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  1. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Reports are he's remaining in the closet.
  2. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Guice (LSU) has been listed as anywhere from #8 in the entire draft to early 2nd round in the mocks I've seen.
  3. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I'm a little less enthusiastic about Barber being able to handle the full load, particularly over a full season. While I also agree with not spending a higher pick on a RB, I think a viable partner is needed. I expect it to come through either FA or trade.
  4. Championship Sunday!

    I don't want to mess my own.
  5. Championship Sunday!

    It wouldn't phase me one way or another except that there's a Patriots fan in my office who doesn't shut up about either Brady or Belicheck.
  6. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I'm just referring to a situation in which Barkley, Chubb and Nelson are all gone. I think Fitzpatrick would then be available because the other 3 picks would likely be QBs. I think Fitzpatrick will be gone when the Bucs pick. He's a terrific player who will have a major affect on whatever defense he ends up on.
  7. Championship Sunday!

    I was watching from afar on the interference call which I thought was shaky although now that I've seen a replay, I think that gets called most of the time. It seemed to me that the Jags offense pittered out in the 2nd half. What's remarkable is that I can find stats by quarter or half for virtually any college football game at any level but I can't find stats broken down by half for the AFC Championship game. So I have no idea whether my impression was correct or not. Eagles with Wentz would have been a significant challenge for the Patriots. Despite Foles playing well tonight, I just don't see them as a threat to the Pats.
  8. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Fitzpatrick over James IMHO.
  9. The Bucs need good players. Chubb, Nelson, Minkah Fitzpatrick would all help the Bucs and likely immediately. Barkley would as well but I'm not a fan of picking RBs this high.
  10. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I'm with RMC. If we don't have a collective Chubby or are locked in a Full Nelson I'm making a stop along MLK on the way to work the day after the draft. At least at this point.
  11. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Yet still idiotic
  12. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Since this hasn't been posted in this particular thread. You remain a fuckin' idiot.
  13. Ronde not a hof

  14. Nick Buoniconti, Harry Carson and Phil Villapiano join together to ask that kids do not play tackle football until they reach HS. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/nick-buoniconti-kids-shouldn-play-tackle-football-article-1.3765238