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  1. I read on ESPN that WR Allen Hurns suffered a similar injury a couple seasons ago and was ready to work within a few months...and Dak's doctors are saying he should be ready in 4-6 months. I despise the fucking Dallas Cowboys, but sure as hell hope Dak comes back full strength.
  2. When Nick "Wild Thing" Anderson walked two straight batters on four straight pitches, I mentally heard Harry Doyle say "Ball eight!"
  3. I'd consider buying the franchise, but I am too busy looking into buying the Jaguars owner's yacht first. Jags owner puts yacht up for sale
  4. It appeared to be his ankle...the tape held it in place, but his foot was pointing at the 2 o’clock position...remember that injury to former Buc fullback Jorvorski Lane? Similar to that.
  5. Hell, I routinely do that just to lift my spirits! But come (pun unintended) to think of it, that explains why I’m no longer invited to pool parties and BBQ...
  6. Probably the worst trade since the Packers traded two first round picks, two second rounders and a third rounder for an aging John Hadl...
  7. And you chose this as your first post to make a first impression.....and wasted it. Also, which deuce are you talking about? Brady threw 5 TDs, not just two.
  8. Johnson got one look last week and dropped the only pass thrown to him (he was wide open and would've easily made the first down)...he may have tried to run before fully catching it.
  9. That takes a very special kind of choke that even prevents Annette Schwarz, Nika Noire and Cathy Heaven from overcoming their lack of gag reflex....
  10. Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard To get her poor dog a bone But when she bent over...Rover took over (Ohh!) And gave her a bone if his own!
  11. They needed the money...OHHH!!! ($1 to Andrew Dice Clay)
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