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  1. If he cuts his stoopid, it will be the first time in his career.
  2. Axe

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    I'd like to say there's nothing like it but, I've been lucky enough to play both sports and music in front of large crowds. They are very similar in so much as the feedback is instant in both. Good or bad Less bad on the musical end because you are usually so over rehearsed that you can perform even the most difficult passages pretty much in your sleep. But when the equipment Gremlins strike..
  3. The bigger question is who's pitchin and who's catchin
  4. Axe

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    Can I get some of what yer smokin please? Just kidding, I don't smoke
  5. I read where LaRussa is now implicated. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/former-white-sox-ace-jack-mcdowell-says-la-russa-set/article_9af828b5-0136-530d-96e0-c15fa913d849.html
  6. The Redsox just need to go ahead and fire Alex Cora now.
  7. Axe

    Todays winners - NFL

    They beat the Cheatriots in Foxboro.. And the Ravens in Baltimore.. Neither was really close. They just don't effin care
  8. Axe

    Todays winners - NFL

    The Titans do not give a fuck.. I love that!!!
  9. Axe

    Todays winners - NFL

    Vikes just scored but still, 9ers and Ravens.
  10. Axe

    Lynch a HOF Finalist Again

    The sad thing is Lynch could not play in today's NFL
  11. Ok, I knew I heard it.. 🤣 https://www.foxnews.com/sports/espns-booger-mcfarland-mocked-bills-texans-playoff-game