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  1. You can't sleep on the Giants. Just look how big Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) and Bruce Dern are in Land of the Giants. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062578/mediaviewer/rm759798273 Try calling for help with these large antiquated rotary dial phones. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062578/mediaviewer/rm1721473281
  2. The Falcons play defense one game this year and it is the week I start Bridgewater.
  3. I am glad that we do not play the Patriots this year in Tampa. Cam would re-infect himself with the virus and lick everything in the Tampa complex to infect the Bucs. Belicheck would video tape it and would use it to blackmail Canm Newton for life. If Cam tried to blow the whistle on Bill, he would claim it was a rogue staffer getting video for a documentary on Bill.
  4. You can beat a team 1-0. Rays did it against the Yankees. Once more you do not preserve 1-0 leadwith a guy who gives up one or 2 runs in 7 consecutive relief appearances. Remember they did win game 4 by a score 8 to 7 against some of the same pitchers that shut them down in Game 6. Yes the hitting was an issue but so was the bullpen that was over used.
  5. If Cash was using analytics why would he use Anderson when allowed runs in six games in a row. Game 6 made it 7 in a row. No MLB relief pitcher has ever given up runs in 7 games in a row. One possible reason is what manager keeps dragging out a pitcher who keeps given up runs. According to CBS sports line, Anderson gave up more runs in his last 7 games (9) then all of his 42 appearances from 2019-20 (6).? What was the difference between those two times. Most all of his 42 appearances came before he went om the injured list for a forearm injury. Since the Rays had already clinched
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-trade-deadline-packers-expressing-interest-in-texans-wide-receiver-will-fuller-per-report/?ftag=SPM-16-10abi8e After getting rid of Hopkins in a horrible trade, they are talking with the Packers about trading Will Fuller for a draft pick.
  7. Nolan Ryan threw and 6th and 7th no hitters at ages 43 and 44. He quit at age 46 when he injured his arm. His fastball was still at 98 MPH. He led the majors in strikeouts and the only ERA for a starting pitcher that was below 3 runs per game at age 40 but had a 8-16 record as he got no run support when he pitched.
  8. Thug Buccaneer QB proclaimed to be the most offensive Player in the NFL for the month!
  9. They scored 4 against the Astros. He gave half of it back in Game 7. Castillo bailed him out. In one of the games, He gave up a run against the Astros and left the game with the bases loaded with out. Castillo comes in and gets a double play to end the inning. Got 5 outs in 10 pitches. The Nick Anderson who was pitching before the forearm inflamation and the guy after were not the same guy. But all the trust he got from Cash was when he was healthy and dealing.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/rays-reliever-nick-anderson-says-fatigue-has-been-a-factor/ar-BB1atO66?ocid=uxbndlbing Here are the numbers in black and white. I watched all 60 games and every playoff game. His playoff streak of allowing a run in 7 games is the longest in playoff history. Of course it is. Who puts out a relief pitcher that keeps giving up at least one run in 7 games in a row? He was not the player as he was in the regular season. He was the reason why the Rays dominated the Yankees in the regular season. Consider that in 19 regular-season appearances around a t
  11. I have a ton of data as I watched every game. During the regular season Anderson was unhittable. Teams were batting less than 100 against him. They had 4 hits in 45 at bats. Then he goes on IR with a sore shoulder. He was not the same guy. Gave up a two run homer in one of first games back. More runs in one than all of his other performances in the entire season. He was hit for runs in 9 of 11 playoff appearances. He had one clean appearance against Toronto and one against the Yankees in Game 2. He was not the same guy in the regular season. In the opposite direction, Charlie Morton was
  12. The Rays use analytics. Anderson who gave up only one home run which was after he went on the injured list and had given runs in his last six postseason games (yesterday makes it 7 games in a row) including a walk off homer in Game 5 of the Astros and two runs against the Astros in Game 7. Dodgers got a home run off of him and Fairbanks in Game 2 and two runs off him in Game 4 and a run off of Fairbanks in Game 4 and a homer in Game 6. They did not have a clean inning in any of their World Series appearances. Anderson had an ERA of 9.00 and Fairbanks 6.75. They gave up more hits and runs
  13. What is funny Cash went against his own analytics. Mookie Better was 0 for 5 against Snell with 4 strikeouts for the series. And the way he was pitching that night, none of the first 4 hitters had touched him, 7 strikeouts and a ground out to Snell. Anderson on the other hand had been hammered in Game 4 by the Dodgers. Betts differential against lefties and righties in power alone would have dictated a left handed pitcher in there (Loup over Anderson with Seager on deck). Anderson had given up a run in his last 6 relief stints. He was not dominant in the post season. For all his analyti
  14. I grew up in a generation where Jerry Koosman won two games for the 1969 Mets in the World Series against a 109 win Baltimore Orioles loaded with heavy and powerful bats. Heck one of the pitchers for Baltimore hit a homer off of him. Yet all the big hitters like Frank Robinson, Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson Paul Blair and Davey Johnson could not hit squat off of him. Koosman pitched 17 2/3 out of 18 possible innings and gave up only 4 runs. Bullpen only had to get one out. I know that is not how baseball is played today but the Cash method does not work against the teams that are discipl
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