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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22550283/buccaneers-qb-jameis-winston-cited-careless-driving-tampa-car-accident
  2. SF

    OT- What the hell happened?

    looks ok from here
  3. And there you have it. Bob's your uncle.
  4. Since we're playing the NFC East, there's one we might not want to watch. We're no match for the inventiveness of "one of the brightest minds in the game today."
  5. SF

    Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Dominic, trying to draft an entire defensive line in to years picked McCoy and Brian Price in 2010, and Adrian Clayborn and Bowers in 2011. Bennett's last year here was 2012. He played in place of the oft-injured Bowers in 2011. I believe trying to save face, Dominic chose to stand by his picks as opposed to retaining Bennett as Bennett would have outplayed either for starting slots.
  6. SF

    Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    I would flip one and two, and I'm just not up to rehashing what was wrong on the Revis trade chapter and verse. Trading up to draft Arreleous Benn in the second round was a bigger fuck up than many of those. Add in DaQuan Bowers, Brian Price, missed opportunities and wasted picks, he has to got to a make the Top Ten of worst GMs of all time.
  7. For BSPN, not a bad read. http://www.espn.com/blog/tampa-bay-buccaneers/post/_/id/20074/three-years-in-jameis-winston-remains-an-enigma-for-bucs
  8. SF

    free agent Corners

    Hopefully, it will yield more production than this cluster fuck of days gone by.
  9. We've only been posting with the guy for about twenty years. Ed will go through long stretches where he's a pretty good fella, then all of a sudden he gets his period or something and has a relapse to obnoxious. I think he's ok ,myself..
  10. Not the same analogy, but how many times were we holding our breath when Trent dropped back to pass? A completed pass was a bullet dodged.
  11. It could be as bad as when the Eagles became enamored with one season of Foles when he threw 25 TDs and 2 Ints. He plunged to mediocre and kicked around the league back in Philly as the back up. Foles is a roller coaster. When at the Apex, he could be atop fifteen QB. Other wise run of the mill.
  12. SF

    LeGarrette Blount

    The Hurdler . . .
  13. SF

    Marcus Davenport

    Well, he's no Randy Gregory . . .
  14. the Cleveland Indians announced today the club will discontinue the use of Chief Wahoo in 2019. While I've never been one for the hub bub over the FSU Seminoles, etc, I think Chief Wahoo was pretty offensive and his time has long since passed.
  15. Lance and the forty dollar lawyer fucked this board up real nicely. The asylum fucknut was another of the dimwits who took it to where it is now. They used a software called "miserable user" that made it nearly impossible to log on, let alone post. You weren't banned, just the software made it so hard to participate, you just give up. And that fucktard Lance on the side was emailing me trying to get printing work from my advertising business. Fucking douchebag.