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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22550283/buccaneers-qb-jameis-winston-cited-careless-driving-tampa-car-accident
  2. SF

    OT- What the hell happened?

    looks ok from here
  3. Smith ranked ninth among offensive linemen in penalties. Nate Soldier ranked seventh
  4. Strongly disagree. I admit I don't have the motivation to look up his penalties this year, he's had a whopping number of holding calls, and just looks like a lumbering slug out there.
  5. Can't believe I didn't make a prediction. If I had it would have been 4-12. So I'm the King. (actually I would have said 11-5 and a playoff spot)
  6. Geez Ed, I can't help it that you don't know the difference between write and right. That's not grammar, that's just stupidity.
  7. Geez Ed, he may be learning, but you're not. He had a lawyer write his apology No titties for you.
  8. I am admittedly a Winston apologist. I still think he is going to be a superstar. What has me scratching my head on this story is Winston has been an absolute model citizen since being drafted here. Community involvement, holding kids camps, not so much as a speeding ticket or a citation for jay walking. I am of the opinion he realized how his future was all laid out for him if he just kept on the straight and narrow. And he did a good job of it. Then after being in the league for two years and seeing the seeds of his "good guy" image bear fruit, he decides to grab some Uber driver in the crotch three quarters of the way across the country in a late night car trip. The guy has resisted any and all temptation to slip off the path for two full years and all of a sudden he decides to grab some girls crotch. It just doesn't add up for me.
  9. SF

    QB - Long Term...

    He'll block the deal if there aren't crab legs involved.
  10. SF

    QB - Long Term...

    Two of them led their teams to Super Bowl Championships after leaving Tampa. Just sayin' If you count picking Steve Young in the USFL Supplemental Drat, that would be three.