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  1. Rams

    Only Buc fans are silly enough to make such a correlation with a former coach who couldn’t win playoff games with his own team.
  2. Koetter Staying!!!!

    That’s what she said!
  3. “Studs” is always plural...not singular....
  4. McVay is winning with Fisher’s team.
  5. Game Chat

    Well, he did make that kick earlier tonight.....
  6. Sorry that I don’t have a linky-poo, my old cyberfriend....but I saw/heard it live as it happened...
  7. While Jon Gruden was being enshrined into the Ring of Honor - he says “ Let’s hear Gene call the first touchdown in Buccaneer Super Bowl history..” and then Suzi Kolber suddenly butts in and says something totally irrelevant, and then the bullshit network starts showing LA Rams highlights for no gawddamn apparent reason.... No wonder their asstard CEO is leaving.....they are incompetent....
  8. That is, if BSPN is to be believed. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21808383/tampa-bay-buccaneers-turn-peyton-barber-doug-martin
  9. BSPN is so clueless - they would fuck up a wet dream.
  10. Which team is "nxt"?
  11. Dotson, Marpet to IR Among Multiple Moves

    It’s like deja vu! It’s like deja vu! It’s like deja vu!
  12. Dotson, Marpet to IR Among Multiple Moves

    Fuck, maybe they can bring Stucker back and play his ass as a guard -- the asstard couldn't catch an STD in Bangkok, but like you said, he could block.
  13. LOL this won't take long

    Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Steve Young, and Peyton Manning will watch the game and say "Damn, I never looked as good as that Hundley guy does now!"
  14. Lork Stucker has been cut?! Have the Bucs just realized now that he suck-starts B-52s?