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  1. Fixed that for ya. Baby steps. Only have to win out, against actual talented teams (well, three talented teams and the Falcons). I'm guessing if the Bucs do well in the last four games, we might end up 7-9. That's the best possible scenario here, and I believe it's highly likely we lose them all. Anyone thinking this squad is going to win out and finish 9-7 needs to pass me some of whatever they have lit up. You know the 'hate' part of your love-hate relationship with a sports team is starting to take precedence when you start just feeling bad for the actual solid talent stuck on this team.
  2. Justafan

    Koetter might not finish the season

    It's a when. Here's the thing: Nobody knows who the next solid head coach is. It's always a crapshoot. Yet, some organizations tend to hire guys that can do it pretty well most of the time, other organizations keep whiffing at it. The Bucs have hired a head coach 11 times. The Glazer family has done it six of those times, of course four of them without Malcolm - all busts. It's arguable that 3 of those 11 were solid. That's a little under a 30% success rate. If we're continuing the streak, the next coach hired has around a 1 in 4 shot of being good. Which is many, many times better than Koetter's chances of turning things around if he's given more time.
  3. It's one of the reasons he should be gone. Biggest reason is that he's trending the wrong way. If things look bad in the beginning of your run, but they start to firm up and you are looking stronger every season, I'm all for patience. If the shit show gets more shit-tastic every season, I don't care if the revolving door is creating gale-force wind, you eject that current piece of shit and hope you do better the next time, because what you have is sending your existing talent right down the poop-chute.
  4. Justafan

    Desean Jackson...

    A large part of the job of head coach is getting the players to play like a team. Koetter is not great at it.
  5. Justafan

    Does anyone else feel bad for Ryan Griffin?

    Untrue. I definitely recall our dear Snook starting a thread about how great Zeier was going to be back on the old forums.
  6. Justafan

    Drew Lock

    You should use a ball-peen hammer. 😀
  7. Justafan

    It's Gotten to the Point

    Switching coaches doesn't create a bad player culture. Culture has to be influenced by a coach, but good coaches understand how to start pushing it in the right direction. Bad coaches either let it fester or attempt to force it. Both pretty much cause failure. Koetter hasn't positively affected the culture. We're seeing a different disappointment here, but disappointment nonetheless. You don't reward a person who has failed to do the single most important thing a head coach is hired to do, which is the arduous task of creating a winning culture. Here's a great article on it: https://theundefeated.com/features/all-22-an-nfl-head-coachs-first-mistake-is-trying-to-immediately-change-a-teams-culture/
  8. Justafan

    Koetter might not finish the season

    We’re another step closer to that pink slip. ”Winnable games.” In a game the defense actually did its job, our vaunted offense can’t score a touchdown? 7 games remaining, and it’s looking highly likely the franchise will end with 5-6 wins at best.
  9. Justafan

    OT- Stephen A!

    Spitting nut into someone's eye is a whole different forum..
  10. Justafan

    Drew Lock

    This kinda shit makes zero sense. Are the current NFL rules about creating a defensive team? Nope. Are there a good five teams with stellar defense? Nope. Maybe two or three, tops. Teams scoring 40+ used to be rare as hell. Now they do it every week. You need a QB for success in this league. Nobody’s building a team around a defense anymore, because the rules are not in favor of it. A solid defensive coordinator can take the talent we have and the pieces we add next off season to be a more effective speed bump than our current sieve. But if we have a starting QB that turns the ball over more than 29 - 30 other starters, we are going to lose. A lot. You prognosticators that say we can never draft a QB are exactly the kind of ignorance Sapp was talking about years ago. You have to be a special kind of individual to really believe that not getting a successful starting QB out of the draft in the past is any sort of indication of future success. Shit doesn’t happen until it does. There’s no karma, there’s no curse, there’s simply success and failure. If there’s a prospect that the next regime believes they can develop, they’ll grab him. It’s insane to let the careers of these ridiculously talented receivers rot because they don’t have anyone that can consistently read the field.
  11. Justafan

    Koetter might not finish the season

    Fitz played well overall. Kicker did his job for a change. That’s about all I can say about this game. Defense was only on the field for a quarter. Having no effective game plan to keep games from getting out of hand early is pretty much the same song Koetter has played over the last couple of years. Time to change the record.
  12. They could probably beat Koetter’s Bucs. ?
  13. Justafan

    Koetter might not finish the season

    Probably? They go down 42-7 in this first half, he should be fired during halftime.