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  1. The place was much more engaging then
  2. I mean long time good guys that got banned by long gone ambulance chasers and the like.. Bannings that were personal and not right in the first place.. Why are guys like Rasta still banned?
  3. Championship Sunday!

    Penalties Jax 6-98.... NE 1-10
  4. Today's playoff games.

    Yep,, Whodat just dropped da soap? Whodat!!
  5. Today's playoff games.

    The Db I'm sure thought he was way early and would be flagged for interference thus giving the Vikes one un timed play in field goal range
  6. Today's playoff games.

    NO WAY!!!
  7. Today's playoff games.

    Vikes left too much time on the clock
  8. NCAA Title game

    Good game
  9. Lets just say Mike Smith's defense was 32nd with a bullet
  10. OT-2018 Hard Knocks

    The Browns are my second team (doesn't life suck around here lately ) so I'd like to see them..
  11. Playoffs

    Clear case of targeting.. He ear holed Kelsi and no flag..
  12. Ronde not a hof

    This alone.. the GREATEST play in Buccaneer history.. Should be enough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCHvKUzTK4k