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  1. At least he didn't take his underwear off to measure the water in the glass and see how much fart was in there.... Don't know where the fuck I am going with this... Sorta like Jamo doesn't know where the ball is going most of the time....
  2. mathman

    Where will Winston land?

    Will do, right after Winston gets some new qb material and stops being a turnover machine
  3. mathman

    Where will Winston land?

    Did the Glazers dare him to steal, er borrow some crab legs?
  4. https://reverb.com/item/28942775-hamer-standard-rick-nielson-custom?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  5. Not mine, just a psa.
  6. mathman


    Winston has had 5 years of rope but hasn’t hung himself yet. Just misses that one too.
  7. mathman

    Good Read on Winston

  8. mathman

    Gators are Back!

    Better than losing to a Michigan team missing four good players.
  9. mathman

    What To Do With Winston?

    I don’t care enough to link it but I do care enough to mention it. There is an espn article where Jason “the light still isn’t on “ Licht says that the new coach must accept Famous jamous as there QB.
  10. This ain't America, this is bucschat...
  11. mathman

    What To Do With Winston?

    I don't like Winston because of his off field issues. I am not one of those who don't care about the character of the player as long as he wins, but even there Winston is just not making it. He plays great, then ok, then amazing, then sucks, then sucks some more, then he's okay again, then wash, rinse, repeat. I want to watch football again, but, damn this game is so different these days. Nobody can play defense anymore. And local talk radio sucks balls. I thought Dumpig was bad but I tried to listen after the game a few times this year. Clayton is so fucking annoying on 620. THIS guy tries to come off as having experience and as such that his asinine opinion should be listened too. Fuck me. I can't, I just can't. ymmv
  12. Ok, records seem comparable. Jaboo has always seemed to me to be a talented idiot with questionable ethics.
  13. Iirc, Jambi has 21 fumbles also. How many did they have?
  14. Maybe Jax and the bucs could try a new version of nfl football. The quarterbacks actually play for the other teams defense and points are scored by being able to miss receivers to get defensive touchdowns....
  15. mathman

    Three straight 400 yrd passing games!

    Winston should look for another line of work but I don’t see that happening.
  16. mathman


    Better than what is already here?
  17. mathman

    OT, so I made an album

    The three songs mentioned are my favorites plus Systems in place. Glad you enjoyed them. Guess we need a buc jam session!
  18. I don't frequent here as much any more but most of you fuckers are alright. I just don't like the way the Glazortards have run the team since dad died. Anyway, I'm not the guitar god that Axe is but I managed to put together an album. You can preview it here: Kirk Pitts dot com If anyone is fool enough to buy it, then look here: Amazon itunes: If you find something you like let me know. If it sucks, tell me! or just ignore this post....
  19. mathman

    OT, so I made an album

    Maybe if I was swinging my bass guitar like a club. Nah, not even then.
  20. mathman

    Game Chat

    I'm learning! Only interceptions are bad turnovers. This game is easy!
  21. mathman

    Game Chat

    Infer much. I questioned why he had such a great game when he had three turnovers. Fumbles, picks, either way he is a turnover machine. The defense sucks and can't hold a lead. Famous jamius needs to limit the turnovers. No doubt, he threw the ball much better. Now he needs to stop turning it over.
  22. mathman

    Game Chat

    Excuses and all that.
  23. mathman

    Game Chat

    I keep hearing how Winston had a good game, but I look at the stat sheet and see three fumbles. Did Dirk run on the field and knock the ball out of his hands?
  24. mathman

    Is Winston a Bust?

    Maybe if Jami didn't eat the W's we could have some for the team.