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  1. WR Calvin Johnson who retired from the Detroit Lions admitted to smoking pot after every game so he would not get addicted opioids. Somehow he was never caught by the NFL even though he was a habitual user. Cough Cough. Tanard Jackson needed lessons from him on how not to get caught.
  2. Go Phillies. It will be a miracle if the Rays win today. It is already 4-0 in the top of the first and Red Soxs are still batting.
  3. rook

    Patriots Release Brown

    After multiple concussions. Arron Sears went from a future pro bowl guard to a resident at a Florida State mental hospital the last I heard.
  4. and still loses. No way a Pac 12 team will make the BCS this year.
  5. Nate Lowe sneaks a two run homer in the Crawford cut out in left field to win for the second straight 5-4 home win. Indians lose 9-4 to the Phillies. Rays now lead by one game for the second wildcard.
  6. Craig Kimbrel is not the guy. He has the Cubs up 8-7 on the Cards n the 9th. One pitch later it is 8-8. Next pitch Cards lead 9-8. Two pitches and two Home Runs.
  7. They need to find a closer and not rely on this committee approach. I remember they were pretty successful with Soriano and Fernando Rodney. Pagan has too many blown saves.
  8. There is a character limit in the title that makes it hard to list 2 topics in the title... Calvin Johnson confessing his constant pot use should anger Bucs fans unless he cheated the NFL with a clean urine sample. He did not go into any details on how he got around the league's drug use policy. The Bucs lost Tanard Jackson pretty much all of 2010 for his pot use. No problem with the rule as long as it enforced evenly. Calvin Johnson hinted but did not say so directly that the NFL did not test him or care whether he was using pot. One of the key losses in 2010 was in OT to Detroit who got to use Calvin Johnson the pothead who got ten catches for 152 yards. Bucs were without their pot head safety and were stuck with either rookies or Sabby the goat for much of 2010. Except for Sabby who sucked, (cut shortly after the Ravens game for blowing a coverage). Now if he cheated the NFL with a fake urine sample, you can not blame the NFL except for its sloppy drug testing procedures.. If the NFL for some reason looked the other way as he was a star player, I have a big problem with it. I brought up years ago and even this year that Bill Romanowski hung with the same steroid suppliers for Barry Bonds. He called his items vitamins and supplements. The guy used to promote these "supplements" in sports interviews as an active player. It was an open secret that he was a steroid abuser and client of Victor Conte of Balco fame. In 2003 he beat the snot out of a rookie Raider backup TE Marcus Williams (detached the retina of the kid's eye) for blocking Romanowski in practice. The kid had to retire. Romanowski had a ton of violent roid rage incidents throughout his NFL career. Yet he was never caught for using steroids although he retired in 2003 then to submit to newer drug tests designed to get around the cheating. I am not a pot user or smoker but it probably makes more sense than the legal pain killers they use. Yet those are the rules in the CBA. Just enforce them evenly. No exceptions for Calvin Johnson. In conclusion, Cam Newton is an idiot who wears garish Huggy Bear Starsky and Hutch outfits. I have a celebration anytime something bad happens to him. Now I am back on topic.
  9. You can not have more than one topic to a post. Is that the rule? I have seen tundra's blow me in about three threads and two are unrelated to the original post. I posted about Cam Newton being out and Calvin Johnson 's pot use which are two different topics but you do not have to litter the board with separate posts. When you discuss a game, you talk about the offense, defense and coaching besides whether Jameis had a good game or not. The Bucs board gets about 4 or 5 posts a day when it is busy. Seriously, do you want to slow it down more. Take my posts from the Rays board and see how many posts you have there.
  10. But for Antonio Brown, it would have been a big story. If Calvin Johnson was telling the truth about his frequent use of pot, there is no way he would have passed a drug test. Even he found a way to cheat without getting caught (using someone's else clean urine) or the NFL just looked the other way as he was a big star WR. Looking the other way is never testing him. There is no way you can use pot after every game for pain and not get caught in a honest system. Ask Tanard Jackson or Josh Gordon.
  11. rook

