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  1. http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/who-has-the-juice-nfl-offensive-line-coaches
  2. Pass the Fentanyl

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    Maybe true but maybe not London either.
  3. Pass the Fentanyl

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    According to the article T linked, that is exactly the case.
  4. Sweezy is playing. It's the "just fine" part that seems to be in question. Benenoch is the 79th ranked OG according to PFF. Sweezy is 71st. To me that's a bit below just fine even if better than Benenoch by a bit.
  5. Pass the Fentanyl

    Glazers Should Sell the Buccaneers

    Just finalizing the paperwork.
  6. Pass the Fentanyl

    Worst Call in NFL History

    When an OL can't stand up to block a player projecting himself over the OL with leverage from another player or with a running start, it certainly gives the defense an advantage which should be tempered. In this case, I don't know how it was missed. There's an official specifically assigned to watch for this type of action and when a defensive player lands on the other side of the OL standing on his feet, it probably should trigger something off in the officials head that maybe he had some help getting there. This wasn't particularly complicated and it was recognized immediately on your favorite TV show and all across the web.
  7. Pass the Fentanyl

    Worst Call in NFL History

    Based on the replay it should have been a violation of Unsportsmanlike Conduct section 3.1.p " Placing a hand or hands on a teammate or opponent to gain additional height to block or attempt to block an opponent’s kick or apparent kick, or in an attempt to jump through a gap to block an opponent’s kick or apparent kick."
  8. How did Kendricks not take that to the house?
  9. Pass the Fentanyl

    Miracle in Miami, Endzone View

    Looked like he tried to get started but is so broken down he couldn't shift his weight. Then by the time he got moving he ended up having to dive to get to Drake.
  10. Pass the Fentanyl

    Worst Call in NFL History

    A game I try and forget. I know the rulebook better than most fans and probably some coaches and when the ref rather smugly said "Personal Foul....LEAPING!" I was "WTF is LEAPING and why is there a problem with it?" There are two sporting events which, as an adult, I was not able to sleep after. There was the Mets/Dodgers playoff game in 1988 in which Gooden had the Dodgers down in the 9th until the ump call a pitch to Mike Davis which was right down the middle a ball and walked him after which Scioscia hit a HR to tie the game and the Mets lost in extra innings and then there was the Bucs game against the Colts.
  11. I wonder who the assistant coach who called the personnel package is that is likely looking for another job is?
  12. Pass the Fentanyl

    Dononvan Smith

    This thread couldn't go with the other D. Smith thread? I mean, how many threads do we need on the guy?????
  13. Pass the Fentanyl

    Dononvan Smith

    He's had 4 this year.
  14. Pass the Fentanyl

    Koetter is done.

    Because no one game typically figures in a decision to retain or dismiss a coach. Nor should it.