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  1. Axe

    Kicker is Cut

    Poor lil fella is fuckened now
  2. The Glazers sent word to the boys "Hell NO, we're not paying $20.9 mil!! Don't let that immature fuckstick anywhere near live action !! ­čĄú
  3. What ever the case, we ALL have to admit Koetter's presser today was a stroke of pure genius..
  4. Where I kinda feel like the silver spoon boys need to come out and apologize to he Buccaneer fan base... For making so many of us simply not give a damn anymore
  5. Axe

    Same old Same Old

    4 turnovers and a shit kicker kinda does that yknow?
  6. Axe

    Same old Same Old

    Only thing missing is a Buccaneer logo
  7. Axe

    Same old Same Old

    Fumble, and game.. This team sucks so hard it isn't funny..
  8. Axe

    Same old Same Old

    Blow the whole mess out..
  9. So,,, I'm listening to some @ MCListenUp jackass on 620 a couple of minutes ago babbling about how now is when the team needs it's fans, in these "moments of tragedy".. I'm paraphrasing.. And I'm laughing my ass off! ­čĄú "Moments of Tragedy"? Moments?? We're Buccaneer fans mutherphuker! Moments? Where have you been since 1976?? Moments? Google the losingest franchise in professional sports history! How about 2 moments of excellence surrounded by eras of dog shit! Which include you dropping the fuck out of a bunch of footballs @MCListenUp "Moments of Tragedy? " Where do they get these asinine talking heads
  10. Axe

    OT- Stephen A!

    Can't stand that pretentious pc o shit.
  11. Right there is why we drafted the wrong QB.. Anyone watching knows what I'm talking about.. THAT was awareness
  12. That Int ought to just about wrap it up