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  1. 2020 Stanley Cup Champs!!! Next up.. the Rays!!!! Then the Bucs!!!
  2. Not blamin the Oline at all.. Brady held the ball way too long.. Sheesh, they were about the only Denver highlights.. Don't need Tommy boy gettin hurt because he held the ball too long and got blindsided.
  4. Nah, watch the video.. There are 3-4 instances where he holds way too long and risks injury.. If clock management is it then go down like Gisele
  5. Be nice if Brady could learn to get rid of the ball Even Jaboo says he holds it too long.. 🤪 I can't gt too excited over this win.. Yeah, It's a win and that's great, but Denver is so decimated by injuries.. Packers will be a better test in a couple weeks
  6. That may have been the worst display of defense I've ever seen in the NFL..
  7. Wow! ATL blew another large 4th qtr lead.. Someone's gettin fired !
  8. What is it with Buc WRs and Hamstrings?
  9. I took the Phins.. Egads!! This NFL channel post game is horrendous! Why does Michael Irving still have a job.. Why do any of them have a job?
  10. Seriously, It's the NFL... How do you not take your opponent seriously each and every week? 🤪
  11. Well, it appears Tundra fucked the shit out of this one 🤪
  12. I missed a lot of the game Sunday.. Sometimes it sucks being a business owner but didn't Suh have 2 sacks Sunday?
  13. If yer drunk, maybe this will sound good ;0 https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/brave-new-world
  14. Bolts Win!!! Rays Win!!!! Skankees lose!! What a night!!!!
  15. What y'all are overlooking is the look of total bliss on her face. 🤣
  16. Ya know the difference between black olives and green olives?
  17. Personally, I've had my fill after many many years of one particular member that interjects his political views at every opportunity. Even tho know one wants to hear them. That's why I have no desire to post here anymore. Again, I wish everyone the best.. I stop in and read now and then but this place is a shell of what it was.. Essentially, one person posts..
  18. You guys take care of yourselves aight.
  19. Seriously, can someone no punt this asshole please?
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