    Patriots Release Brown

    Now Licht will pounce and sign Brown for vets minimum! Remember when the Bucs signed Dexter Manley in 1991. Sure he coked out of the NFL that year but the guy did get 6.5 sacks in 7 starts under the Rich Williamson era. He led the team to a 3-13 record but the NFL took him away from the Bucs for crack cocaine addiction.
  12. God there are maddening things about both of them. At some point, the sacks on Mariotta is some of his fault. That three minute drive at the end of the game was pathetic, Dinking and dunking when you have no timeouts may be great for ball security and stats but there are times you have to throw it down the field. I have been here for two years and nothing has changed with this guy. Frankly I wonder if they deserved to be the number 1 and 2 pick of the 2015 draft.
  13. I do not remember Mariotta getting sacked in college more times than he completed passes in a game which happened last season. Winston's lack of ball security and risk taking was definitely noticeable at FSU.
  14. Lot of garbage yards at the end but the protection was so bad that I saw Hump chip the Defensive end before going out for a pass.
  15. 3 catches for 3 yards in 2 weeks. He had one catch for 5 yards the first week which means he had two catches for minus 2 yards yesterday.
  16. Hump caught 6 passes for 93 yards. At that rate he will have a 1,000 yard season. Keep him! The guy is a stud.
  17. At least Mariota hit Hump on one big play tonight (30 yards) but it is still under utilizing a big contract.
  18. Dodger fans are upset with their closer Kenley Jepsen who has blown 8 saves on a team with 98 wins and is 43 games over 500. He likely got cheated on a non third strike call on Choi in the 9th but the umpire was horribly inconsistent all night. The two people who suffered the most with his mystery strike zone was Meadows and Wendle. DeWayne Staats questioned whether Meadows was perceived as kicking the umpire's dog. Balls way outside and high were being called strikes. He was unfairly inconsistent with a number of the hitters on both teams. Choi's hit after the non 3rd strike made it 6-5. Rays pinch ran Duffy with their speedster Davis from the minors and he made to third. D" Arnaud hist a game tying sacrifice fly. In the 11th Meadows hit a HR. Pham doubled, moved to 3rd on an infield out and scored on Choi's Sacrifice fly. What made the 11th inning a freakout was Garcia dropped an easy pop fly after running a long way to get there. An error that led to a Dodger run and a cliffhanger ending. Fairbanks struck out Russell Martin for the third out with two men on. I was afraid they were going to tie it and make the game even longer. At that point, I wanted the game over.
  19. I was laughed at for choosing the Bucs as a fantasy. defense. To be fair I started the Rams in Week 1. It is currently ranked 4th in FFL. I should have started it in Week 1 as well as Week 2. Devin Singleterry is the most frustration fantasy. pick. He has rushed for 7 of his 9 carries from 12 to 27 yards but he hardly touches the ball.
  20. In 2009 against a putrid Bucs defense and team (3-130 in general, Jake threw a pick 6 to Tanard Jackson that tied the game at 21-21. The next 17 offensive plays, the Panthers ran the ball 16 times and threw a screen pass. Panthers were afraid to throw the ball. Fortunately, the Bucs 2009 D was so bad that it did not matter. The Panthers cut him after the season. In 2010 he lost to Josh Freeman with a pick by Ronde Barber that should have been a TD but turned into a long 4 yard TD drive. He beat the Bucs but the Bucs defense was highly beatable. In 2008, they beat us MNF with 301 rushing yards on 34 carries. Jake put up 173 yards passing.
  21. He put up only 9 points on the bucs and needed the special teams to block the game winning extra point. And the guy Delahomme replaced was Rodney Peete in 2002. His backup was Randy Faisani who almost beat the Bucs in 2002 despite being 5-18 with 3 picks. Faisani lost 12-9 as the Panthers were not into blocking FGs in 2002 as they were in 2003. Delahomme was 9/23 2 picks and 96 yards that day. Carolina beat us by a ground chuck ground game. Delahomme did get better and began to torture the Bucs by more than just the ground game.
  22. rook

    Jalen Ramsey

    If someone hits Jalen Ramsey in the knee like Tonya Harding and her associates did to Nancy Kerrigan's knee (allegedly) than the deal can be made.
  23. Short term he made more money but the lack of productivity will hurt his future earnings. Still when the next play could be your last in the NFL, You take the money now.