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  1. 2018 Win Prediction

    Let him get away? He chose to leave. No one fired him and with the Rays future players budget, there is no way Maddon would have stayed here.
  2. Mets would have not been in the World Series in 1973. Yes he was a good player with the Tigers and made the All Star Team twice as a Tiger. He was still a pretty good pinch hitter in his late 30s and when he retired at 41. The 25 RBIs as a pinch hitter at age 39 was a record. During his 4 years he pinch hit with the Mets, he batted 276. Not bad for an old man who could not run. Every time he reached base, the Mets pinch ran for him. He was not a Hall of Fame player but he was an above average player and hitter. Hitting 423 in the World Series with a separated shoulder was incredible.
  3. I could have posted this on the Rays site but they were already dead before the MLB season started. Staub was a hero of mine. I met him when I was 11 years old when he was an Expo at a Mets and Expo game. He talked to me despite the Mets cap and posed with me for pictures. He was genuinely nice guy and fan friendly. The Expos had him for three years and retired his jersey in 1993 despite that short time. I remember how happy I was when the Mets acquired him in a trade from the Expos.. In 1973 he led a 82-79 Mets team to the playoffs and World Series. He separated his shoulder in Game 4 of the NL championship against the Reds. Yet he played in the World Series against the Oakland As and went 11 for 26 with 1 Hr and 6 RBIs and a 431 batting average with that separated shoulder. When he played the outfielder, he had to throw the ball underhand who would throw the ball to the infield for him. I remember when he came back as a player coach and mostly a pinch hitter. At 39 he set a record by driving 25 runs as a pinch hitter. He was a great player and a great person.
  4. Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email comment Ryan Jensen has agreed to a four-year deal with the Bucs according to Jenna Laine.
  5. Home of the United States Chess Federation! Statement is true but I loved the house that I bought and the price I paid for it. I wanted to be away from Florida's heat while not living in a Northern ice box with sub 20 to 30 below weather that I had in Upstate New York.
  6. Crossville is where I am settling. They will love me in the local sports bars when I ask them to turn on the FAU vs Oklahoma game in Game 1 or FAU vs UCF in Week 4. Lane Kiffin is probably still their most hated coach next to Greg Schiano.
  7. I am retiring and moving to Tennessee in a few months.. I am and will remain a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. I like living debt free in a bigger house that costs less money. I should be in Tennessee before the fall.
  8. Single A shortstop prospect for a 4th starting pitcher is done only by a team desperate to cut payroll. If they want to make money with a single A prospect, might as well get Tebow from the Mets and confess to the tanking.
  9. In 2013, he took a practice squad guy and a 7th round draft pick to sub for two injured starters and made them into Julius Peppers against the Bucs.
  10. This is Hugh Culverhouse rising from the dead and infecting the Rays.
  11. I know the market is weak but a Single A shortstop for Odorizzi. Good lord what a steal for the Twins who are not exactly the Yankees or Dodgers when it comes to payroll.
  12. I have never heard of( Cron of the Angels) and future failures to be (Single A Shortstop for Odorizzi). Good luck getting anyone at the ballpark or to watch it on TV.
  13. Members 22,716,025 16,865 posts Report post Posted 15 hours ago https://streamable.com/ovgit Never seen a save like that before.
  14. https://streamable.com/ovgit Never seen a save like that before.