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    REPORT: Bucs Could Release Gerald McCoy

    A comparable situation to Suh last year and he ended up with a one year $14mil deal. I'd expect the same type of deal for McCoy if he's released.
  2. Gulf Shore Steve

    REPORT: Bucs Could Release Gerald McCoy

    McCoy's deal when signed was designed so that he'd be traded or released this season. It's been mentioned on this board a number of times since prior to the beginning of this season.
  3. Gulf Shore Steve

    Full Staffs

    The QC guy is a film breakdown guy. Grimm Randle-El are essentially interns. The Bucs staff isn't that large overall.
  4. Gulf Shore Steve

    Full Staffs

    Defense DC: Todd Bowles DL: Kacy Rodgers ILB: Mike Caldwell OLB: Larry Foote CB: Kevin Ross S: Nick Rapone QC coach: Tim Atkins assistant: Cody Grimm Offense OC: Byron Leftwich run-game coordinator: Harold Goodwin QBs: Clyde Christensen RBs: Todd McNair WRs: Kevin Garver TEs: Rick Christophel OL: Joe Gilbert assistant: Antwaan Randle El QC coach: John Van Dam
  5. Gulf Shore Steve


    You guys are simply jealous because their guy is better than our guy. 🀩
  6. Gulf Shore Steve

    FA from previous teams

    Honey Badger yes. Nelson no. I'd hope they'd stay away from spending what will likely be a fairly small amount of cap room on a DE. Brown would make a lot of sense but, I think if they made that move both Jackson and Hump would not be back.
  7. Gulf Shore Steve

    Alan Cross retires...

    I don't believe he's retired. Enrolled at Memphis and serving as GA while there. May return although whether that's with the Bucs or not I'm not sure. I assume they hold his rights since he was IR'd.
  8. Antwan Randle-El and Cody Grimm added to Arians staff.
  9. Bucs DL improved certainly but there was also an uptick in talent with JPP, Vea and Nassib all brought in. On the other hand, McCoy had his worst season as a professional and it took some advice from Licht to get Vea going. So how much of the improvement is related to Buckner I'm not sure. Rodgers, if the choice is he, has a pretty good resume as a DL coach.
  10. Gulf Shore Steve

    BA wants DJax back

    Jesse returns.
  11. Pewter Report is reporting today that Kacy Rodgers will be the Bucs DL coach.
  12. Gulf Shore Steve

    Offense wins Championships

    The one odd thing this year was that all of the playoff teams which have been eliminated were in the top 10 defensively but not ranked as highly offensively.
  13. Gulf Shore Steve

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    I agree with the setup in Philly but I think Wentz is a much better QB than Foles. He's more dynamic in making a play when needed throughout the game. Too many Foles games seem to have these long periods of the offense just doing nothing....the last two games included. The defense holds the opponent down and then, in the best case scenario, Foles gets the team down the field for a score. Naturally the media falls into the trap of declaring Foles "clutch" or whatever label they wish to attach to him. As much as the pick wasn't his fault yesterday, if Cody Parkey doesn't do the double doink the week before, no one is talking about Foles.
  14. Gulf Shore Steve

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    Thanks for missing my point.
  15. Gulf Shore Steve

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    Nick Foles. If fans think that he should be the QB over Wentz they're nuts. Whatever team he goes to will need to have the setup he has in Philly for him to be successful. Solid defense. Good OL and solid running game and a couple of big receivers/TE. Doesn't mean he's terrible but some of the fawning over him is just insane.
  16. Gulf Shore Steve

    BA wants DJax back

    If the Bucs pick up a high end back in the off season it will be Kareem Hunt.
  17. Gulf Shore Steve

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    One of the strange things about my football fandom is that, while the team I root for changed from Giants to Bucs in the early 1990's after I lived here for a year or so, the teams I can't stand really haven't. I don't really have any great hatred for the Bucs current division rivals other than when they are involved with the Bucs. However, teams in the NFC East....the Giants rivals....I tend to vigorously root against in nearly any game. I hope the Cowboys lose every game they play and tend to feel the same about the Redskins and Eagles. However, since I can't stand the Pats, I rooted for the Eagles last year in the Super Bowl. I hate the Saints fans more than the team as they are a collection of the stupidest mutha fuckas on earth but I hope they win out and play any team other than the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I'd prefer the Chargers but don't think it happens.
  18. Gulf Shore Steve

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    Not seeing a problem with that
  19. Gulf Shore Steve

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    Report: Buccaneers hire Broncos OL coach Sean Kugler If true....this may be THE get of the coaching off season.
  20. Gulf Shore Steve

    It’s Been 10 Years Since Raheehaw

    That is fuckin' unbelievable. Who thinks that way? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  21. Gulf Shore Steve

    BA wants DJax back

    The Bucs are under no obligation to release or trade Jackson until 4 days prior to the beginning of the 2019 season. In fact, I'd hang on to him and not play him other than with the 3's in preseason if a trade was unlikely. Maybe there's some safety out there who's trying to make a team who wishes to make a "splash".
  22. Gulf Shore Steve

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    He's a specialist
  23. No Sean Kugler. Apparently never signed and may have something to do with the mess in Denver with Kubiak. For the Bucs, Joe Gilbert is the current new OL Coach. Chris Boniol is being brought in to coach the kicking game.
  24. Gulf Shore Steve

    Tundra, start beating off again...

    This would require T to have stopped which is a pretty big stretch. Buckner is still under contract with the Bucs through 2019 and has not been let go. Either guy should suffice. Rodgers has a good rep as a DL coach. The senior position with the Giants probably is at a higher level than DL coach.