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  1. According to Donovan McNab, the reason Winston and Newton are NOT employed is race.. I'd dig up a link but premise is so fucking stoopid it doesn't warrant the effort.
  2. That frees up a pick for a kicker! 🤘🤘
  3. WTF.. It's the offseason.. KRANK IT!!! 🤘😀🤘 and maybe buy it? https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/the-thin-veneer
  4. Gotta admit, the new coach was a bit of a stretch. Could pay off handsomely, could be a massive mistake.. I'm hoping for the latter
  5. Wow, we seriously suck at RB right now Well, we kinda did last yr too
  6. Given our present circumstances, this thread title is one missing "i" from absolute relevancy
  7. I almost would have put money on Bridgewater.. Never thought Brady was even a remote possibility.. I figured all his posturing was just to create a lil leverage for his return to NE.. Gonna be soooo fucking weird rooting for him.
  8. Can't compete with that.. Congrats young fella..
  9. Only met him once. He and Wyche sat right behind the wife and I at a local HS football game yrs ago.. Both seemed like good guys. Dilfer definitely seemed intimidated by Wyche.
  10. It's the headline fer crissakes Steve
  11. I would have sold it https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tampa-bay-buccaneers-chris-godwin-tom-brady-12-jersey
  12. Is that a Pangolin,, eerr, Penguin?
  13. Color me a lil apprehensive.. Like him or not, Bellicheat does have the uncanny ability to part with players at the right time. Logan Mankins comes to mind ..
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