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  1. MadMac

    Give Luke Stocker the ball

    Poor Lork Stucker....missed opportunities last night...
  2. I didn’t realize Lurk Storker was still in the league.....good for him....I’m sure his run was reminiscent of Patrick Hape.
  3. Aundray Bruce was a linebacker for the Falcons and Raiders, and also played some TE....but not sure if he ever scored.
  4. MadMac

    draft results

    I think they are called the Los Angeles Chargers of Anaheim.
  5. Only if Big Jim comes over with him as DC...
  6. This is precisely the reason he will start the rest of the season....it is a business decision...to see if they will keep him for that fatdick option year.
  7. MadMac


  8. Pounding the pud profusely...
  9. MadMac


    Bring back George Yarno.
  10. MadMac

    Turnover machine Winston

    I know I am done.
  11. Trade DJax to the Raiders for the #1 they just received for Amari Cooper.....we know how Gruden loves the older players. Yeah yeah, I know that not even close to being a pipe dream .... not even a wet dream...
  12. MadMac

    Turnover machine Winston

    Now. That. Is. Fucking. Stupid.
  13. MadMac

    Saints sign Apple

    True dat....evidently the Saints inquired about trading for Peterson, but the Cardinals still insist that he isn't on the trading block.** **TRANSLATION: He is NOT on the trading block unless you offer us a deal we can't refuse (a la Khalil Mack draft picks)
  14. MadMac

    Saints sign Apple

    Well, they traded for Apple...for a 4th and 7th round pick. Seems to be peanuts for a former Top 10 pick...unless he blows Tundra's goats (not that there's anything wrong with that). Personally, this looks like a good trade for a division rival...which sucks even more for us.
  15. So it sounds like they may bring Riley Bullough back (geez)...and when is Beckwith gonna be ready to return?