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  1. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    I hear ya, this just isn't fun anymore. I'm not wasting anymore Sundays on this team.. My wife's folks probably wont see next fall so we'll spend Sundays with them while they're around. I've been an avid Bucs fan since their inception. I guess I've just had my fill of snaps bouncing off of our QB, Pick 6s and SHIT defense.
  2. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    "The Quarterback Whisperer" my ass More like "The Quarterback Ass kisser"
  3. Fuck these assholes.. They aren't ready to play. Not wasting another Sunday on this POS franchise.. Nice unis BTW
  4. Axe

    Saints game today

    There we go 🤬 Nice work OJ, ya fuckin bum!!
  5. Axe

    Myles Garrett

    After last night it would behoove them to do so They might want a Rep in Atlanta tomorrow too I see the Bucs will have someone there..
  6. Axe

    Myles Garrett

    Garrett out indefinitely.. Pouncy, 3 games. Okunjobe gets a game. What they aren't showing is Rudolph being the punk ass bitch. He tried to pull Garret's helmet off. But failed. Garrett didn't fail.. Rudolph re engages. Had he not done either, this doesn't happen.. But regardless, ya can't thump someone on the head with a helmet. You just can't.. But Rudolph shouldn't get off scot free.
  7. Axe

    Myles Garrett

    I can't ever recall a guy swinging a helmet on the field of play, or off for that matter. How is that not simple assault?
  8. Discuss That was some roid rage right there..
  9. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Oh, I see.. It wasn't their fault
  10. Axe

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Did anyone else notice Sunday how many empty seats there were?
  11. https://www.businessinsider.com/houston-astros-stole-signs-mike-fiers-report-2019-11
  12. I don't care where the players come from.. I'm just fucking tired of rooting for a perennial shit team 🤬
  13. Yep, thank god we extended that fuckstick..