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  1. Justafan

    Catazarno whatever the fuck still blows!

    Resemblance is uncanny..
  2. Justafan

    Now Vita Vea is Injured

    My blood pressure became a lot more controlled once I realized the Bucs will always suck. Regardless of positive personnel and/or coaching changes, they're going to suck for the remainder of the NFL's existence. Once you embrace that fact, the bad news becomes more like confirmation of known details than a destroyer of expectations. I mean, you can't destroy that which does not exist.
  3. I hope we don't blow goats. Again.
  4. Justafan

    Happy 4th Menu

    My 4th was far less explosive than yours.
  5. Justafan

    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    Whoever started this thread is a FRIKKIN genius. But anyway, Bruce notwithstanding, the fuckening continues. The Bucs will probably win two of the first three games, and then revert back to the dumpster fire we have come to accept from the Buccaneers over the past decade. 4-12.
  6. Justafan


    Needed a way cheaper option to get 4-6 sacks. This was not a great move.
  7. Given our experiences with ASJ, if he suddenly becomes an NFL superstar is it because Belichick is the GOAT or because the Cheatriots can make anyone on their roster look good?
  8. Justafan


    Yup. In 2019, you don't have to do paperwork or anything. You just start identifying as a dudette, and you are one.
  9. Justafan

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    Watching the Chargers not play against the Patriots is the most offensive thing I’ve seen on television in a long time. Apparently the Chargers are the worst team in the post season since Dungy’s Bucs.
  10. Justafan

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    When he's finished, Tundra's dick will look a bit like this:
  11. Justafan

    Bowles to Tampa

    Thank goodness. One of the better parts of the Arians hire to me was getting Bowles back in his sweet spot as a defensive coordinator. If Arians gets the machine running right again, maybe by the time he's ready to call it quits Bowles will be ready to be a head coach again.
  12. Justafan

    Koetter offered the Falcons OC

    No question, Koetter is a solid OC. He's just not a solid HC.
  13. Justafan

    It's going to be Arians

    Tundra just stated a preference. There's not anything wrong with that, and it's a solid step up from the goat/llama thing he's had for a while.
  14. Justafan

    What To Do With Winston?

    I get you, BFFL, but I never said he doesn't have the ability to score. I said he's never evidenced a CONSISTENT ability to score when it's needed. There are games when he'll make absolutely beautiful throws, and then there are still far too many games when he'll do terrible shit on the field. If we were seeing a lot less of the latter and a lot more of the former I'd be solidly in the Winston fan-boy camp, accusations notwithstanding. As it is, it's like the one girl Seinfeld dated that was beautiful in the right light and hideous if you caught her in the wrong light. No matter how pretty the pretty is, the ugly is what you remember - particularly if you see it a lot. Winston's been ugly far too often at this point in his career to get us to maintain focus on when's he's been beautiful.