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  1. Observations from Titans Game

    But Guice won't play this year...
  2. Reminds me of Tom Martz back in the day.....that asshole fucker HATED the Bucs!!
  3. Sims injured on the kickoff

    B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but.....this is proof that the Bucs drafted the wrong QB!!!!!!!
  4. Dungy ROH

    Didn’t he play with Lee Roy Selmons, Dave Pears and Mike Washingtons?
  5. Well, shit, maybe so ... can I play in this one? Email is madmac0629@yahoo.com
  6. I'd like to play again....my team is Kaep's Klusterphuks ...
  7. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    Sorry to hear. I remember him well....RIP.
  8. Sweezy will be released.

    Sweezy is now gonzo. https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-release-og-sweezy/
  9. And so are Sapp, Dungy and the Gl...the Gla...the G-G-G-G....the Glazz-z-z-z..... Fuck, can't finish it.
  10. Sapp knows it. Brooks knows it. Ahanotu knows it. So did Culvernose.
  11. On a similar note - I wonder how the Steeler fans feel about Ben Roethlisberger?
  12. Top QBs 2019 draft

  13. LOL -- unfortunately, we've seen that with this current management!
  14. But that doesn't help the team if he is off the field...a la the issue with Winston. The Bucs don't need the kind of intensity that causes suspensions (which hurts the team....again, a la Winston with his off-the-field immaturity...both he and Suh are headcases but at different levels). In this league, it doesn't matter if you field a team of boy scouts...the issue is whether the player conduct (on or off the field) hurts the team. For instance, Tanard Jackson may have been a great guy....but his penchant for weed hurt the team(s) with his multiple suspensions. Your fellow Husker Randy Gregory may have great talent and intensity, but he has hurt his team with his three suspensions (including a season ban last year). Gregory is NOT helping his team if can't play. Off-the-field has Mariota wayyyyyy on top....but on-the-field the debate still rages on. However, if Winston receives another suspension after the upcoming suspension, then in my book Mariota wins the debate.