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  1. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Depends on what you're honoring I guess. If it's mediocre coaches fired for being completely worthless in the playoffs, that's Dungy. If it's a gritty and underrated leader who led the team to the championship, it's Johnson.
  2. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Good post.
  3. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Brian Billick was able to pair Dilfer and a dominant defense and win a Super Bowl. If Dungy is so awesome, why couldn’t he do the same in Tampa? And Billick doesn’t appear to be in the Ravens’ Ring of Honor. Maybe that’s because they don’t view it as a fucking participation trophy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltimore_Ravens_Ring_of_Honor
  4. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Uh...the only way we got a Super Bowl was by firing his incompetent ass and bringing in an actual head coach. Dungy would have been a good defensive coordinator, but was a horrible, godawful, POS head coach. If we had fired him a few years earlier and brought in someone who had any idea how to run an offense or how to hire someone with the competence to run an offense, we could easily have had more than one championship. We wasted an awful lot of years as Dungy cycled through terrible offensive coordinators.
  5. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Who’s outraged? I’m not. I just think his induction cheapens the meaning of the honor. The defense we had during that era may have been the best in NFL history. That we only have one title to show for it, which came the year after Dungy was shitcanned, is a testament to how inept Dungy was as a head coach.
  6. Dungy in the ring of honor

    I think we define respect differently. Dungy on the sidelines during playoff games looked horribly confused and an awful lot like he thought he was in India. Like the Hall of Fame, a Ring of Honor should be very selective. Letting halfwit scrubs in makes it meaningless.
  7. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Dungy has a better claim to the Colts ROH than the Bucs. bucs63 is right. Dungy rode Manning's coattails to a title. That beats Dungy's humiliating playoff debacles here. Let Indy honor him.
  8. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Given the Bucs history, the Ring of Honor should be limited to a handful of their absolute best players and Gruden, for winning the Super Bowl. That's it.
  9. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Respectable winning franchise? I remember a great defense and the worst fucking offense imaginable. I remember the dumpster fire continuing season after season, as Dungy was too stupid or stubborn to fix it. What's respectable about that? How many playoff games did he win? His putrid godawful offense couldn't score points or even move the ball. We wasted multiple years of a great defense because Tony couldn't figure out how NFL offenses work.
  10. Dungy in the ring of honor

    Oh fuck off. If you don't think Dungy has been overrated because he was one of the first black head coaches in a league desperate to show it is adding more diversity to its coaching ranks, you're delusional or dumb as fuck. Pointing out that simple truth isn't racist. Plus he's a genuinely nice guy who people like. So he gets a pass for being a shitty head coach.
  11. Dungy in the ring of honor

    You really think Dungy would have made the Hall of Fame if he were white? I don’t. I don’t think it’s even debatable. He’s also a nice guy. But he’s at best a mediocre coach. I watched one Bucs team after another flame out, with their defense hung out to dry, because Dungy was too much of a stubborn dumbfuck to hire a competent offensive coordinator, draft or sign offensive talent, etc. He’s a good guy, no doubt. So was Mr. Rogers. He’s a nice black guy. So is Denzel Washington. So what? I think a Ring of Honor should be ultra-selective and mean something. It should be for the best of the best, not the mediocre. If you let guys like Dungy in, then membership becomes a participation trophy.
  12. Dungy in the ring of honor

    There’s no “honor” in wasting talent because you’re too stubborn and stupid to field an actual offense. How many games did we have where our kicker was our offensive MVP? Fuck Tony Dungy. He was a shitty head coach yet is consistently overrated for being nice and African-American. If he was white and/or a prick, he would be openly mocked for being clearly inept.
  13. Dungy in the ring of honor

    I’m going to respectfully disagree. Tom Hanks is also a good man and nice guy. He has as much business in the Ring of Honor (or Hall of Fame) as Tony “Watch Me Lose Another Playoff Game” Dungy.
  14. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

  15. OT- Rams get Stomp for one year

    Handguns win championships.