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  1. The Rays knocked out Boston's position player pitcher in the 9th. The score is now 17-5. The catcher is now going to the Pitcher's mound. Rays win 17-8, Banda gets a 3 inning save! He pitched 2 2/3 quite well but had trouble getting that last out and allowed 3 runs in the 9th.
  2. poor pitching and fielding. It is not over yet but the score is 13-5 in the 6th inning. Rays will be 4-5 on the road. Even Zunino just hit a three run homer. The Rays are leading 16-5.
  3. Someone flew a drone in Boston's stadium and caused a 6 minute delay of game. Rays lead Boston 7-3 after 2 1/2 innings.
  4. Santana Dotson was a pretty good player as a Buccaneer. I believe he was a defensive ROY in 1992. He got his Super Bowl ring as a Packer in 1996.-97
  5. Rays are now 11-8 and went from 0-5 on the road to 3-5 on the road. They play one more against Boston before going to NY.
  6. I thought when Kucherov missed a top shelf shot that he normally makes in his sleep that would be the miss that would haunt the Lightning to a loss.
  7. I will say that the backups behind him were worse. He was a starter since we did not have any one better,. The lining up incorrectly and getting penalized it for cancelling a TD was too much for me to take. He did it for years. At least since 2013. Likely more if I looked at the older games more.
  8. He was a necessary cut. I can not count all the TDs he has cost the teams with penalties. Many times it is not even holding but lining up incorrectly.
  9. Anderson comes from the bullpen and puts out the fire. He may not be available tomorrow. Yet it was necessary after Siegers blew apart. Fairbanks finishes the 9th. Meadows HR added an insurance run.
  10. This is public schools in Florida. No big money TV contracts at stake The State of Florida is demanding that public schools re-open to get state funding. There is an exception, The Health Department can give school boards information that could allow public schools to stay closed. The Catch 22? Health Departments are banned by the Governor for giving any information to school boards. Think parents if the kids get infected are not going to sue. Give me the risk and reward on this action. DeSantis has been consistent across the board on athletics on the public school level and college level as well. Many of his earlier re-open orders were made when Florida had 6 out of 9 days that set national records for infections. https://www.politico.com/newsletters/florida-playbook/2020/08/10/floridas-back-to-school-mess-shevrin-jones-plasma-turned-down-puerto-rico-forced-to-halt-primary-voting-gop-pac-makes-big-bet-on-gimenez-490022 MUM — “Health directors told to keep quiet as Fla. leaders pressed to reopen classrooms,” by Palm Beach Post’s Andrew Marra: “As Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed this summer for schools to reopen, state leaders told school boards they would need Health Department approval if they wanted to keep classrooms closed. Then they instructed health directors not to give it. Following a directive from DeSantis’ administration, county health directors across Florida refused to give school boards advice about one of the most wrenching public health decisions in modern history: whether to reopen schools in a worsening pandemic, a Gannett USA TODAY NETWORK review found.”
  11. Anyone watch that marathon hockey game yesterday. I watched from the third period thru the overtimes while channel flipping to the MSL game and watching the Rays game with Boston on my computer. That is how much of a sports fan that i am.
  12. What a gritty game. Both goal tenders were amazing.
  13. September 27th in Denver is Dotson's revenge game.
  14. Zunino thinks a bat is a nocturnal mammal instead of a piece of wood you use to hit the ball. Red Soxs so far has had a stinky bullpen.
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