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  1. Sure. All the billions in revenue that are generated by the NFL, and you think that this highly contagious cold is going to stop it? Wrong. Just like the highly contagious cold didn't stop the big box stores from lining dozens of people up wearing improper masks and standing well within 6' of each other, there's too much money involved for this to prevent the NFL. The money generated from the NFL dwarfs the other professional leagues in terms of ad revenue, merchandising, television contracts, etc. Even in the ratings downturn over the past years, Goodell has been very good at keeping th
  2. Huh, I wasn't familiar with her work. Apparently Diana Russini is worth listening to looking at.
  3. According to Diana Russini.. NESN ARTICLE Bummer. I was so hoping all the DCs on the schedule were killing themselves finding ways to change their defense to stop them.
  4. Lorenzo Neal is a hell of character. Obviously I love the Alstott like every Bucs fan from that era, but I never knew how funny Neal is. Great link. Thanks!
  5. I have no doubt BA is considering that as well, particularly given the fact that Howard wasn't traded. All three of those TEs can create a mismatch, so putting all three on the field at once should be able to get five to seven yards no matter where it is. The fact that two of those TEs can block well gives a lot of options to that formation.
  6. The current environment, the last presidential election, and the predictions of how our coastline was supposed to change in the last decade have shown us very clearly one thing above all others: Always trust the models and simulations. They're never wrong.
  7. Given the unknowns about how Gronk might hold up this season, I don't really see them making a trade.
  8. My favorite piece of the article: "Winston has size, skill, heart and a tremendous work ethic. His one drawback in a uniform was an inability to cut down on errant passes. That, as it turns out, is what New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees excels at. Winston had 30 interceptions in 626 pass attempts last year. Brees has 29 interceptions in his last 1,900 pass attempts going back nearly four full seasons." Wow, 29 in 1900 pass attempts. That's really cool. Tom Brady - 29 ints vs 2196 pass attempts. Over the last four full seasons. If you actually look at the same span for Brees, he had 32
  9. Eason to the Colts. I think Anthony Gordon is a guy worth a late pick.
  10. Hope RoJo steps it up.
  11. After KC scooped Helaire-Edwards, I’m worried about the probable RB run at the top of the 2nd.
  12. I’m good with it. I wanted them to get a top guy to improve the line. He’s fast, strong and nasty, he just needs some technical improvement. Should be fun to watch.
  13. It's a business decision. The Glazers want their team to seem even more premier. They went and got their new QB his favorite target, even though he's only going to play half the season if they are lucky. You guys seriously think it has anything to do with how well Gronk can actually play right now?
  14. It really doesn't matter what your stat sheet says. Fact is, Brate is solid, but he's never been a flat out game changer. I doubt Gronkowski is going to be the player he was four or five years ago, but he's still going to create far greater concern for defenses than Brate does, which opens opportunities. Personally, I'd have rather they stuck with Howard and Brate. Not because I think the pair is much better, but because I thought it had better potential over time. As it is, this season defenses are going to worry more. Even more fans are going to pack the stadium than they would've w
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