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  1. I thought Arians looked like shit on the sideline Sunday. I don't think he's healthy and doubt he'll be coaching in a year or two.
  2. I was surprised the receivers had so much trouble getting separation. Donovan Smith is worthless. So receivers need to somehow get open before Smith's guy blows past him and kills Brady.
  3. Lavonte looks great. Mike Edwards is dumb as shit. What was he thinking on that kickoff return?
  4. What gives? This place should be hopping. Instead it's a ghost town.
  5. Good bounce back drive. That penalty was much needed.
  6. Sloppy throw by Brady. He looked like Jameis with that Pick-6.
  7. Awfully close, but yeah, that was PI.
  8. Great to see Donovan Smith whiffing on blocks and trying to get Brady killed. Fucking moron.
  9. Lots of things to fix, but seeing some things I like too. Brady and the receivers don't have great chemistry yet. Hopefully that comes with time. The defense is struggling to deal with Kamara...I thought we were good against the run?
  10. Great move. Very low risk move to take a look at a talented kid. He's had a ton of different offensive coordinators he's had to work with. And he's still younger than Joe Burrow. So sit him behind Brady for a couple of years and let Arians, Leftwich, and Brady teach him to be a pro QB.
  11. Allegedly.. Pimping ain't easy...
  12. Update: sounds like a ruptured quad tendon and he’s out for the season. Shitty deal.
  13. Cowboys Fear Gerald McCoy May Have Torn ACL
  14. Yeah, sounds like the majority have structural changes in their lungs and hearts, even if they were asymptomatic. And we know COVID can also affect the brain and other organs/systems as well. So surviving is one thing. But there can still be long term damage.
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