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  1. Axe

    McCoy Released

    Bucfuckened we are.. AAARRRGGGHH!! 不
  2. Axe

    RIP, Big Dog

    My heart goes out to his daughter
  3. There's a shocker
  4. 3??? I don't see it And suddenly the Browns are at 11?
  5. Axe

    Time to See Reality

    THIS is the fuckin post of the year! Haven't laughed that hard in a while 不
  6. Axe

    Our QB is Awesome

    We were 不
  7. Axe

    Time to See Reality

    After that, I got nothin
  8. Axe

    Time to See Reality

    Where did the Bucs get better over the offseason? Coaching staff?
  9. Axe

    Time to See Reality

    Back to reality. The Bucs have a GM with a football record in Tampa Bay of 27-53 during his tenure while taking a team with tons of cap space right into Cap Hell, when he wasn't wasting draft picks on Kickers.. AND he still has a fucking job How the fuck does that work?
  10. Axe

    Fun While It Lasted

    He sure as hell does!
  11. Now the REAL rays have shown up. A 500 team that will be 3-7 in their last 10 after the double header ass whipping they are taking from the mighty cellar dwelling 10-20 Kansas City Royals. Blake Snell has no idea wtf he's doing suddenly. Well, it was fun while it lasted ...
  12. Why would anyone trade for McCoy? Just wait..
  13. You should have mentioned that you have money