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  1. The Raiders are in the spot I mentioned before I thought there'd be a season. Their entire OL was exposed to the virus, the NFL doesn't want to risk not having a Sunday Night game and potentially may have to move or postpone the Bucs game right now.
  2. The game was on Sunday dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The time was changed.
  3. The Bucs have protected the QB pretty well and had a very effective running game most of the season thus far. Who gives a shit about PFF ratings when those are the results. Marpet is the best of them however.
  4. There's no edit button anymore? Continuing on....if Gronk continues to show improvement he could be a candidate for a re-do. Give him some money for next year and spread it out over two years.
  5. overthecap.com has the Bucs with $252k in cap room and without the new guy on the roster. So they pickup about $800k from McClendon's contract and need at least $550k to add him. So Marpet's restructure gives them that room and room down the road if they want to sign anyone else the rest of the season.
  6. I'll guess the plan all along was to get Tua in there after the bye week. I'm sure the owners want him in there. I'll guess unless he's looked like Mahomey part II in practice....Joe can probably tell us how many snaps the backup gets (is it more than 10?) in practice....the vets on the team ain't too happy and we're being fed a line of bs from the staff about how he's killing it in practice.
  7. Biggest issue is that it is on the road and the Bucs have lost a couple of road games.
  8. An extension for David would probably result in a lowering of his cap number in the near term. They probably need the room to bring in replacements for injury. Not sure how much McLendon cost.
  9. My Grandmother on my mother's side was from Flushing. Main Street stop on the #7. Shea Stadium was a dump after its first couple of years but it was "our" dump if one was a Mets fan and thus it still is near and dear to our hearts. Many current Mets fans say that Citifield may be nicer in a certain sense but it is also not Shea Stadium.
  10. We have a kicker for this week. Just like every other team on the planet with the exception of the Ravens. Harrison Butker's been the man in KC for a few years. They had a kicker until he missed 4 XP. Now they may not have a kicker. It's what kickers do.
  11. ESPN has a great 30 for 30 on Marcus Dupree. "The Best Year That Never Was". Dupree ended up battling with Barry Switzer and caught the eye of some preacher who Switzer says robbed him of $5mil when he tried to transfer to Southern Miss. He played a season in the USFL and then hurt his knees at a time when those knee injuries were career ending or spoiling. He did play with the Rams for parts of a couple of seasons but did essentially nothing.
  12. I don't think he was banned. He got into a dispute with Frank (aka SF) over some information shared about snook's wife's profession and, after some months of arguing about it, snook was never seen again. About 3 years ago was snook's last look-in although it appears he hasn't posted longer than that. It also appears that the posts involving the dispute with Frank are not longer searchable. Frank is another who disappeared but I also seem to recall some suggestion of a medical issue or death with him.
  13. I wonder where he ended up. No character ever appeared that remotely posted like him in a different format on this board so he legitimately left but its hard to imagine he didn't find someplace else to release that energy.
  14. His father was a writer and snook published a book on fishing so yes it was in his blood. The length of his posts from both his perspective and some sockpuppets he invented led me to believe he spent a lot of time on the board.
  15. You write as if this is in the past. Many board members, or maybe it's just a few....alright it is just a couple of us.....reach down into many a pile and give "the business". I realize this goes well beyond football and I'm not legally permitted to define "the business" but this is definitely not something from another time.
  16. He definitely had a way with words and could be spectacularly wrong and defiantly protective of said wrongness as well.
  17. I'll definitely say no due to one issue. It doesn't surprise me that he has some ability but I thought it would manifest itself more in an outside the tackles game....and I think most who thought he'd be successful felt the same way. The fact that he can run between the tackles so well is the most surprising thing as I don't think many, if any, thought this would be the case.
  18. Rook has it right. To avoid officials having to read players minds, when a QB goes to the ground even if he dives forward, it is from where he began to go to the ground.
  19. If you left in a hissy fit and don't have the balls to just come back and post as you were then just stay away. Many have left and come back including me and T but we weren't pussy's about it.
  20. Now I'll go visit some other Bucs MB and one or two dumbasses will be taking 5 paragraphs to explain how Devin White really wasn't all over the fuckin' field today and that he missed a B gap contain in the second quarter or some other bullshit and therefore we should have taken some other guy in the draft. LBers killed the Packers today. They had no fuckin' clue what to do with any of them. Suh shoving Rodgers was classic. LOL!
  21. Reverse mojo special on the pick six since it was essentially the same route combo Brady had on his a couple of weeks ago.
  22. I remember the Yarno kick but not the no penalties. I had yet to move here but was at the beach on vacation.
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