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  1. So it sounds like they may bring Riley Bullough back (geez)...and when is Beckwith gonna be ready to return?
  2. If he doesn't PM you, feel free to send me those links
  3. MadMac

    Peterson wants out of AZ

    I automatically defaulted to "u"...
  4. This sucks goat gonads (not that there's anything wrong with that)...maybe they should try to convert Noah Spence to LB - hell; he's about the size of a LBer. He sure as fuck isn't contributing as a DE.
  5. MadMac


    I remember Hubert Mizell calling him "Pussyfoot Warnke" in his column the next day.
  6. MadMac


    Fuck that...bring back George “The Toe” Yarno....he kicks at 100% PAT...
  7. MadMac


    As long as he doesn't bring "youngyness".....
  8. MadMac

    Smitty Just Got Whacked

    The pain train is coming....the pain train is coming .....woo woo!!
  9. Steve Young (cough cough cough)...but trading him seemed logical at the time after we drafted Vinny Testetaster… Oh yeah, we also signed John Randle as an undrafted free agent and cut him....I heard he did pretty well up in Minny after that.
  10. I think we signed Eddie Murray later in his career....but you can add John Carney to that list.
  11. Ready to change your handle back to just plain Tundra?
  12. According to the Pewter Report. Can he play defensive back? Otherwise, I don't think QB is a weak spot position right now....
  13. MadMac

    Justin Evans

    *AHEM* -- the most informed...