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  1. Axe

    2020 Draft Prospects

    That had to smart a lil
  2. Axe

    Where will Winston land?

    Where will Winston land? Jail most likely.. He's too stupid to end up anywhere else.
  3. Axe

    Off topic

    I almost felt sorry for Chapman.. Out there sweating his ass off. Working on that high of the tieing 2 run homer only to see the season ended suddenly with one pitch.. FUCK the Yankees
  4. Get this POS Turn Over Machine off our team..
  5. Thanks man.. I've spent a lifetime looking for THIS Les Paul.. Been thru so many
  6. Yep, I prefer this Gibson It's undergoing surgery soon ..
  7. Axe

    Maddon Done in Chicago

  8. This thing is starting to get wings.. Probably because of the unexpected/expected rain out off day..
  9. Axe

    Officiating ruining this game

    He was.. But the NFL generally doesn't care for announcers trashing referees to that degree.. Not sure if they have any recourse but I'm sure they are screaming about it behind the scenes.
  10. Axe

    Rams CBs

    Are you suggesting we need one?
  11. I guess I'm old enough to remember seeing him play and remember how he was respected around the league.. Winston isn't respected by anyone..
  12. No sir, lousy team but Archie was very well respected.. And that was what you were looking for..
  13. Axe

    Officiating ruining this game

    Curious to see what if anything happens to Booger.. He was brutal on the refs last night..
  14. All of them? And most of their backups?
  15. Axe

    2020 Draft Prospects

    I don't ever want to see the Bucs draft a QB again. They simply don't know how. DBs either for that matter
  16. Axe

    Officiating ruining this game

    The NFL seems hell bent on ruining this game.. THAT was an absolute fucking joke. And the end of the Dallas/Jets game. They couldn't get a single play in without a flag.. 🤬
  17. I'm done with the asshat.. No more excuses. 5 freakin Ints 🤬
  18. Axe

    2020 Draft Prospects

    Based off the simple fact Arians is NOT having his foot surgically removed from Winston's ASS as we speak. I'd say, maybe not as much as we thought?
  19. I don't think anyone can.. He's just too fucking stoopid..
  20. No, just Winston's please.