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  1. Gulf Shore Steve

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    ....and what the hell does Bill Poe have to do with any of this?
  2. Gulf Shore Steve

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    Whatever the hell 63 is trying to say here:
  3. Gulf Shore Steve

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    They may be the hated Glazers but they're our hated Glazers so watch what you say buddy!
  4. We had a house around the corner who were Eagles fans and they had a big party. The rest of the neighborhood was at the corner as the party attendees left that day and were given a "proper" send off. Today's game I'm amazed at two things. 1. The Chiefs are ahead at the half after spending a good portion of it shooting themselves in the foot and giving the Titans at least one TD and probably 2. 2. Mahomes play at the end of the half. One of the best plays I've seen by a QB in recent years.
  5. Dude learn the lingo of the street thugs like me. ....besides....it's llamas for me.
  6. Other than Stroud articles linking Bucs to situations where there is no link, the Winston "not his fault" shit has got to stop or I'm going to take someone out. It's Arians fault for interjecting the possibility that they all aren't his fault but, as stated, all QBs throw picks which aren't there fault and when I see a stat where a guy has thrown 50 TDs and 1 pick or something such as that I figure it's just good fortune. The only question that matters is whether the team feels that they can live with the inevitable turnovers which may or may not go down a bit because the offense is also going to go down the field consistently when he's not turning it over.
  7. Gulf Shore Steve

    What a stupid article

    What a stupid article. I guess Stroud needed some angle tying the Tampa Bay angle into tomorrow's games but this is just fuckin stupid. At no point have I thought about the horrific for Bucs fans matchup of the Titans and Niners for any reason at all other than I'd prefer KC win for a couple of other reasons. Does he really think anyone other than maybe one of the idiot board GMs at PR even know who Jon Robinson is? https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/01/17/for-bucs-fans-49ers-titans-would-be-an-agonizing-super-bowl-matchup/
  8. Steve Young is one analyst I will almost always stop and watch or listen to because he's different and typically appears to not pull any punches when offering an opinion. Maybe it's because he's not pining for an NFL job. It's just one man's opinion and I'm not even sure I agree with it but here it is. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/01/18/steve-young-says-bucs-would-be-nuts-to-move-on-from-jameis-winston/
  9. Gulf Shore Steve


    Drag down tackler who'll never amount to anything.
  10. Gulf Shore Steve

    42 points and over 600 yards of offense

    As with any QB coming into the NFL, he career could hinge on what team and coaching staff drafts him. However, I don't see anything in Burrows game which would indicate he would not be successful and likely very successful in the NFL. In an odd way his biggest problem may be his toughness. He seems too willing to take a hit and he's not a real big guy. He doesn't appear to be like Russell Wilson, in particular, or Mahomes who never seem to really get crushed.
  11. Gulf Shore Steve

    Todays winners - NFL

    KC has pushed the lava back up into the volcano.
  12. Gulf Shore Steve

    Todays winners - NFL

    Fake punt wasn't the best move and now....LOL!
  13. Gulf Shore Steve

    Todays winners - NFL

    If Houston scores here....they're at the 20 of KC....and go up either 24 or 28-0 we'll find out how loud the Kansas City crowd can get while booing the Chiefs. As to the next game, I'm not a fan of games between two underdogs. I'd rather there was a favorite.
  14. Gulf Shore Steve

    Todays winners - NFL

    Melting down much like the Ravens