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  1. First pick in the draft vs. a couple of guys who get too much attention in Mayfield and Beckham Jr. Thursday games generally are unwatchable anyway no matter which teams are playing so lining up these two gangs makes just as much sense as anything else.
  2. Maybe Joe can correct me but aren't most route systems "option" systems these days? High School teams use it.
  3. Grayson's been around for a few years and hasn't caught on. The Bucs probably want some time to evaluate him which is why he's being protected. He was a 400m runner at LSU so he's fast but not Trindon Holliday fast.
  4. Not completely accurate. The protection only runs from Tuesday through the game the player is protected. The player is actually exposed from the end of the previous week's game until Tues.
  5. Glennon was with the Jags during camp at 1.2mil which is what he'll probably get now. He made 1.9 with the Raiders last season. One comment under one of the articles I read said "this move clearly shows the Jags are tanking it"
  6. If Rosen shows the ability to pick up the offense as the season progresses, he'll probably be brought to the 53 man and whichever of Griffin or Gabbert the Bucs like least will be let go. Reid Sinnett will be the PS guy and the next Ryan Griffin.
  7. WR room is already down to 6 as Hurst was IR'd which is what they said they would do. Mickens is on the team as the returner. Tyler Johnson was drafted to play but probably doesn't need to right now. If someone gets hurt, he might be a guy they look to. As much mention of STs is written, that is Ryan Smith's purpose and he's very good at it.
  8. FWIW....Brady has been talking up Scottie Miller big time.
  9. He may be back. There a couple of guys on the roster who the Bucs are trying to hang on to. They'll be moved off to IR and Shipley resigned assuming another better option doesn't surface.
  10. While finding a kicker might be helpful, I don't find either the drafting in the 5th round or the cutting of that 5th rounder after a year all that big of a deal. If he were a LBer or Safety it wouldn't be that big of a deal except to the armchair GMs on some other sites who overanalyze everything. "This guy was last at his position in making contact within three yards of the LOS while the QB held the ball for more than 5 secs and threw the ball to the other side of the field taking this guy completely out of relevance as rated by PFF! and some of you like this guy???"
  11. Arians has to say that. Fournette's not even on the roster at the moment and has to pick up the playbook. Arians hands Fournette the job at this point and he loses Rojo and possibly McCoy too.
  12. The Practice Squad rules have changed pretty drastically as well so virtually anyone can be kept if necessary. It's also harder to poach off other team's rosters. The ability to "protect" 4 players is there in addition to the fact that a player taken from another team's PS must not only stay on the 53 man, he has to pass through Covid protocol making him virtually inactive for at least a week.
  13. Dare has to stay because of special teams. They may try to sneak Vaughn onto the PS and keep McCoy if Fournette needs time to pick up the offense. They could make him inactive for week 1. Then they could let McCoy go although that would mean paying him his full salary of $1mil for a week's worth. Calais has been a return man although I'm not sure how valuable kick returners are these days.
  14. Interesting to see Mike have a slant thrown to him that he didn't have to reach to his knees or jump into a Safety to catch.
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