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  1. Winston media from PFT

    Roll the dice with Foles. He's much better than Fitz.
  2. Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    Another crap season, another coaching change. We don't get better than six wins for the season. We're in the division cellar yet again.
  3. And here I thought this forum no longer had a blowhard poster aggressively making silly claims about players from certain universities! Do we call it a snookpuppet?
  4. OTA's

    Buckner seems great. But the product on the field has to produce. Once upon a time in our post-Raheem funk, one Greg Schiano seemed like a guy with the right attitude to get this franchise back on track. Until he didn't. Until he actually made it worse. We thought Lovie might be the right guy. He was part of the Dungy tree! But he failed to do much of anything. Everything we've seen from Buckner seems awesome. I just can't shower him with love until the season opener, in which this on paper talent either delivers or the team sucks again. If the DL does what it should do, I'll join in on the Buckner love. If not, well, I spared myself yet another season of wrecked expectations.
  5. Draft Thread

    At that point in time, I'd clean that entire house.
  6. Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    I don't think it's quite that brutal. We generally get swept by one divisional opponent and split the series with the other two, so instead of all of our divisional games being losses, I think we'll win two of them. That gives us 5 wins, counting the tough outing on the bye week.
  7. Draft Thread

    Hmm. Everything I've read about him indicates a shorter wingspan given his frame, unlikely for an NFL tackle. Things that make you go..
  8. Draft Thread

    I wanted the Bucs to further cement that OL. Obviously I was really hoping for Quenton Nelson. I loved the idea of having three nasty bastards of high quality in the interior of the line, giving our QB more time, giving our redzone attack a higher percentage, reducing our three and outs. Of course, as expected, he didn't fall to us. Then I wanted Will Hernandez. Missed out on him too. Licht and company target Cappa, and much like everyone else I know absolutely Jack Shit about him. However, there are two reasons why I think it's possible he's going to work out. 1) Ali Marpet came from a school that hadn't seen a player drafted to the NFL for decades. Alex Cappa is coming from a very similar situation. Both obviously mauled the inferior competition in their collegiate divisions, but both were also impressively competitive when they appeared in the combine and played against other NFL-level talent. Marpet had extremely high SPARQ scores, and Cappa doesn't.. but luckily, Cappa has another quality in spades... 2) Ryan Jensen was an outlier. A prospect of a prospect drafted in the sixth round. He put in hard work and a hellishly nasty playing style up as his resume's bullet points, and pushed until he started for the Ravens and made a solid argument for being a sought after free agent this past off-season. Cappa also plays nasty (at least from the stuff I've read and clips I've watched so far), and having Jensen mentor him is going to go a long way. Entirely possible that Cappa ends up being a forgettable guy, but I honestly think between Marpet and Jensen he's going to end up surprising. As for the rest of the draft, who knows. I like Vea more than I liked Derwin James. I'm crossing my fingers that RoJo looks impressive behind this OL. I have zero opinion about any of the DBs we picked up, except to hope that they outwork the incumbents through the minis and through training camp. Cichy might end up being valuable, again - no idea. Watson may help offset some cap issues if he's able to impress. Overall, I'm agreeing with one prevailing thought here - the number of quality picks Licht ended up with vs the number he started with was certainly praiseworthy. If you have to shoot in the dark, you want to send as many bullets as possible to hit your target, and he did an excellent job of accumulating as much ammunition as he could. Personally I'm excited about what Cappa can do, but if one or two other rookies end up being solid-to-good starters this season Licht did extremely well. Of course, all this optimism at this point in the season feels vaguely familiar, and it makes me want to balance out everything I just said with this: Bucs go 4-12 this year. Bank it, twinks.
  9. Draft Thread

    Uh, no.
  10. Draft Thread

    I think it’s hilarious when they pretend a massive upgrade in the DL will have zero effect on your pass defense.
  11. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Mr. Blu--! Mr. Blutarsky. Zero point zero.
  12. 2018 Single game tickets in Tampa

    LOL. I can't claim to be truly knowledgeable anyway. I'm fake knowledgeable. But I can claim a perfect record when attending Bucs games. Admittedly, I haven't physically attended any games in the last decade, but still. I know - I'm tossing this out there in the vain hope I can get tickets at or relatively close to face value. If I can't, I'll deal with the markup, but a guy can dream, right?
  13. I'm aware that the schedules haven't been announced yet. I'm also aware that the game I'm zeroing in on is likely going to be a slightly tougher one to grab tickets for, but I'm trying to get my hands on eight to ten tickets for the Eagles @ Bucs game this fall (preferably not nosebleeds), and if anyone has a line on pre-sales (at one point someone got a line on presale tickets via some sort of code through a cable provider for me), please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  14. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Weak. A completely unwise man once said “No muff too tough! We dive at five!” No, that was no man. That was Tundra’s neighbor.
  15. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    For years I've been upfront that I really don't watch college ball. They need an actual playoff system (meaning, at least eight teams in) to get me interested/invested. Every year around draft time I start watching clips of players that are highly rated or fit the Bucs needs. In the last month I've probably watched somewhere around an hour all told of Notre Dame offense with Nelson on the field. That still means jack shit, because I'm not going to pretend I'm a talent scout. IMO, Nelson plays hard, plays with an attitude, and moves well, and I think if that guy is filling out an interior with Jensen and Marpet the Bucs are going to be able to run the ball with just about anyone that can carry the rock. And if the run game is a legitimate threat, Winston will have his best chance to take a massive jump forward in his QB evolution. And the interior is suddenly full of young, very talented guys that will continue to improve (barring injury) for the better part of the next decade. That could be huge for this offense. I've seen people bitch about the tackles, but I really don't think they're as bad as advertised, and with a solid interior line I think they'll start looking a ton better. But I'm just a fan, what the fuck do I know?