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  1. Personally, I've had my fill after many many years of one particular member that interjects his political views at every opportunity. Even tho know one wants to hear them. That's why I have no desire to post here anymore. Again, I wish everyone the best.. I stop in and read now and then but this place is a shell of what it was.. Essentially, one person posts..
  2. You guys take care of yourselves aight.
  3. Seriously, can someone no punt this asshole please?
  4. 4-1 for a team that historically does not play well at home.. Good start Now, If we can keep the effin Marlins out of the Strip clubs...... 🀬
  5. THAT was potentially a HUGE win the the Rays!!!! 🀘😎🀘
  6. Game two, MUCH better. Agreed on Pham. Thought he was an integral part last season.
  7. That is incorrect. This forum has zero moderators.. It's manned by zero people.
  8. Lost the first.. Against a weak team. Good work Rays..
  9. Geez Ed, ya used to have a sense o humor.. I mean shit! You're a Cnts, err, rams fan.. that should a prerequisite for the job 😁
  10. What does the big yellow C on the side of the helmet stand for? The LA Cnts? 🀣
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