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  1. Schefter claims it's one year, 8 million
  2. That's a lot of different tracks to follow. What's the top priority, in your opinion?
  3. Somehow I think Tom and Gisele will get by.
  4. Or he's collecting interest on that net worth of over half a billion. Tomayto Tomahto. 😀
  5. That's actually pretty friggin' cap friendly, given some of the salaries out there.
  6. LOL. I was wondering if you had toasted to Winston's departure or not. The idea that a cerebral QB like Brady will not find success in Arians system is baffling. Sure, Brady's getting paid - but he really has no need to get paid by an NFL salary. This guy is pissed that Belicheck believes that the Patriots' success has been all Belicheck. Having two seasons of mediocrity would just prove Belicheck right. He's going to light things up, and he wants nothing more than to hoist that Lombardi one more time with no Belicheck to take credit. I don't believe it's a given, but I think it's highly likely we're at least going to get close. And at the very least (I can't remember which former athlete said it this week, but I respect the point) Brady brings a genuine confidence to the organization that hasn't really had it since Brooks and company moved on.
  7. Not reading a lot about him. Seems like he's always been a depth guy that has played multiple spots on the line.
  8. Ok, we’ll go slow. If you want to have a private conversation with someone, this would be a poor place to conduct it. If you have a problem with someone popping in and replying to your post, take your own advice and relax, have a drink. Or don’t. Who cares? But if I or anyone else feels like replying.. again, that’s the whole point of a forum. You made a statement, I posted my opinion of said statement. Matter of fact, questioning why I might choose to reply to your comment on a forum is actually what ‘defensive’ really means, but I digress. Sure, some folks had issues from the start given rabid school allegiances, Winston’s questionable college antics, and his lifelong tendency to throw the ball away. But there were far more that thought he’d mature and develop, unfortunately the case just kept getting harder to make. Now he is looking to ride pine instead of start, so it seems that 31 other teams aren’t buying the idea that he’s ballin’ after they checked their sheets either.
  9. Jesus, you're an idiot. It's a public forum. You make a comment, someone else comments on your comment. It's how this works.
  10. It's not rooting against him if you happen to point out his glaring flaws. When we drafted Winston over Mariota, I thought we made the correct call. He just never grew out of his issues, and in some cases got progressively worse at them. It's hard to keep feeling good about a guy that is literally throwing games away.
  11. I don't agree, but I get it. I mean, we've watched the franchise do the wrong thing far more often than the right. But it should be far more entertaining to watch!
  12. Rappaport claims that he's heard from other teams that inquired on Brady that AB would be something Tom would want. Thing is, at best we're looking at the back half of the season, because he's due to get suspended.
  13. Roster control is overblown. Brady just wants some input on the FAs and draftees on the offense. And he wants Bruce to give AB a chance. That last one was probably an easy yes to give, because AB would almost have to take a pretty small contract due to the suspension he would likely receive. On the remote chance that AB could hold it together, that would be an insane WR corps.
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