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  1. McNabb's talking point is about 10 years outdated....he must think Bridgewater is white. IMHO, Winston is unemployed because teams don't want to pay "buku bucks" on a turnover machine...but I think Cam is waiting to find a team AFTER the draft because he saw what happened to Glennon (and I can't believe I just invoked Glennon here, since he sucks marsupial pangolin gonads) by signing with a team that drafts a QB in R1.
  2. Arians Says Bucs’ Creamsicle Uniforms Could Return In 2021
  3. Sources: Ndamukong Suh expected to return to Buccaneers This would be a good move.
  4. Thanks Tundra and Bucs63...I must've overlooked it as Jennifer Aniston STILL won't leave me alone...you still gotta wait, Tundra...
  5. You can borrow mine when I am done with it (insert old Groucho emoji that has disappeared from the choices)
  6. Glad Perriman got paid....and gladder the Bucs aren’t paying that amount....
  7. Did you just make an Ace Ventura movie reference? 🤣
  8. He'll probably be a Redskin....Dannyboy Snyder likes to collect players.
  9. Cash-strapped Rams release Todd Gurley Wow. His knee must not be in good shape.
  10. Sorry to hold her up for you, buddy, but I'm not done with her yet....and she clearly doesn't want to leave...😆😋
  11. Ricky is no longer in the NFL and is smoking endless amounts of weed......
  12. Fortunately, that will not be the Bucs uniform next season.....
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