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  1. MadMac

    Are you all fucking idiots?

    Preseason....where Rabih Abdullah runs for glory and into the Preseason HOF with Griffin)
  2. To paraphrase the late Chris Thomas (former Tampa Bay radio personality): "I'm gay!" "I'm no longer gay!"
  3. MadMac

    Josh Allen

    Oh yeah?! Well, I'm gonna go all RaiderMike on your asses! ::Finger:: (chirp chirp)
  4. MadMac

    Lurch looks good!

    Throw in some Phyllis Diller, and I'm in on that shit!
  5. FYI -- I changed my team name to "Show Me Your TD's"
  6. That was is my team...although I will likely change it after the draft. I named it "Goob's Lubes" last season because the roster blew badly... I believe I mentioned I still want to play this year.
  7. MadMac

    OT - Tundra snuck into town

    Now that penis had a mole on it - I'd recognize that penis anywhere.....
  8. MadMac

    It's OK to be Gay!

    Or cocksure.
  9. MadMac

    The great Schnell

    On that one return formation, he was on the field...but he counted 11 other guys on the field (a role a punt returner is supposed to do) and ran off the field to avoid a "too many men on the field" penalty. At least that's how Ronde explained it during the game.
  10. MadMac

    44, 35, 88

    Something like Oguwhosyourmama...
  11. MadMac

    Fins game

    Well, at least you were able to watch it - the local station here in the Panama City area is in a dispute with DirecTv, so all I get it that stupid “We are trying to get this station back on the air, blah blah fucking blah” They can blow me - suck it long, and suck it hard!
  12. MadMac

    Five More Years of Jason Licht

    Quick....someone go to Tundra’s house...make sure he hasn’t hurt himself! But if you find him touching himself, then all is well.
  13. MadMac


    I am hoping Nick Fitzgerald recovers from his pussy-tear and can show he can be a 3rd-stringer this year - and allow for Grif to be Winston’s backup - because Bluh-bluh-Blaine Gabbert continues to be another Jaguar bust. Fuck me Bruno
  14. MadMac

    It's OK to be Gay!

    I don’t care if he sucks more schlong than Josh Freeman....as long as he kicks the ball between the uprights, he is king in my book.