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  1. The Miami Dolphins have agreed to terms with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on a two-year contract, a source told ESPN's Cameron Wolfe. A source told ESPN's Adam Schefter that the $11 million contract contains incentives that could boost the deal to between $17 million and $20 million. Linky-poo
  2. MadMac

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    Bucaroo -- yes, there are some teams that will want to trade up to take a QB...either for the Bucs pick or before the Bucs pick. But the whispers are getting louder and louder that Kyler Murray could be #1 with the Cardinals, and another team will trade up between #2-4 to take a QB...which means either Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen (most likely of the 3) will fall to the Bucs at #5. I'd paddle my pud for either of those three stallions.
  3. Illinois didn’t want to incur the wrath of Stephen A. Smith...
  4. MadMac

    Right Guard

    Bunnycockholster is moving to right tackle....so he can be a matador at a different position (like doggy style)
  5. Count me in on that, too. I paddled my pud all night when the Bucs hired him - it had nothing to do with first meeting a girl whom eventually became my wife years later - thinking the Bucs finally got another winner. The reason I have hope with Arians is that he’s won with multiple teams (not just one team like Thurston Howell III’s wife). So don’t pass me Jessie’s antifreeze....yet...
  6. MadMac

    Non Bucs news

    Hope the Saints replace Max Unger with Felix Unger.....
  7. John Lee Hooker and George Thorogood are both flipping you off and waving their wangs at you. But I want to rock and roll all night (Tiny Tim)
  8. MadMac

    Bucs Re-Sign QB Ryan Griffin

    A Lurch signing is still a possibility....Griffin is a #3 QB
  9. MadMac

    Bucs Re-Sign QB Ryan Griffin

  10. Ha! We got even with the 49ers for taking Kwon from us! That will show those bastards.
  11. MadMac

    Honey Badger to KC

    Bucs are looking to rack up on compensatory picks in 2020.......
  12. MadMac

    Bucs Tender Johnson

    Good tender.....Johnson is ready to stand tall and explode on the scene.
  13. MadMac

    Antonio Brown trolled by PITT!!!

    Buffalo decided to move on...
  14. I thought Winston was suspended the first three games last season......
  15. MadMac

    The AAF

    Link? Go ahead and call me a llama-fucker - and thanks for the compliment, you capons are just jealous - but I appear to be in the minority here that actually enjoys the AAF.
  16. MadMac

    The AAF

    NFL Network shows some...CBSSports...and I think TNT.
  17. MadMac

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Congrats! Welcome to fatherhood -- the toughest job you will ever love!
  18. MadMac

    The AAF

    Any traces of back hair?
  19. MadMac

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    Now that is just batshit crazy! I haven't seen that one......wow.
  20. MadMac

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    The draftnik picking the Bucs to take RB Jacobs says it is after they traded down......how far down, I don't know....maybe out of the first round?
  21. MadMac

    Matt Bryant

    Sign him...if none other than to end the Bryant Curse....
  22. MadMac

    Being Old Sucks

    That looks like Death paddling his pud with his right hand.
  23. I agree the Saints got fucked.....but ^^^THIS^^^.....