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  1. I taped the Bucs 17-0 to win over the Eagles on Monday Night Football in 2003 opener which is the first time I saw those Leon commercials. Loved them. Glad to see it on YouTube. I think they did a Leon version for other sports.
  2. rook

    Playoff changes and 17 games coming

    It is not only weird that the Bucs 10-6 season in 2010 but the 7-9 Seahawks made it and hosted a playoff game. (and won). Packers won the Super Bowl with 10-6 record in 2011, the Packers were defending champions and 15-1. One and done to a 9-7 Giants team and the score was not close.
  3. The Glazer triplets are bigger boobs but just not attractive.
  4. rook

    Playoff changes and 17 games coming

    Correction: The Bucs would have been the 7th playoff seed in 2008 as the head to head loss to Dallas did not matter. Bucs get in by better conference record.
  5. rook

    Playoff changes and 17 games coming

    Bucs would have made the playoffs in 2016 and 2008. Still would have missed in 2010 (Giants). Would have made it in 1998.
  6. Not that the rest of the secondary was much better, he did little to stop KC's 51-7 onslaught.
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28704134/texans-cut-veteran-cornerback-vernon-hargreaves-iii
  8. rook

    Who the fuck is Lance Zierlein?

    Several mocks I have read have that as well at 14.. A number of mocks (yes there a gazillion of them and most of them are throwing spaghetti at the wall) seem to think he will be there at 45 which I am not so sure is true. The popular pick seems to be an OT at 14. Makes sense as Demar Dotson is likely gone.
  9. I am at a lost for that as he certainly can afford it. And being squeamish about LASIK 20 years ago was more understandable than it is now. When I had LASIK surgery, it was like an express line at a grocery store. They rushed you in and out. The surgery has improved over the years plus he can afford the best doctors doing the procedure. The biggest advantage of the surgery is having better peripheral vision. When I played any sports, I had almost no peripheral vision on the left side of my body where my left eye was even with glasses. It was truly my blind side in football as I did not wear glasses playing football. Now I am far sighted and just started to need glasses for small print.
  10. I had LASIK surgery in 2000. It was a great relief not to be so near sighted in my left eye. The right eye was 20-20 but it was weakening as it had to compensate for the weak left eye. Being near sighted gives you almost no peripheral vision and poor judgement on far distances. Can't understand on why as an athlete he did not get it fixed sooner. One scary thing about LASIK surgery is the tendency to flinch when they shove the Laser at your eye. I needed two surgeries as I flinched the first time I did it. The first 3 or 4 weeks it is hard to drive a car at night due to occasional star bursts esp if a car on a two lane roads coming in the other direction hits you with his brights. I hated wearing glasses (required before the surgery) and never tolerated contact lenses very well (trouble with eye infections). LASIK is more advanced than when I had it. If you had certain types of astigmatisms, you could not get LASIK surgery. I had a weak eye without an astigmatism.
  11. I still can not understand why the Titans signed Hump when basically Mariota never threw to him except in garbage time and even Tannehill does not utilize him the way Jameis did. Kwon was practically a redshirt free agent this year with his injuries.
  12. rook

    Tom Brady to the Rescue

    Tom Brady to the Raiders. Not mentioned by ESPN but it is a clever way for them to get of Carr to the Patriots, trade Brady to the Bucs and get Jameis Winston from us. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28618368/sources-raiders-pursue-tom-brady-qb-becomes-free-agent
  13. Plus next year the Super Bowl in Tampa. Pretty good timing for him. If the Niners win tomorrow, the GM part of his resume could influence some voters even though it is not suppose to be a consideration.