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  1. Other than tackling the WR, that throw with the timing on the play is impossible to stop.
  2. It was the TD pass to Justin Watson that was more impressive.
  3. Jameis has looked outstanding. Defense needed a fumble to bail them out in the second quarter. There was electricity in the air tonight. Bucs win 30-14.
  4. A vanilla screen goes 47 yards for a TD
  5. I have a feeling unless the Bucs use him for his experience, he does not make the team.
  6. His brother who was Kiffin's DC got a job with the San Francisco 49ers. His dad was hired as a consultant and did quite well. His offensive coordinator was hired by the University of Houston. He suspended players who violated team rules. Kind of everything he did not do elsewhere where he coached.. His biggest asshole thing he did all year was trolling Alabama, Tennessee and other teams on twitter all season. Wisconsin was the only team and fans he treated with respect.
  7. The previous year the Akron Zips would have likely beaten FAU 50-3. FAU went undefeated in Conference USA. Teams that beat FAU 52-3 like Western Kentucky were losing to FAU by two touchdowns. North Texas was undefeated all Conference USA except FAU. FAU beat them 69-31 and 41-17 in the conference championship game (should have been 48-17 but a third string QB running for a TD spiked the ball before he ran in the end zone). FAU deserved a better opponent in the Bowl game but no big college was anxious to play an unknown team and lose. FSU chose to play the second best team in the West in Conference USA in Southern Miss rather than FAU or even the weaker North Texas State Western conference champs who beat Southern Miss by 15 points. FSU was not that great in 2017 but they chose the weaker teams in FAU's Conference USA to play in a bowl game.
  8. You go from three straight 3-9 seasons to 11-3 in one year with a 50-3 win in a Bowl game. it tends to change your opinion of the guy.
  9. The burrowing owl is wimpier. He lives in a hole in the ground. I ran the following cartoon with these lines: I am a UF Gator, I will bite your head off. I am a FSU Seminole. I will scalp you. I am a FAU Owl- I I will screech at you, hoot at you err I will make you trip over my hole.
  10. Kolarek on fire.

    Romo gives him base loaded with zero outs. He gets Bird to pop out. He strikes out Gardner who usually owns the Rays and Romine. No runs. Rays win 3-1.
  11. Dungy ROH

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Class_Twit_of_the_Year The sketch ends with Gervaise Brook-Hampster coming in first, followed by Smith-Smythe-Smith (shot by Nigel) and Nigel Incubator-Jones in a medal ceremony, while Simon Zinc-Trumpet-Harris manages to club himself unconscious with the butt of his gun. The three coffins of the winning Twits are placed on the medal rostrum and medals are draped around them Of the Glazer brothers. who is the Gervaise Brook Hampster, Smith Smythe Smith and Nigel Incubator Jones.
  12. Beware of the burrowing owl. Only a feral cat can save you. You have been warned. Hey I was just trying to liven up this morgue. Until last year, my FAU Owls were a joke. A consistent joke with 3-9 records.
  13. Khalil Mack

    I had heard the restructure of Donald Penn's contract was needed to get Mack under contract long term. Mack makes 13,8 million this year. In the ESPN story I saw last night the deal was near but not executed yet although I think the parameters was set up. Raiders would be foolish to give up Mack. If they did, they would want it from a team with a lot of high draft picks or a pretty good player as a replacement which is why Aaron Donald makes sense.. He is holding out too. Trouble is the Rams are built for a Super Bowl run this year. Swapping two hold outs in the last year of a deal is pretty difficult even if you have other teams involved. There are 5 teams that are considered logical trading partners for Mack. The Bucs are not on that list. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/msn/five-logical-trade-partners-if-raiders-wind-up-dealing-khalil-mack/ar-BBLTeMV
  14. Khalil Mack

    Donald Penn is signed but I think he was unhappy with the money. The new deal is likely a restructure likely to give him money upfront as a pro-rated bonus giving more immediate cap space to reward Mack.
  15. Miami

    Ironside-- The Next Generation