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  1. rook

    Hall of Fame class

    I feel bad about Steve Atwater. I believe it was his last opportunity. He will have to make it through the veterans committee.
  2. From Schefter Hall of Fame, Class of 2019: Champ Bailey Pat Bowlen Gil Brandt Tony Gonzalez Ty Law Kevin Mawae Ed Reed Johnny Robinson
  3. rook

    Bucs new Cornerback

    Shades of Roy Green.
  4. A long time ago the NFL (1999!) the NFL had a time limit on the replay rule. Brian Kelly made a questionable pick against the Saints. The play was allowed to stand. Ed Hochuli (yes the same guy who screwed up in the Giants home opener in 1999) was buzzed they had an a camera angle that showed Kelly did not make the pick.It was passed the time limit and he let the call as a pick stand. One of the problems I have with replay is that National Games of the Week have more cameras and better angles than teams who typically are treated like Upper Slobbovia. The NFC playoffs had excellent camera coverage although in the case of Edelman's muff on the punt, no camera could detect whether he touched the ball. I could make a guess on more likely than not but that is not the standard of clear and convincing that is generally needed to reverse the original call. Yet they did. I have seen plays far more conclusive than the Edelman replay where the officials let the play stand.
  5. The key question is whether PI is separate from defensive holding which I assume it is. One of the crazy things is they say the hold is before the ball is in the air but PI when the ball is in the air. Yet a number of PIs start out as holds and later turn into PI as the person never lets go.. Yesterday I saw holds and PI. The hold may be only a 5 yard penalty but it converts first downs on ridiculous long yardage situations. I thought Brady got a gift roughing call that Mahomes did not. Big play? Maybe but we don't know. We know that what happened or did not happen was big but that was created by all the plays they chose not to call earlier. We are getting to the point where every play will be reviewed which will slow the game down even further. I still do not know the muff punt by Edelman was touched by him or not. It might have been right that they reversed it but that did not come close to me to meeting the idea that any type of debate on the call means the play stands. That play was definitely close to being 50-50 even though I do not think it touched him. It did not matter as the ball was picked 2 plays later. Yet I saw Edelman get crushed on a block after the pick that was a borderline head shot. Both games yesterday had a ton of close calls and others not so close that were hard to judge yesterday. Each missed call changes the outcome of the game. BTW, I do not have an answer on what to do but it clear to me that playoff games and regular season games have different rule books.
  6. The CFL does allow review of pass interference and supposedly changed an important playoff or championship game. Are we going to review all PI and defensive holding penalties. Frankly I saw plenty of contact pass 5 yards yesterday. I saw plenty of clutching and grabbing. Ironically on the pass that Brees threw for a pick, it looked there was defensive holding and offensive PI as the WR ironically pushed him on the ground toward the ball. The ball did not appeared tipped although it was obviously affected by the near sack by Fowler.
  7. The reason why they screwed the pooch is they do not referee the playoff games the same as the regular season. As such plays they would not allow in the regular season are allowed in the playoffs. They do not understand when they are supposed to swallow the whistle and when to throw the flag. The clutching and grabbing they did all game would not be allowed by most (not all) crews. Yes that should have been called. Quite a few other holds and PI should have been called as well. God knows how that would have affected the game. the KC game had an Offensive PI pick that was god awful but somehow the Patriots still managed to win. Yet the Patriots were clutching and grabbing the entire first half. I know what Offensive and Defensive PI and what pick plays are legal or not legal but I can not tell by how NFL refs call it.
  8. rook


    Guy does know how to tank games while making most of them competitive.
  9. The big problem is as the NFL playoff progresses, the refs allow contact on receivers they do not allow during the regular season. Frankly, the Patriots were holding almost the entire first half. The Chiefs comeback was their holding more in the second half. The Rams and Saints had a number of defensive holding calls and PIs that were not called. The one at the end was simply the worst one. When the film comes out on all 22 at NFL.com, you will see plenty of PIs and defensive holding no calls. As far as blocking, I do not know what is holding any more. And picks and offensive pass interference is ignored unless a ref or two decides to break the norm and actually call it. There are subtle ways to run these pick plays but at times it does not seem necessary any more.
  10. Am I wrong that a pass interference and a personal foul against the QB should be able to have both accepted? I guess an offensive pick play is perfectly legally some of the time. Lining up in the neutral zone should be legal against the Patriots. New Rule. Tom Brady must lose in Overtime. New Rule. KC defense should be allowed to shoot the Patriots team. New Rule.
  11. Now a Bert Emanuel catch by Hogan that was called a catch. Tom Brady gets an invisible roughing the passer call although Gronk was held and that was not called..
  12. Zuerlein kicked the 57 yard FG like it was the old version of the extra point.
  13. What team was the beneficiary of those two calls? The Mighty Rams.
  14. rook

    Offense wins Championships

    When it comes to the Rams, bad referee calls win championships!