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  1. Gulf Shore Steve

    Bengal Gate- Bill Belichick the Cheater

    This is apparently a Kraft Media production so there is only one question. How fuckin' stupid is whoever it is overseeing the filming? ....AND.... I'm already fuckin' tired of this story.
  2. OL grades are impossible to figure unless you know the specific responsibilities of every position on every play which I can guarantee PFF doesn't. It's not like a WR is running a 8 route which there pretty much is only one way to run it. That's not to say the line overall or any one player has been good or bad but I wouldn't look at PFF as the place to find results.
  3. Gulf Shore Steve

    Winston Benched?

    Anyone judging Griffin on a couple of passes is an idiot. If he has to play, I think he'll struggle because defenses will play up tight and I don't think his game is the medium to long throws which could push the defense back.
  4. The show on ESPN+ Peyton's Places is great.
  5. Justin Watson as well. Finds out he's the punt returner the day before the game and then has to take over for one of the best receivers in the game and performed pretty well in spots.
  6. So you're saying Jameis will have his career reduced to making commercials with country singers and hosting ESPN streaming shows about the history of the game.
  7. That's true and I wasn't even commenting on that aspect of the quoted post. So it was a double shot of stupid in one sentence. That's JBF and PR territory.
  8. Funny you said that. After the game I gave myself a pretty good jolt turning our outdoor Christmas lights on. It did restart the heart after the game though.
  9. You're right. The question is whether the team can win with him. If either Winston is a bit better or the defense is a bit better, this is a 9 win team. If he's replaced are we sure the team is better? I lean towards no at this point which is a comment on who I see as available to the Bucs including the college guys.
  10. Now here's some stupid shit.
  11. Arians said maybe the last game of the year.
  12. Gulf Shore Steve

    Winston Benched?

    Winston has a cracked bone in his thumb.
  13. The 5 yard rule is still the rule. A defensive player just cant interfere with the ability of an offensive player to catch a thrown ball within those 5 yards. That's been the rule since the late 1970's (I think).
  14. Gulf Shore Steve

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    We weren't singing Ave Maria. Maybe we were just a little off key. It was actually "Will the Circle be Unbroken".