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  1. I love ya, my longtime cyberfriend, but they were both the consensus options by every expert at 1 & 2....the big debate was “which one?” These same experts were even lamenting how the teams drafting 1& 2 the following season “missed it by one year” when they were forced to draft Goff and Wentz. Funny how that shit turns around....because I wish we had one of those two options.
  2. MadMac

    Rams CBs

    Being butthurt.
  3. MadMac

    Blow me

  4. You ain't gonna let those two escape justice?
  5. MadMac

    Shaq Barrett is a beast

    Apparently the NFL teams are asking the same thing....he is currently unsigned...
  6. Just saw that Lork Stucker is whiffing with the Falcons now.
  7. MadMac

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Cam looks like a “black Miley Cyrus” from the onstage performance from “Blurred Lines”=🤣
  8. MadMac

    The oline

    Deer antler juice is “looked the other way” in the NCAA (as long as Mark Emmert is in charge)...but OJ is screwed now that he is in the NFL.
  9. MadMac

    F**k McCoy

  10. A muskrat would be an immediate improvement....
  11. According to Pewter Report. Tundra will be paddling it based on this news!
  12. MadMac


    Well, our defense is no longer the weakest link....that now belongs to Jameis and the offense. The roles have flipped in only one season. Doesn’t Winston know he is in a “Buc contest year” - when he plays really good, gets overpaid, then resorts back to The Sucksge?
  13. MadMac

    Heats helps us

    This is the Bucs we’re talking about....there is no such thing.
  14. QB Nick Fitzgerald (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) WR Emanuel Hall (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) C Nate Trewyn (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) CB Mazzi Wilkins (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) Terry Beckner Jr. (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) RB Bruce Anderson (per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle) S John Battle (per Greg Auman of The Athletic) TE Jordan Leggett (per Greg Auman of The Athletic)