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  1. Gulf Shore Steve

    Goober Injured?

    A lot of these types of decisions depend on other positions we may not even be thinking about. Lets day David can't go week one and they need to hang on to another LBer as a precaution and/or to play STs, that could affect numbers at either WR or TE. There's no way of knowing that. My guess is that all things being equal that they'd keep 4 TEs and 6 WRs. One other thing to consider and it's a fairly large one is that Auclair was injured Friday, didn't play a lot and was in a boot today. Other than Howard, he's the only inline TE and Arians prefers the availability of another TE who is a solid blocker which neither Brate (also injured at the moment) nor Hudson are. So if they need to find another blocking TE who may not even be on the roster at the moment, that could play into who makes the roster as well.
  2. Gulf Shore Steve

    Goober Injured?

    My guess is that the WRs have been decided, it's likely based a lot on practice including the Dolphins practice and no one else besides Watson and Bobo are going to be WR 4 or 5. The real decision is likely if they keep a 6th guy and who it is.
  3. Gulf Shore Steve


    Based on Spence playing the entire game, I'd be surprised if he's on the roster. Bond, Barrett, Nassib, maybe Demone Harris all have played better and Spence hasn't done anything since game 1 when his "success" came when no one attempted to block him.
  4. I'm happy he's out of the league because, as a QB, he's always being interviewed and I can't stand his speaking voice which sounds like his voicebox is being squeezed shut. He'll probably get a job in broadcasting. That is until two years from now when Brady finally retires and Luck becomes his replacement.
  5. Gulf Shore Steve

    O-Line looks like shit

    The OL had actually played pretty well the first few games (the ones that is) and Cleveland has a stellar DL so I'm not sure we should overreact and draw conclusions from the pre-season one game unless we also want to conclude that the Bucs defense is good enough to win virtually every game.
  6. Gulf Shore Steve

    Luck retires!

    Trade opportunity for the Bucs. Winston for an exchange of 5th round picks.
  7. Gulf Shore Steve

    Goober Injured?

    Arians said Gabbert is still #2 when he's healthy. That we know but he's apparently also the backup to Winston. Griffin won't play Thursday so Vinny Jr is being brought in to QB what will assuredly be a mess. How would you like to be a WR trying to make the team and attempting to show your ability with Vinny Jr. and his 8 days of limited practice reps trying to help you out?
  8. Gulf Shore Steve

    So Much For Having A Kicker

    I was hoping Gay would miss one in preseason to see how he bounced back. I think he's fine. Last thing the Bucs needed was a miss in week one and then he's rattled so much that he's kicking the ball into the concession stands in the corners.
  9. Gulf Shore Steve

    O-Line looks like shit

    Arians mentioned Winston didn't help out by holding on too long. Cappa got beat by a couple of stunts he didn't recognize. He wasn't overmatched physically which would concern me much more. Playing without Evans and Brate hurt because those are the guys Winston looks for when he's in trouble.
  10. Gulf Shore Steve


    I like the defense. If the Bucs improve it will be because of the defense.
  11. Gulf Shore Steve

    Ass kickin

    9-3 for the mayfields
  12. Gulf Shore Steve

    Ass kickin

    I feel it. I see it. It's happening. Bucs ones vs. Brown ones. 23-7 Mayfields
  13. Although they did have a murderer on their roster for a time. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/patriots/2019/08/22/patriots-safety-patrick-chung-indicted/mZnhBg6YgmimHhlgFbtXkO/story.html
  14. Gulf Shore Steve

    Lurch looks good!

    She's waitin' for you.