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  1. Goddamit!!!!! He GAVE it to him!!!! Now there's a headline.
  2. Can they explain the 94 degree weather we're having in Florida while cases grow exponentially?
  3. As much as I think this thread was started at least partially in a joking fashion, I don't think we approach going back to normal which includes sporting and entertainment events until there is a pharmaceutical intervention method introduced either as a vaccine or cure. So, at this point, it is probably more likely than not that we don't see a football season in 2020. This is one reason I haven't had much reaction to the Brady signing.
  4. I hope you used the discount coupon for this month's subscription? Saved me a couple of bucks.
  5. Don't know the money on this but this is probably a good signing as the Bucs STs need all the help they can get.
  6. Montana says he doesn't understand why the Pats didn't resign Brady. Joe vs Terry winner take all Octagon. Book it twinks!
  7. The Bucs offense ranked 3rd in the NFL last year. We have the same OC back. Any complaints about him are pretty fuckin' stupid.
  8. Since we're comparing the two players, did Suh? 16 games, 4 pd, 2.5 sacks, 41 tackles, 7 TFL and 14 QB hits. As they have been throughout their careers going back to college, they are pretty much on the same plane of goodness.
  9. McCoy's deal guarantees him $7mil and another $2mil if he's on the roster on the 5th day of 2021 plus another $3-$4mil in salary if he plays for the boys next year. So it is separate ways to getting to the same amount of money and this is without knowing how Suh's deal is structured.
  10. McCoy played pretty well for the Panthers last year.
  11. Wonder what he got. McCoy got $7mil guaranteed but spread out over two years where he could earn nearly double that. Kept the cap hit down to about $4.5mil. Edit: been reported as $8mil but maybe it's structured differently than just the flat numbers.
  12. One article I read said that Arians had made the decision to move on from Winston and that he currently has no market. Redskins traded for Kyle Allen eliminating one possible landing spot.
  13. With the Brate reduction and without Haeg, it's $25mil. So it's really @22.5 or so. Less $8mil for the draftees and they're at $14.5
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