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  1. I'm thinking 6-10 or even 7-9 gets that done..
  2. Some of these mocks..really??

    Seems like every mock I look at has the Bucs selecting Derwin James
  3. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Never put yer finger where you wouldn't put yer face.- My Dad Sage advice
  4. Huge Rusty Staub fan.. Sad day
  5. OT- The movement!

    We could give every one of those fuckers back there an AR-15 and they STILL wouldn't be able to stop anyone
  6. OT- The movement!

    These kids didn't organize themselves.. Follow the money.. This is also how Hitler disarmed his nation. That turned out well.
  7. 2018 Win Prediction

    Sorry man, they finally lost me.. I grew up a Tribe fan.. I even threw a 5.2 oz sphere 60'6" in their organization for a short spell hundreds of yrs ago.. There's nothing at all to like about this franchise anymore.
  8. Numbers

    Thanks, this speaks volumes. It gives a clear picture as to how the Rays,, err, I mean Bucs intend to do business..
  9. 2018 Win Prediction

    I don't fucking care.. Fuck Stu and this cheap ass team.
  10. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Welcome, to,,, The Show