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  1. I don't think you can get off the ground with me on yer back
  2. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    Yeah, Dave Moore's BIL I believe.. RIP bro.
  3. Ahhhhhh!!! Cold Air BTW, both AC guys today loved the box fan idea...
  4. Yeah, the unit is 21 yrs old.. It's time
  5. It's going to cost us $5500 in the morning for a new unit.. I just want this thing to limp along till then
  6. Sometimes ya have to think outside of the box.. The main problem is the fan motor is toast so heat isn't being pulled off and the high side and pressure overloads.. $16 box fan from Walmart, extension cord, lay the box fan down over the crapped out fan. Point it up.. Turn it on high and start the AC.. How's that for redneck engineering? It's freaking working
  7. Gotta love it when both the AC and Fridge take a dump the day before the 4th... Thank God for the new fridge in the garage.. Replacement delivered Sat.. We hope The AC crapped out as well.. Replacement Thurs am... We hope.. Aint gonna be cheap.. Win a few, lose a few..... Sometimes ya just gotta deal with it..
  8. If anyone should recognize "fucked in the head" when they see it, it would be Meshawn.
  9. Oh HELL YEAH on the This one has some serious potential
  10. I don't think the debate ends until one of them is out of the league..
  11. Top QBs 2019 draft

    Going to be an interesting yr.. Pivotal, would be an understatement.
  12. Top QBs 2019 draft

    Honestly? I don't fucking know.. But I sure hope it's the latter.. Don't you?
  13. Winston media from PFT

    2nd bag
  14. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I own close to 200 concert dvds.. That one, Pink Floyd's "Pulse" is top 3 easily..