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  1. Said he will enter the NFL or transfer portal to another team. 1. No one in the NFL would want him. 2. Nothing about how he was playing this year indicates he is that special. Kyle Trask saved the Gators season. I am posting here since no one responds to the college board. https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/three-transfer-options-gators-qb-feleipe-franks. Bow to your burrowing owl masters!
  2. Tua said if he is drafted within the first 10-15 players in the draft, he will likely go Pro. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28232058/tua-tagovailoa-tough-pass-draft-top-10-15-pick
  3. Tua is too talented for every team to pass on him before the Bucs draft position. I see Andy Dalton as the guy the Bucs will grab if they get rid of Winston. I have seen too much of him to really like the guy. When you look at the all 22 tape, every QB has flaws, misses throws and does not see people open. Tannehill is the guy now in Tennessee and every Dolphin fan I have talked to or Dolphin fan board I trolled were happy that he left. The only QB they hated more than Tannehill was Jay Cutler in 2017. Fitznagic BTW, is actually a popular guy in Miami as the Dolphin fans blame management for dumping all the talent around him. They like him better than Rosen.
  4. I was skeptical of JPP coming back at all this year but the guy still has it. The only other sack fumble that was a scoop and score TD (Barrett has 2 that were TDs for Suh and White) came from JPP on Matt Ryan (Suh got the TD). And Devin White's pick against the Jags came from JPP hitting Foles arm as he was throwing the ball. JPP makes Barrett a better player. I kind of like Nassib as a player. Defense has been decent on the DL and the LB but the secondary until recently was the massive dumpster fire.
  5. rook

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    They ran over them with Peterson and Guice.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28220115/saints-re-sign-linebacker-manti-teo-wake-injuries-source-says
  7. I know on one of those passes Evans was not there as the db clutched and grabbed him as he was beat by Evans on the double move. PI was called. And the drive ended with a Barber TD as Vita Vea pushed the Jaguars DL as a lead blocker in the end zone. He may need to be there all the time as a lead blocker. No one on the defense wants any part of him.
  8. Dotson would have put Bridgewater back on IR.
  9. That decision is orobably going to cost you players. The cap is not unlimited. Not counting Winston, You have Shaq Barrett, JPP, Suh are FAs and Godwin entering the last year of his rookie deal. You need a new right tackle as well as Dotson is old and just not that good anymore. Maybe there is a way to manage the salary cap to get around these issues but I am not sure how.
  10. Foles had a bad game but that is not his whole career. He won a Super Bowl for the Eagles and not as a caretaker. He had to put up good numbers to win that title. Last year against the Bucs he put up 334 yards on 35/48. He was beaten by Fitzpatrick who had to throw for 402 yards. He had a great game without Sproles, Alshon Jeffries, Mike Wallace and their starting left tackle in the first half. This is his career stats. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/14877/nick-foles
  11. He also won a Super Bowl with the Eagles and played pretty good on some bad Eagles teams. BTW, ever heard of Jim Plunkett. A near decade of futility before he won 2 Super Bowls with the Raiders. Brad Johnson was drafted in a round that no longer exists and was in NFL Europe. Steve Young was a horrible QB until he was rescued by the San Francisco 49ers. Failure at one place does not mean the QB is terrible. Remember Vinny Testaverde. He was hardly the same QB as he was here.
  12. It is difficult to give Winston that type of money he will earn with the mistakes he makes. I know moving the ball compensates for some of the turnover issues but unfortunately not all of them. It is like having a home run hitter who is one of the leaders in home runs but who strikes out over 200 plus times a year. Anyone remember Dave Kingman when he was with the Mets? He is better than Kingman but he has some of the same all or nothing issues. It should be noted that Brad Johnson who was always considered cautious and ball secure QBs threw 22 picks in 2003 when the Bucs D fell off and he had to throw more and take more risks as the Bucs were trailing and not sitting on leads like they were in 2002.
  13. Tannehill is the highest paid backup in the NFL. This was his deal to get to the Titans. Dolphins ate a lot of the contract just to get his salary off the book. And the Dolphins are paying Fitzmagic a lot more than the Jaguars are paying Minshew. Far cheaper than any starting QB not under their rookie contract. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26274671/dolphins-trade-quarterback-tannehill-titans
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/jaguars-switching-back-to-rookie-qb-minshew-amid-4-game-skid/ar-BBXFa5N?ocid=spartandhp Jaguars have a lot of money tied up with Foles and may cut him as Minshew's cheap salary makes that possible. I know he crashed in Jacksonville but he has been a good QB and should come with a huge discount as all the guaranteed money is on Jacksonville's ledger.
  15. rook

    Bucs lead 7-0

    The ref wiped out theiInterception on replay as the ball hit the ground. Donald Payne who is Stetson University's only NFL player had his first NFL start yesterday as a Jaguar. Stetson is a non scholarship football program. He is the player that lost the pick as all turnovers are reviewed.