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  1. rook

    OT- Monday Night Football

    Watch the Falcons pick up a kicker off the street and he smokes our kicker.
  2. rook

    OT- Monday Night Football

    The score is 20-12 and the Giants go for 2. Dumbest call ever. Scratch that. Eli Manning's 2 QB sneaks tops that.
  3. I ended up loathing the Cowboys in 1983 when they beat the 2-14 Bucs in 1983 in OT. The playoff losses 41-0 in 1981 and 30-17 did not bother me although there was 2 15 yard penalties on the same play in 1982 that was bullshit. This was the game. http://www.bucpower.com/1983game6.htm John McKay sent a letter asking about the Dallas OL holding penalties on Selmon. The NFL admitted Dallas held Selmon on every play from the 2nd quarter through overtime. From then on, I hated the Cowboys more than any team in the NFL. The Bucs got jobbed against the 49ers in 1989 too. Most of the time the Bucs were overwhelmingly beat fair and square but the refs stole that one too. When your team stinks, the referees kill you even when you have a good game that is not par for the course. http://www.bucpower.com/0289kaufman.html
  4. When I was real young, I like teams based on the players. I was a Browns fan but Jim Brown retired. I became a Cowboys fan because of Bob Hayes and Roger Staubach. I became a Bucs fan when the NFL expanded in Tampa. As a Mets fan as a kid, I was used to crappy expansion teams and patient in waiting them for to win although I was only 11 when the Miracle Mets won the World Series in 1969. The Bucs season in 1979 reminded me of the Mets season in 1969 even though they did not win it all..
  5. rook

    Kudos to Carl Nassib

    We do poach other team's talent well at times. We forget to sign them again like Michael Bennett. and Bradley McDougald. I can not blame them for getting rid of Blount. Lot of teams could not put up with his crap. We did draft Talib who was a significant talent at DB. McCoy for a high rated DL does not seem to be a significant impact on our wins and losses. He does not get respect from the refs as far as penalties as he is held often.
  6. The Raiders have 77 million in cap space and three first round draft picks. That is definitely part of the plan. Plus with a contract as big as Gruden's they are going to gave him some time.
  7. rook

    Kudos to Carl Nassib

    JPP has 6 sacks. He has a chance of being the first DE since Simeon Rice to get double digit sacks.
  8. Taylor/Glanton is a FAU alumnus so he is the next Lawrence Taylor. Riley Bullough is back according to Stroud.
  9. Raiders have not had a Pro Bowl linebacker since 1988. Weak position. Khalil Mack was considered a DE. https://justblogbaby.com/2018/05/31/oakland-raiders-2018-depth-chart-review-linebackers/
  10. He traded Amari Cooper for a first round pick from Dallas according to ESPN. He was supposedly all vets but this is their second trade of a big player for draft picks. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25055195/dallas-cowboys-trade-first-round-pick-oakland-raiders-amari-cooper
  11. It is not just the two sacks that was impressive. Occasionally on a zone blitz, the DE will be forced to guard a RB on a pass. When it happens, it is normally a disaster. Strahan on Dunn in the Bucs win in 1997. Chidi Anhanotu on Marshall Faulk in 2000 in the 38-35 win over the Rams in 2000. Nassib not only guarded the RB but he slapped the pass down. I have seen our LBs and DBs get toasted on these plays.
  12. .Buccaneer Coach since Gruden was fired after the 2008 with a 17-21 record. If he wins one of the next 10 games, he will surpass Raheem the Dream Morris. who holds the gold standard with a 17-31 record. Schiano was 11-21 and Lovie Smith was 8-24. If Koetter hangs on for another year, he will be shooting for Sam Wyche's 23-41 record unless he wins 7 of 10 and ends the season 10-6 and at 24-24 in 3 years he will have surpassed Wyche.
  13. rook


    Third video in the link. Dave Warnke missed a 29 yarder in the second link. That is why McKay sent Yarno out there. http://www.bucpower.com/1983game16.htm
  14. rook


    It might helped Brindza. He made a 58 yard FG and missed an extra point and a kick or two shorter than the extra point. We lost by 10 and he missed 3 FGs and one extra point.
  15. rook


    Even weirder if the Bucs got 9 or 10 more yards and made the kick 49 or 50 with an easier 4th down 5 or 6 yards, they go for it on 4th down rather than kick the FG. Catanzaro has the leg to kick long, he is just not accurate. Frankly since a 59 yarder is not one you are expected to make, it took some of the pressure off. Kyle Brindza reincarnated.