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  1. Gulf Shore Steve

    Bring Back Snook!

    As nuts and obnoxiously wrong as the guy could be, I don't think I've laughed as hard at my laptop as I did the time he referred to me as "Poof" when responding to me insulting his lack of football acumen.
  2. Gulf Shore Steve

    Evans Restructures

    They had barely enough under the cap to sign the picks. This is to add other players. Teams cannot go into the season right at the cap.
  3. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/06/08/what-bruce-arians-has-learned-about-the-bucs-this-offseason/
  4. Gulf Shore Steve


    Huskers gonna husk.
  5. Gulf Shore Steve

    Arians Claims Secondary is Fixed

    There's a real nice assisted living facility up the road a few miles for Bruce and his wife to become residents of when it's time. It's time.
  6. Gulf Shore Steve


    I hope Suh plays well but the comments post McCoy as if there will be a major difference in play from McCoy to Suh is just laughable. McCoy's on another team now so he is the enemy and Suh is on the Bucs so he is a guy to root for. Nothing more nothing less. Suh saved a few dollars on the cap. That's all.
  7. Tom Seaver was recently diagnosed with Dementia. Tom Brady apparently is suffering with the same affliction as well but doesn't yet know it. Tom Seaver is and will always be Tom Terrific.
  8. Gulf Shore Steve

    McCoy Released

    McCoy and Suh have both been top five if not absolute bests at DT during most of their respective careers. Whatever bullshit anyone wishes to come up with regarding leadership notwithstanding neither are HOFers but both have been very good players.
  9. Gulf Shore Steve


    The only thing Suh does better than McCoy is be more durable. Saving $4mil while not losing too much in play was the motivator.
  10. Gulf Shore Steve


    They didn't need much space for Dean and Edwards because they'd be replacing contracts which were virtually the same in terms of cap dollars. White probably requires about $5mil if we figure the $5.5mil contract less the $500k contract he'll replace.
  11. Gulf Shore Steve


    A lateral move at best. Takes up less cap space.
  12. Gulf Shore Steve


    $9.25mil to be exact. According to Auman they now have enough cap space to sign the rookies. Yippee.
  13. Gulf Shore Steve


    All we can do as fans, assuming he signs...and the France thing is bullshit because he could officially agree and sign when he returns or I understand they now have fax machines in France and he could sign in that fashion, is hope he plays well. The entire scope of the leadership qualities of Suh on and off the field is simply bullshit.
  14. Gulf Shore Steve


    The Fins took a $22mil cap hit to get rid of him because they couldn't stand him in the locker room and the Rams reportedly weren't big fans of him in the locker room either last year. Not sure where this "leadership" ability got tagged to Suh.
  15. Gulf Shore Steve


    Nothing official at this point. Bit of concern there.