you’ve adequately proved your stupidity.
  10. Game Chat

    Winston needs to grow up. Hard to tell if he’s trying to outdouche Cam Newton.
  11. I like how the new forum code translates Bazzy's posts into semi-coherence.
  12. What the hell happened?

    Cheat codes.