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  1. Killed in a helicopter crash this morning....wow...
  2. Mongo no longer just a pawn in the game of life.
  3. You, too? I found it to be a blessing...
  4. I meant after the first pass in OT....but with a(nother) pick-6, the defense won’t take the field. What a fucking way to end the season.
  5. ....is the defense ready to take the field after the first pass?
  6. MadMac

    5K J

    Our current WR corps resembles Game 4 of the preseason games.
  7. I remember that gawddamn game. Bucs were actually up 24-17 in 4th quarter, then Ron Springs gets this lucky "tightrope the sideline" catch and run when the Bucs defender botches the tackle...which ties the game. In OT, Septien misses the FG attempt, but naturally Thomas Norris runs into the kicker...which was no shocker to me, since the Bucs always found a way to fuck up. Septien makes the rekick, and the asshole fraternity brother Cowboy fan sitting next to me reacts as if the Cowboys just won the Super Bowl. Dammit, I'm now pissed off again thinking about it 🤬🤬
  8. MadMac

    Winston was spectacular

    Bernie Kosar is no Phillip Rivers.
  9. My theory is he wanted to give the defense more rest.....they were beginning to get gassed.
  10. Yep....but ended up with 4TDs and over 450 yards passing (for second straight game) I think he needs to keep wearing that thumb brace....he actually seemed to be throw with “touch” today.
  11. As a Buc fan, I am conditioned to feel pessimistic about the fuckened franchise....but for some reason, I’m actually feeling hopeful for the future....this is foreign territory.
  12. Agree, Rook, Trask saved the Gator season....no way the Gators play this well with Franks playing QB.
  13. Same here, I’m beginning to like the development of our young secondary. And damn, I forgot Justin Evans was still on the team! He’s always hurt.