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  1. Dear God,, PLEASE NO!!!!!!
  2. Kiffen? Taggart? Those are two names I'm hearing thrown about
  3. This place sure is quiet when Bruce goes all non committal on Jaboo being back next year too
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001083687/article/carolina-panthers-fire-head-coach-ron-rivera Didn't see this coming this soon.
  5. Axe

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    I didn't see it happening this early, after the season maybe. During the season, nope, didn't see it coming
  6. Not sure they can afford him and Jaboo
  7. Didn't see one play of the game yesterday. Our business was extremely busy and well, priorities..
  8. Axe

    Booger is turble

    He's not nearly as bad as Michael (couldn't catch a fuckin cold) Clayton
  9. After watching the replay, I'm not sure he hangs on to that if the DB doesn't force the ball to Godwin's body with contact.
  10. So I'm not alone in the confusion.. I see acts that if I were to commit on the street, I'd be charged with assault. But no flag on the field? Has there been ONE call? or non call overturned upon review this year? I heard mention the other night (possibly Booger) alluding to the change in Pass Interference rules. I always thought you could chuck the receiver till 5 yds from the LOS and then the DB couldn't touch him until the ball arrived. Clearly I'm in error. Pinning one arm of the receiver is obviously legal now
  11. Axe

    Prediction thread

    I didn't get to see much but when I did it looked like they were playing a pretty good game.. Particularly on defense.. The only time they really got my blood pressure up was with about 6 minutes left and they were hellbent on passing while up by two scores..
  12. Axe

    One pass..one pick

    Fixed that for ya
  13. Discuss That was some roid rage right there..
  14. Axe

    Prediction thread

    Too easy ZERO will be his fault
  15. Axe

    Myles Garrett

    Freddie said in his post game presser that he wouldn't repeat what Rudolph said to/called Garrett. That leads me to believe he knew at that point about it..
  16. Well, the Bucs have among the worst records so no shock here. His Challenge Advisor is the worst in the league hands down..
  17. Axe

    Myles Garrett

    And those reasons would be? I've lil doubt it happened.. But regardless, it doesn't excuse his response. Drop the helmet and beat his ass if that actually happened.
  18. Thought I'd start a thread for the apologists Nice throw Jameis, it wasn't your fault.. Either was the sack after you held the ball for 9 minutes with your outlet wide ass open
  19. Fuck these assholes.. They aren't ready to play. Not wasting another Sunday on this POS franchise.. Nice unis BTW
  20. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    I hear ya, this just isn't fun anymore. I'm not wasting anymore Sundays on this team.. My wife's folks probably wont see next fall so we'll spend Sundays with them while they're around. I've been an avid Bucs fan since their inception. I guess I've just had my fill of snaps bouncing off of our QB, Pick 6s and SHIT defense.
  21. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    "The Quarterback Whisperer" my ass More like "The Quarterback Ass kisser"
  22. Axe

    Saints game today

    It never is