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  1. tfree32

    McCoy Released

    Rumor is the Bucs may quickly sign Suh for $9-10 million. That would be an upgrade and a cost savings of $3-4 million.
  2. tfree32

    McCoy Released

    Per Stroud https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/20/gerald-mccoy-released-buccaneers-defensive-tackle-nfl-offseason
  3. tfree32

    RIP, Big Dog

    My father never liked you.
  4. tfree32

    Winston article by Bassinger

    2nd best. That 400 lb. Steelers fan who used to post here wins that award. What was that asshole’s name?
  5. If the Bucs had drafted Gronk, they would have tried him out at kicker.
  6. tfree32

    Geraldini speaks!

    I'm so tired of his incessant whining. What a pathetic little bitch. Fuck him hard...in the ass..with Tundra's cock.
  7. Possible neck fracture from auto accident. Maybe we should have drafted a defensive lineman or three. I wonder if this affects keeping McCoy or the prospect of signing someone like Suh or Ansah.
  8. The gist is that we’re drafting the wrong positions, especially when we have premium picks. Our defense sucks because we’re not valuing pass rushers and defensive backs the way we should. Why We Suck
  9. tfree32

    Draft thread

    I would be kind of shocked if McCoy is back. He seems like an awkward fit for the 3-4 defense, where I guess he would play defensive end. He was never dominant even in his prime, and he's fading now. He's a one-trick pony with a wicked first step off the snap, but players who rely on quickness/athleticism fade far more quickly than those with a more well-rounded skill set. It certainly seemed like McCoy was asked not to come to the recent minicamp. There have been stories everywhere that the Bucs have tried to trade him, with no takers. He makes $13 million a year, has no guaranteed money or cap hit if cut, and we need that money to sign our draft picks. And they don't even mention him any more when they talk about their plans. It's telling they even mentioned Noah Spence recently, but completely ignored McCoy. HE GONE.
  10. tfree32

    Draft thread

    It's interesting to go back and see who the Bucs could have picked to put together a better draft. Here's how it could have gone. 1 5 Josh Allen LB Kentucky 2 7 Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson 3 31 Oshane Ximines DE Old Dominion 3 36 Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia 4 5 Dru Samia OG Oklahoma 5 7 Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State 6 36 Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma 7 1 Terry Beckner DT Missouri I think that's a lot stronger draft than we ended up with.
  11. tfree32

    Draft thread

    I bet Licht is pleased when he remembers to wear pants to work.
  12. tfree32

    Draft thread

    Another fucking kicker?
  13. tfree32

    Draft thread

    Devin White is fine, although I would have preferred Josh Allen. The rest of this draft seems pretty mediocre.
  14. tfree32

    Draft thread

    How many picks have we spent on the secondary recently?