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  1. We're a grope or two away from that necessity. Don't rush us.
  2. As an update to the Brad story....one of my favorite Bucs and one of the few I ever had a jersey.....his kid Max is pretty good. Rated pretty highly for 2020 grads.
  3. Sweezy will be released.

    The real answer is Alvin Harper because of a bunch of reasons (google Drew Soicher and Alvin Harper for some real laughs) but Sweezy and Nicks certainly didn't work. Perfect examples of why, particularly today when good players typically don't make it to free agency unless there is something else going on (health or off field shit), fans screaming for their favorite team to "SIGN SOMEBODY" is simply misguided. It appears, at least anecdotally to not work more than it works.
  4. Winston media from PFT

    McCoy is not a Hall of Famer He is not the best DT in the NFL He is one of the best DTs in the NFL. He is the last person to concern ourselves with on the defense. As an aside and as a sports fan with zero college sports allegiance particularly in FBS football, the admonitions of some of the homers to other homers to not be homers is comical.
  5. Pacman is no boxer

    This guy? Don't mess with him.
  6. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    LOL! Accurate insight on this board?????
  7. ....annnnnnd.....It's back

    The player union also intended/intends to fight this at the state level in each state the league plays in which will drag this thing out for all eternity if they don't come to some agreement.
  8. Semi-OT - We Lost One of Our Own

    I remember the poster and a hearty RIP to him. One question though after reading the obit....what the hell was he doing on a Bucs site? There's nothing in his bio which would indicate he anything to do with anything in this area.
  9. Winston media from PFT

  10. Winston media from PFT

    A 5th rounder to back up? Sure. Depends on how Ryan Griffin looks in the pre-season.
  11. Winston media from PFT

    How about neither. I realize you're an emotional wreck at the moment but our lying POS QB will be the starter for at least the next two years. Drafting a starting caliber QB before that would be monumentally stupid....as I said earlier.
  12. Winston media from PFT

    Drafting either would have been monumentally stupid.
  13. Winston media from PFT

    The 5th year option was picked up but only becomes guaranteed after the 3rd day of the league year 2019....unless he has an injury which is significant enough to carry past that date which would also guarantee the option. If Winston were to screw up again to the point in which he'd be further suspended, he's not getting paid anyway so there's little risk there. The short answer is that there's no need to concern themselves with who the next long term QB candidate is as it is Winston until after his option year. Even if the Bucs were not going to extend him after 2019 and were waiting until beyond that year with either a franchise tag or to let him go, there's no reason the draft anyone until that time.
  14. Winston media from PFT

    This almost has to happen if not to restore my faith in how tone deaf some people are.
  15. Winston media from PFT

    A civil settlement would have nothing to do with any potential criminal prosecution but, yeah, if he admitted to said grope he could open himself up to criminal prosecution.