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  1. As always, the comments are the most interesting thing to read in that article.
  2. For whatever reason, I thought this had already happened. As said above, if he's healthy, it's a great pickup.
  3. One other point to consider is that the players/personnel who have tested positive have done so with a pretty limited number of participants. So I'm not sure how things will work out when NFL teams drag about 150 people together at one time for a month. It's possible that we as a society move to a "shrug of the shoulders" type of treatment in that, without medicinal intervention not available, we're all eventually going to be exposed and/or get the virus and whatever will happen will happen but I think we're a ways from that at this point.
  4. Lightning also shut down for similar reasons.
  5. Phillies have had to shut down their ST facility due to multiple players and other personnel testing positive.
  6. I think Fauci....and he's just the highest ranking medical person basically saying the same thing regarding the virus if one wants to dismiss him specifically for whatever reason...also mentioned that it would require a bubble to operate the NFL which I don't see as possible for the length of the season and what appears at this point to be a likely 2nd wave in the fall/winter. That is, of course, if we get finished with the first wave which has the number of cases increasing dramatically at the moment in a number of spots throughout the country including here in Florida. Of all of the major sports, football - both NFL and college - probably has the least chance of happening whether that means it is a start and stop affair or just skipped over completely for, at this point, who knows how long.
  7. An article on NESN focusing completely on former New England players....and not in a positive light. Who'd a thunk it? For all we know the anonymous DC's might have said "we really aren't worried about Gronk." and left out the "we have no fuckin' clue what we're going to do with Evans, Godwin or even Howard"
  8. I texted the local HS coach and told him if he needed new equipment that I'd round up a posse of "volunteers" to remove the current equipment, publicize it and sell the old equipment on ebay. A win/win all around
  9. In '17/'18 Glennon made $18.5mil from the Bears and another $5mil from the Cardinals. That's a lot of money to be thinking "here, lose the job".
  10. He's our virus guy. He'll have it by week 1 and the Bucs will forfeit the first 4 games of the year after quarantining the team for a month.
  11. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/05/19/tom-brady-bucs-players-take-the-field-at-tampas-berkeley-prep-exclusive-photos/ Brady runs practice session with offense. Not sure if this is within the current offseason rules. Second thought is so much for this being Arians offense. Brady's tell them where to go. If they ain't there, he ain't throwin it.
  12. Just reading the plan for MLB to return...or at least the part that has been released. If this is the extreme which is being recommended to or by MLB to get that game moving again with the worst possible on field situation being the triangle of catcher, umpire and batter, I can't imagine how a sport which involves people jumping on each other en masse on every play gets off the ground at all. This all based on no major changes within the medical world by the time the NFL is to begin. Best case scenario at this point is playing the 2020 season in spring 2021. 63 - we can argue over what the numbers are as lay people until the cows come home but it appears that whoever the leagues are using as medical advisors are of the more cautious type.
  13. This may be the most watched sporting event in history by the time we get to it.
  14. For better or worse, the Bucs like their young guys in the DB room. So I wouldn't expect them to use cap room to sign a DB.
  15. Booger and Tessitore will be replaced on MNF. I actually didn't mind Booger all that much but just can't stand Tessitore for some reason. I've seen one rumor that Pat McAfee may end up as the analyst which would likely bring a WWE/MMF element to the broadcast which means we'll see at least one "be careful what you wish for post" after the first game he's on. The release did mention that the replacements would come from current ESPN personnel.
  16. I actually watched some cornhole competition last week on ESPN. Riveting.
  17. So absent medical intervention which is currently not available, we're going to make all sorts of plans to keep fans safe with social distancing in place yet the NFL is going to have a bunch of players jumping all over each other during games and practice? Let me ask you what you think would be the NFL's plan if, for instance, one of a team's DLmen comes down with it? Do you think the NFL's plan, no matter what they currently might say, is to just play through it and either hope against hope and common sense that no other player gets it and that it doesn't matter because they are young and healthy athletes anyway?
  18. This is true. We do know more and case and deaths continue at a fairly steady rate. Without medical intervention in terms of a significant treatment or vaccine, they may attempt to start but will be shut down at some point. It's inconceivable that there won't be players who come down with the virus and it will affect entire teams. Football is probably the worst sport to be attempting to play the way the virus has acted to this point. That may change but simply wishing it will won't make it happen. Moving the first 4 weeks to the last 4 weeks won't really matter. The NFL has to plan as if the season will happen. So that is why we are given the draft, the schedule, etc.
  19. It'll be closer to zero than 17
  20. The Chargers game is a home game not a road game as in the article.
  21. The biggest problem is what Rich Mckay mentions and that is a team not being able to field a team for a game. What happens if an entire Defensive Line gets it as a for instance? At this point, despite what a lot of people hope or believe, the virus is not under control and it's possible that it may not be until there is either a vaccine or standard treatment available which both appear to be many months away at the very least. Then there is the issue of a player dying from the virus and the league being liable because it can be argued the players were forced to show up for work. I think one or some of the soccer leagues in Europe are dealing with this very issue right now.
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