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  1. I don't stalk people like that 🤣
  2. I texted him, no answer
  3. That game last night should never have gotten to extra innings
  4. Axe

    It's Football Time In Tennessee!

    Wow!! Trask looked freakin good 😮
  5. I don't think the news on Frank is going to be good guys. Samurai and I have been looking.. What we're finding isn't good.. There's a strong probability that Frank is no longer with us.
  6. Axe

    Patriots Release Brown

  7. Axe

    It's Football Time In Tennessee!

    Well, the Gators best shitty QB is on the shelf for the yr so ya got a legit shot tomorrow James..
  8. Yeah, we (Frankie and I) used to grab lunch together now and then.. No response as of late..
  9. He hasn't posted on teh FB in over a month.. I shot him a pm over there.. And speaking of teh Frank has been awol for quite a while I haven't heard from him in the real world in a while either..
  10. Yeah I nodded early too.. I'll say what I said last week.. This team has a brutal schedule to close out. If they make it into the playoffs they damn well deserve it..
  11. Axe

    Fire Willie Taggart

    That's Willie!! With ONE W and TWO Ls
  12. I tell ya, The Rays remaining schedule is brutal.. IF, they make it into the playoffs they damn sure deserve it.
  13. Axe


    What's the extent of White's injury?