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  1. The Bears beat the Bucs.. The Bucs stomped the Packers.. The Packers stomp the Bears.
  2. Please remove the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from any future prime time games. We clearly are not ready.. Thank you Signed Jameis T Brady
  3. Then get embarrassed against a 4 and 12 NFC East champ Philadelphia in the 1st rd.. This team obviously isn't ready for prime time..
  4. What we needed was for the Bucs to beat the Saints, at home on national TV. But they went total bitch mode.. 😕
  5. After that flop job last week, each subsequent game is somewhat of a playoff game. The Rams (who beat Seattle today) and then KC...
  6. A loss this week and the Bucs playoff chances drop dramatically.. Queue Jim Mora
  7. I rank it right up there with
  8. We now know that even with Tom Brady, this team can lay a fuckin egg on any given Sunday.
  9. I'm thinking that may have gone down a tick or two after last night.. 🤬
  10. Arians to his credit did manage to parlay the offensive juggernaut of Brady, Evans, Godwin, AB, Jones, Fournette, Gronk in to 3 points at home on national tv.. All hail the ass whisperer.
  11. Where is the fucking edit function?? Servo, you come here hat in hand.. And then fuck the entire place up.. No edit, double posts. Fucked up software.. NO moderation. etc etc..
  12. At Home... On national tv... With the NFCS on the line.. Helluva effort..
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