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  1. Face it fellas. We suck, and have no money.. Helluva combination You're doing a fine job Licht
  2. Licht should never be allowed to make a 2nd rd selection again
  3. Axe

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    Gotta admit, when I saw Bucs Sign OLB Barrett I was thinking aww hell no!!
  4. Axe

    OBJ to the Browns

    Perry, just yards west of the nuclear power plant.. We left just before it was built in 73
  5. Axe

    OBJ to the Browns

    No no... I fixed that for ya I grew up a Browns fan when I lived on the cliffs of Lake Erie.. I became a Bucs fan when the franchise was awarded because back in the 70s there was no news to be had and no way to watch the Browns weekly in Sarasota Florida.. I still am a Browns fan and the Buccaneers seem hellbent on pushing me away since Gruden..
  6. Axe

    OBJ to the Browns

    The Browns fans are giddy.. They view OBJ as their 1st rd pick (that they traded) so they see it as a 3rd (96) and Peppers who they think is soft for OBJ..
  7. Axe

    DJax traded to Eagles

    Gettin real tired of Licht's fuckin incompetence.
  8. Axe

    Antonio Brown trolled by PITT!!!

    If his act doesn't bring back the Meshawn commercials I'll be real disappointed
  9. Hoping for a swift recovery for your wife Rook
  10. Axe

    One of these guys will be a Buc

    I like this mock http://walterfootball.com/draft2019charlie.php Not so much because of the huge stretch pick that's predicted for the Bucs.. The commentary contained with the predicted pick is pure effin gold 🤣
  11. Axe

    3-2-2019 mock draft

    This little sliver of dumbassery is going to be hard to top, even for you Jessie 🤣
  12. Axe

    So Fitzpatrick....

    For free? Or ya gonna really whore out? 🤣 I mean website and all
  13. He'll get a standing ovation next time he walks into the locker room