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  1. Boys dump Dez!

    Does Dez even play basketball? I'm not sure Milwaukee is his kind of town.
  2. OT- Rams get Stomp for one year

    We never knew -- the RB committed suicide after reaching the endzone.......
  3. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    So you are saying Pamphile swung both ways?!** **not that there is anything wrong with that
  4. Didn’t these security folks know that - to stop Bennett - all they had to do was play the national anthem? The asshole would’ve stopped and kneeled.....
  5. Vinny Curry

    Can he kick?
  6. Fuck that.....can Marpet kick?!
  7. No, the team can move Marpet back to the position where he excels (Guard)
  8. Are the GlazerTards doing anything?

    To answer the thread question - we are praying that the Glazertards are putting the team up for sale so that Eddie DeBartolo, Jr, can buy the team and save it.....but since that isn’t happening, Our dreams will continue to be buttfucked by cyclops llamas. Sigh.
  9. 2018 off season

    Just don't fall off of Suzy's roof
  10. Now watch this fucker go to New England and make the next 10 Pro Bowls......arrrrrgh!!!
  11. "....the city of Tampa Bay....." Well, that does explain something......the dude didn't even know what city he played for!
  12. Mike Glennon

    Glennon is awesome....he just needs to execute better.