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  1. They play Dallas Saturday Night. Cirelli scored the game winner.
  2. Burrow is a lousy defender against the run!
  3. Now they play for seeding. Rays are 33-18
  4. I know 11 years ago ago DeLand High got in a State High School final against a Miramar team with a passing game loaded with option routes. We had no defense against it. DeLand had played mostly running teams and were totally unprepared for a passing team with those routes. The QB did not have a particularly strong arm but he threw everything on time and in anticipation where the WR was going to go. This Miiramar school also had a ton of "volunteer" unpaid coaches. The kid was 18/21 with 5 TD passes. I watched the game on TV. I am glad I did not go as everyone who went was depressed by the beating DeLand suffered in that game. The QB name was Ryan Williams. He was signed by Memphis and did not set the world on fire. He transferred to University of Miami and was a backup for his first two years. He was an awesome high school QB but a dud in college. All his starts were in Memphis but he was losing his job and the offense they ran which is why he transferred back to UM. The last season he was finally named a starter for his senior year and blew out his knee. I don't know why I remember trivial crap like this but I do.
  5. It does seem that a route read when the WR and QBs had no preseason games to get used to each other reads is a tough system to master right out of the box. Favre was familiar with Arians system and the route reads. He understood how each player's assumption was rational. Normally on a slant, Evans is suppose to finish off the route by going to the middle but read systems make an exception when the safety is giving help over the top. It is more visible to Evans than the QB as he would be heading right where the safety could lay him out.
  6. Favre on Sirius XM radio had an interesting analysis on the interception made on the pass to Evans. He said Evans could have easily read with the safety over top that he needed to sit down on the route while Brady saw the route as continuing with even the safety over the top. It was hard for him to determine which player was at fault even though it was clear they were not on the same page.
  7. If the Lightning win one more, they play the Dallas Stars for the Stanley Cup.
  8. Jameis threw a TD to Justin Watson that was a terrible decision last year in the Texans game in the first half. The DB was draped all over Watson. There was a tiny spot that was open. Somehow Jameis hit it. Of course he was throwing on the run which ironically is where he has his greatest accuracy. Jameis made great plays where there was not anything there. He made awful plays when there were not there either. The rookie RT Wirf played better than Donovan Smith but I believe he got help from the TEs. It became clear Smith needed help as well.
  9. It is not terrible but it can not stand up to the teams that have a good pass rush like the Saints. The Saints have had back to back 13-3 teams for a reason. I was disappointed that for all the TEs we have, the passing game was not able to utilize them except on that one TD pass to OJ Howard.
  10. That dropped TD pass with six seconds left could have made it meaningless. If Trubisky has the rabbits foot, Stafford has the monkey's paw curse.
  11. If Kamara's TD had not been over turned, I win with out sweating out Monday Night Football.
  12. Blocked FG. The loss of field position yards every time the teams exchange punts and then the kickoff fumble gaffe was awful.
  13. Our special teams coach should be fired. This is horrendous.
  14. The FG helps but I was hoping for a TD there. It is almost useless to run the ball. WR screens which are passes seem to be our best running plays.
  15. TD. OJ Howard. Now the defense has to hold.
  16. About time. This was definitely PI.
  17. You can blame the first one on Evans but not that one.
  18. The one they called at the 4 yard line. Both the WR of the Saints and Bucs Whitehead were grabbing each other but Bunting was called. He was the only guy playing the ball.
  19. His run blocking sucked as well. Cam Jordan owns him.
  20. That was PI. He grabbed the WR before the ball got there. They blew the call.
  21. Lightning one game from the Stanley Cup finals.
  22. That was so close to being a pick by Dean, Good for my fantasy team. Bad for the Bucs. Cut Brady! Bad call on Bunting. If it was anybody, it was Whitehead. Replay shows both the WR and DB grabbing each other. WR grabbed first. Kamara gets another TD. Our special teams is not special. The run blocking is atrocious by Donovan Smith et al.
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