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  1. Only NFL players with more than two unnecessary roughness penalties called on them this season: Bucs C Ryan Jensen (4), Ravens OLB Matt Judon (3), Bills T Dion Dawkins (3). Leads the NFL. Definitely an elite player.
  2. rook

    Miracle in Miami, Endzone View

    He needed a modified Life Alert button. Help! I have fallen down and can't get up to tackle.
  3. rook

    Worst Call in NFL History

    He did not leap. He put his hands on the back of his team mates and used them for leverage to jump over the line. Been illegal since the days of Charlie Waters of the Dallas Cowboys who was notorious for that. I saw leverage in the playoff game against Washington in the 1999-2000 season after Gramatica kicked the go ahead extra point Refs flagged it too.
  4. rook

    Worst Call in NFL History

    The Seahawks got away with leverage (Bobby Wagner) tonight which is no question a 15 yard personal foul.
  5. rook

    Miracle in Miami, Endzone View

    If Gronk could have kept his feet and stayed there like a gigantic log by the sideline, Drake does not have a path to get in. His falling down gave a narrow part of the sideline to run in the end zone untouched.
  6. rook

    Dicks in Attendance?

    Yes especially on one play when Godwin could have continued running the skinny post for a long gain or TD but broke it off.
  7. rook

    Fire Warhop Tonight

    Marpet is the one letting the whole OL down by doing his job. You need the synergy of all 5 OL not doing their job.
  8. Someone has to explain why Gronkowski was out there. It is one thing if Tannehill could reach the end zone but they were at their own 25. The multi lateral player is the only play that could work. Gronk is a TE and not a defender. He sure looked like an offensive player as Drake ran by him.
  9. He was also hurt on that last TD pass to Brate when Jensen threw the guy into Winston's knee. Special teams deserve a special place in hell not only for the missed FGs but the punt block.
  10. rook

    Dononvan Smith

    Dotson wins the penalty game.
  11. rook

    Dononvan Smith

    The only guys we have not mentioned is Marpet and whoever is playing RG. Dotson, Jensen and Smith were terrible today.
  12. rook

    Dononvan Smith

    OL lost this game.
  13. Now Dotson with the double penalties.