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  1. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    The way things are moving or not moving, I doubt there's a trade scenario in round 1 to move back. I think the trade down scenario occurs in round 2. They can probably move back and still grab a quality starting caliber CB or interior OL (if Nelson isn't the pick at 7) and pick up a late 3rd or early enough 4th to get a RB (if Barkley is not the pick at 7).
  2. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    That apparently changed this season. I thought what you thought but when I checked it said no to Bills and Bucs.
  3. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    In 2006. Tattooed by the 'Boys.
  4. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Bucs have no Thursday Night nor Thanksgiving game this season. Bills the only other team without one. Since I hate the Thursday games, this pleases me.
  5. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    7 dash 9 At best
  6. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Dude. Please That's 0 DASH 17
  7. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    There was a shitload of complaining about Muir as well.
  8. Beckwith hurt in car accident

    Since he may be a replacement for Beckwith...Adarius Glanton now goes by Adarius Taylor.
  9. Beckwith hurt in car accident

    I put the amputation possibility in there as a "it's a Bucs Life" blessing. I assume Beckwith will play again.
  10. May miss some regular season time assuming his ankle is not amputated: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/19/kendell-beckwith-fractured-ankle-in-car-accident/
  11. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    I'm looking for a win. Don't see one.
  12. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    I'll be very surprised if the Bills don't end up picking ahead of the Bucs. I figure they move to either 2 or 4. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals give it a shot as well although I'm not sure where (would have to be top 4 and probably throw picks 1 and 3 out as possibilities) or if they have the firepower to get there particularly if the Bill were to offer both first rounders and a second rounder (and possibly more). Of course this would mean one of the big three is highly likely to be available when the Bucs pick at #7 at which point a trade back will be made.
  13. Tom Jones of the TB Times Wants Kaepernick

    Whichever thread this belongs in I'm not sure but the Kap situation is being disingenuously stated by many people including fans of Kap and the media. He's being blackballed not because of the owners own personal biases(in a general sense) or even because he knelt and may continue to kneel. He's not being signed because the owners are rightfully concerned about a fan backlash if he is signed....in particular to be a backup. Understand that I have a fairly strong opinion that, if he wants to kneel he can kneel. I also have a pretty strong opinion about some of the fans reaction to the entire situation. With that all set aside, I understand why the owners might not want to sign a guy to be a backup and cause what will be a massive distraction....absolutely massive. If anyone, including fans of Kap or the media, can't understand this then they are simply stupid mutherfuckers. What does Tom Jones think would be accomplished by the Bucs signing Kap? Does he really think this would change a single person's opinion in this country. What a complete attention seeking dumb fuck. I've also read that Seattle was not simply concerned about kneeling and that it was more an overall commitment to the game during the season that they have concerns about.
  14. Bucs Exercise Fifth-Year Option On Winston

    A long term deal can work both ways with a new regime. It gives them a QB. If he's not living up to the contract then it becomes that much tougher to rebuild because they would be paying a QB a big chunk of the cap for not performing. Obviously if he is performing well then they have the position filled.