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  1. 2018 Single game tickets in Tampa

    LOL. I can't claim to be truly knowledgeable anyway. I'm fake knowledgeable. But I can claim a perfect record when attending Bucs games. Admittedly, I haven't physically attended any games in the last decade, but still. I know - I'm tossing this out there in the vain hope I can get tickets at or relatively close to face value. If I can't, I'll deal with the markup, but a guy can dream, right?
  2. I'm aware that the schedules haven't been announced yet. I'm also aware that the game I'm zeroing in on is likely going to be a slightly tougher one to grab tickets for, but I'm trying to get my hands on eight to ten tickets for the Eagles @ Bucs game this fall (preferably not nosebleeds), and if anyone has a line on pre-sales (at one point someone got a line on presale tickets via some sort of code through a cable provider for me), please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  3. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Weak. A completely unwise man once said “No muff too tough! We dive at five!” No, that was no man. That was Tundra’s neighbor.
  4. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    For years I've been upfront that I really don't watch college ball. They need an actual playoff system (meaning, at least eight teams in) to get me interested/invested. Every year around draft time I start watching clips of players that are highly rated or fit the Bucs needs. In the last month I've probably watched somewhere around an hour all told of Notre Dame offense with Nelson on the field. That still means jack shit, because I'm not going to pretend I'm a talent scout. IMO, Nelson plays hard, plays with an attitude, and moves well, and I think if that guy is filling out an interior with Jensen and Marpet the Bucs are going to be able to run the ball with just about anyone that can carry the rock. And if the run game is a legitimate threat, Winston will have his best chance to take a massive jump forward in his QB evolution. And the interior is suddenly full of young, very talented guys that will continue to improve (barring injury) for the better part of the next decade. That could be huge for this offense. I've seen people bitch about the tackles, but I really don't think they're as bad as advertised, and with a solid interior line I think they'll start looking a ton better. But I'm just a fan, what the fuck do I know?
  5. New catch rule

    Last year was the first year the NFL was transitioning to full time officials, and that was for 24 spots only, when there are over 100 NFL refs. I'm not even sure if they filled all 24 spots when they opened them. In any case, the "off-season" training that existed previously was at best brief, as many/most of the refs have other actual full time jobs. The transitioning to full time positions was just started, so we still have some garbage calls and disjointed/non-uniform interpretations. If the NFL gets this right, they'll aggressively transition all of those spots to full time positions so that refs can spend the off-season watching film and working with teams to sharpen those skills.
  6. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    No way should any club that could use a player like Nelson pass on a player like Nelson. If he's there, you take him. The draft is deep in cornerbacks. We can get one later. As bad as our secondary looked last year, the improvements on the DL might actually make them look better this season. An improved defense and a vastly improved offense would go a long way toward eating Ws on the regular. If Nelson isn't there, you take Chubb. If Nelson and Chubb aren't there, you hope to god the Bills want to give you both 12 & 22 to come get a QB. That said, I'm sure they'll draft a safety, just to piss me off.
  7. Way Too Much Positivity in Here

    He’s into the glaring honesty of the “I’m with stupid” cow. Plus he loves the way the blue makes her eyes pop.
  8. Way Too Much Positivity in Here

    Uh, Licht is a humpbacked manatee fucker. He stopped banging armadillos weeks ago.
  9. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    I thought Murray screwed up one game, but either way that’s a valid point.
  10. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    My biggest FA request was filled. I wanted them to get Ryan Jensen, I wanted our interior OL to have a big improvement over last year. I think that moving Marpet back to guard and having Jensen in at center will allow the offense to sustain drives and have better red zone success. There may still be further upgrades to that interior OL as the season progresses, but either way we should really see a difference in the fall. Why try to compete for Norwell when Marpet back at guard is in that class? Licht saved millions on that move. The fact that Licht found some pieces that should improve the DL as well (Curry, Allen, Unrein, and Pierre-Paul) was icing on the cake. I have no idea why the kicker issue continues to be messed with. I didn't think Murray was the best, but he was solid, and after the craziness over the last couple of years further screwing with that position merits concern. We'll see how that plays out. But overall, the only piece I wished they'd addressed is secondary talent, and that still may happen.
  11. New catch rule

    Honestly, the NFL should be investing in some technology to fix the catch rule and a few other issues. Creating a tracking device in the football itself along with receivers strategically placed in the field would be a great assistant to problem decisions. Camera angles combined with where the system 'senses' the football would help in a host of calls, from yardage to goal line crosses to possession changes under a pile up, to catches. We've got the tech, the NFL is only one of the most lucrative sports in the world, there's no reason why we haven't applied existing tech to clean up these issues.
  12. If the Bucs somehow score Chubb in this draft, the DL becomes legitimately scary. As is, it's a marked improvement.
  13. Oh yeah? Well, fine. I dunno, who can respond to a measured response on a forum?
  14. The market changes. The rates go up. Our OL was crap at creating running lanes last season, and investing in an improvement there would help a number of issues with the Bucs offense. And ultimately, I'm tired of a team that's spent the better part of a decade at or near the bottom of the league being a perennial leader in cap space. They can't fix all the problems with free agency, but they need to try to fix some of them. The draft certainly won't yield all the answers the team needs. So no, I wouldn't have a problem with it. OL investments are typically more bankable than say, 33% of that same money on a DT that was only good for heckling kickers.