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  1. We do not have any check down routes on third and short.
  2. It also ticks me that they use the time of kickoff as often many these games that reach way below the kickoff temperature including a 13-10 OT win in Tampa on Sunday Night over Favre and Green Bay in 1995 on a Sunday night. That win was significant as it broke the 10 loss season streak that occurred from 1983-94. It was the first year of Glazer ownership. Bucs were 7-7 after that win before getting blown out in the last two games.
  3. Now the word is Hill and not Winston will be starting against the Falcons.
  4. I reviewed every game Winston played at NFL.com. It was like watching a young Dan Marino and Ryan Leaf in the same game. He made incredible throws that virtually no QB could make. He made bad throws that no one should make. He was like Brett Favre but even Favre had his limits on what risks he would take. If he just sucked, he would have been an easy decision. His decision making skills got worse as he got more experience. Yet the spectacular plays increased as well. The last 4 games as a Buc summarized his career. GOAT Greatest of all Time vs Goat as one of the most bone headed QBs that ever
  5. Look at that TD pass to Evans in the Carolina. Evans is not only tall but he has a vise grip for hands as that db could not slap his arms hard enough to knock it away.
  6. The guy is a monster. https://www.buccaneers.com/video/tristan-wirfs-mic-d-up-vs-carolina-bucs-vs-panthers-week-10
  7. The Panthers Chinn took on the chin for not catching Rojo but he was suppose to be the WR on the fake punt. Trouble is as eligible receiver and gunner, he can be legally blocked on the punt play, The Bucs special team LB Chapele Russell legally blocked him and prevented him from getting downfield on the fake punt. Running the ball was definitely Plan B.
  8. That is the best case scenario which I don't expect to happen. He is 41. Even worse his ribs were broken in the Buccaneer game but somehow the x ray did not pick it up but the MRI did after the game. He probably should not have played Sunday as the one nasty hit he got from the Niners made it worse.
  9. Betting in bitcoin is like gambling with confederate money or wooden nickels.
  10. It could be that is why AB is living with Brady. He is a baby sitter for the guy.
  11. Greg Auman @gregauman · 3m Former Bucs kicker Matt Gay will be joining Rams, who play in Tampa a week from tonight ... Quote Tweet
  12. Drew Brees is in bad shape. Fractured Ribs and a collapsed lung. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30331275/new-orleans-saints-drew-brees-fractured-ribs-collapsed-lung-source-says
  13. Several times Coach Belicheat ran a 2 man pass rush and had 9 players in pass coverage esp after the rain made the footing worse.
  14. It was not as bizarre as it was unusual but Vinny Testaverde's 48yard run for a TD against Minnesota as no one ever thinks of Vinny as a skilled running QB. He was the first Buccaneer QB to rush for over 100 yards. It is amazing since Doug Williams, Mike Rae and Steve Young were better running QBs.
  15. I remember the play. Paul Stewart had a video on it. It was intercepted by the very forgettable Vince Heflin, We still lost 48-14. The 1986 Bucs was going into a fire sales before canning the great Leeman Bennett and his 4-28 record. I think we got rid of Jimmie Giles and almost any decent player with a pulse other than James Wilder. We gave up on Steve Young which was good for him as he would have rotted under Hugh Culverhouse. Niners saved his career. https://www.bucpower.com/1986game14.htm
  16. The weirdest play in TB history was Brad Johnson throwing a pick on a pass to Ken Dilger. The Colts db gets hit from behind by Center John Wade and coughs up the football into Keenan McCardell's hands who takes the fumble in for a TD. It would be one of my favorite plays of all time except what else happened later that night. I also remember Ronde Barber's punt return against Chicago for a TD in 1998. It was not really a punt return except NFL official stats call any blocked punt that goes beyond the line of scrimmage a punt return if it is taken back for a TD. Watson got credit for a sa
  17. DeAndre Hopkins wins the game with a catch over 3 Buffalo dbs.
  18. Jameis got sacked on back to back plays at the goal line. Face mask penalty keeps the drive alive.
  19. Winston is the QB. Hill was in there for a running play on 3rd and 2.
  20. Brees may have a concussion although he is out on the sideline with a helmet on.
  21. 4 FGs is acceptable as there is 5 TDs to go with it. 4 FGs and one TD in Chicago is not good enough.
  22. Most of the time. Let us just say I am more scared of him fumbling on a pass route than running the ball. He held the ball on that 98 yard TD run!
  23. I am surprised they went for 2 right away so the miss still makes it a 2 score game.
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