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  1. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Blinn College Buccaneers
  2. OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Wrong thread, motherfucker!
  3. I guess Freeman didn’t like receiv8ng “throat yogurt” by the metric ton in Canada.
  4. Whitehead vs James

  5. QB - Long Term...

    But his specialty is trouser snakes...
  6. OT- Kentucky Derby

    The lady on the left - is that Nemo on her head?
  7. RoJo

    And hope his play doesn't make us reach for this:
  8. RoJo

  9. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    Well, at least Godwin Safety.......but hopefully Godwin Interceptor....or Godwin Fumble-causer......
  10. The Bucs bring in another Igwebuike

    Godwin Kicker.
  11. Only in Yucville

    Arrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh......the horror.....the HORROR....Licht has to go!!!!!
  12. It appears Gaulden is a Braves fan, and is unhappy that Alabama stole their "A" logo and added a mullet to the left side.
  13. Bucs Re-sign Charles Sims

    Here you go! Awww fuck....you said bell cow....sorry!
  14. Boys dump Dez!

    Does Dez even play basketball? I'm not sure Milwaukee is his kind of town.