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  1. rook

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    If and when the Glazers move the Bucs to London, I have the perfect movie for him. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3300542/
  2. rook

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    Just remember all we have had for owners is Hugh Culverhouse and the Glazers. Of course the glazers are terrible esp but Hugh charged players for sodas, game balls and even local phone calls
  3. Andy Reid will not get to matriculate the ball downfield against the Packers to avenge KC's loss to Green Bay in the first Super Bowl.
  4. rook

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    The Glazers are better than Hugh Culverhouse whose wife wanted to dig up his dead body and pump it full of lead. And his son Hugh Jr said dad is in hell. By that standard, the Glazers are the best owners in franchise history but then Hugh Culverhouse is a difficult guy to beat as far as the worst crappy owner.
  5. There is a running game dominant gene in the Shanahan family. Garoppalo has thrown only 6 passes but the Niners have 34 points and 4 rushing TDs.
  6. It was Mahomes fault that the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl.
  7. Reid was defeated by Gruden. Titans was defeated by the Raiders. Fans of the Eagles were so confident that they were running Eagle tourist packages for San Diego Super Bowl all the way up to the end of the third quarter. I know that as I got to listen the Eagles NFC Championship game on radio with the ads. Many Eagles fans expected SB 37 to be a revenge game against the SB 15 champion Raiders who beat them in the Super Bowl on January 25, 1981 by a score of (wait for it) 27-10.
  8. rook

    What a stupid article

    I am upset that Alex Karras made the Hall of Fame. Alex was on a show called Webster. Webster is the last name of the Bucs linebacker that did not get deep enough on the Jerry Rice TD pass. Webster's coverage mistake was pointed out by the 49ers GM John Lynch so I do not want him in the Super Bowl. Makes perfect sense for a convoluted logic column.
  9. rook

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    The worst good news is the Bucs TE O.J. Howard is rated as the highest rated TE blocker by Pro Football Focus. It is like having Sandy Koufax as a pitcher but using him as a specialist against left handed hitters.
  10. Good trolling is saying something plausible but not really mean it. Right now if the Bucs want to keep Winston the franchise or transition tag is shorter and cheaper without gambling on a long term commitment such as the 5 year 150 million dollar contract with 90 million guarantee. The problem is no one is available that does not have their own set of fleas. Mariota has the ball security down but he is a sack machine and his turnovers are many three and outs. You would have to gamble that the talent at WR is so good that this would not be an issue anymore. He would learn how to climb the pocket and avoid sacks. Bridgewater is accurate, smart but he is limited in the throws he can make. The positive is he knows his limitations. He is more dependent on a good running game. Cam Newton is an injury risk. Even if he were judged to be healthy, his game is only good when you add running to it. And the running is what makes him vulnerable to injury. Admittedly I hate the guy. It is not the Donovan McNabb hatred where I hated the guy for beating the Bucs up. I detest Cam and his Huggy Bear costumes and the circus his press conferences are. Carolina is probably loathe to send him to a division rival unless the Bucs over pay for him. Andy Dalton as a Buc is a big old Yuc! I rather start Ryan Griffith over him before I would hand the reins to him. Dalton is better than Blaine Gabbert. Jerry Golsteyn might be better than Blaine Gabbert.
  11. Rounding up on the 16.5 to 17 to be conservative. 5 years 150 million dollars. (90 million guaranteed) Case closed. https://www.pewterreport.com/all-22-film-review-bucs-qb-jameis-winstons-30-ints/
  12. rook

    Credit to Licht, BA and Bowles

    Not that Pro Football Focus means much but they rated Jamal Dean as the best rookie corner in the NFL. No one was even a close second. They did that even though his first start against Seattle in Week 9 they acknowledge was a disaster. His grades were off the charts given how late he came in the season to start.
  13. I guess PETA's objection to Alex Karras slugging the horse in Blazing Saddles forced him to make the HOF by the Veterans Committee
  14. Alex Karras is good. Mongo is good. NFL Hall of Fame is good. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28488678/paul-tagliabue-steve-sabol-selected-pro-football-hall-fame-centennial-class
  15. I was not joking when I said it was one of the worst games he had all season. I thought Clemson and Georgia played him better than any of the teams he played against this year but he still tore them apart. I think the Amoeba defense where you lined up a lot of the guys in the box but vary the number of people you send in a pass rush gave him the most trouble.