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  1. at age 28. Sounds like it’s head injury related. Very sad.
  2. Unfortunately I think the Bengals will. But I am hopeful their new head coach will get them turned around.
  3. He reminds in some ways of Patrick Mahomes. He has great arm talent, sees the whole field, and has a ridiculous ability to improvise when a play falls apart. he also has great toughness and intangibles. Barring injury, I think he'll be a very good pro. His skill set translates really well.
  4. Looks like the Giants have an interest in Jason Garrett. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he winds up there and they regularly pummel the Cowboys?
  5. I keep reading the Chargers are a strong option. He and Gisele would enjoy California, it would set him up for a possible acting career, and he could replace Rivers and provide a stop gap to whoever the QB of the future is. He would also help them sell tickets.
  6. Brady would be interesting with the variety of weapons we have. Could be a nice bridge to a developmental QB like Jordan Love.
  7. I think franchising is the smart move. If Jameis continues on his current trajectory, maybe next season he throws for 38 touchdowns and 35 interceptions. And we probably still don’t make the playoffs. I think another one year deal is all that makes sense. Our draft position won’t allow us to get Burrow or Tua. The free agent market is pretty bad. It’s conceivable that Jameis plays better in his second season under Arians/Leftwich. So we roll the dice and see what happens. If Jameis is butthurt that despite “ballin,” he’s not getting a long term deal, then he can go and fuck himself.
  8. tfree32

    Lynch a HOF Finalist Again

    I agree his stats are impressive. I just think Ronde is seen as a Cover 2 system CB who wasn’t ever asked to shut down great receivers. I think the voters are looking for Deion Sanders/Champ Bailey types. Unless they watched him play, it’s harder to appreciate Ronde’s value. I did watch Ronde play, and I still think whether he’s HOF worthy is questionable.
  9. Yeah, his non-functioning brain is far more worrisome.
  10. tfree32

    Lynch a HOF Finalist Again

    Willis absolutely deserves it. He was amazing. Lynch will probably eventually get in. He’s respected as a good guy and the success with the 49ers adds to his resume and has to help. But I think he has to wait for Polamalu. I don’t think Ronde makes it. He’s not even a finalist and memories of him will fade with time. His overall stats as a player are impressive, but he was never truly dominant. He was also likely the 4th best player on that defense.
  11. tfree32

    Redskins to Fire Bruce Allen

    So you think he’s done a bangup job?
  12. We should gave won that one. We won the next two and three of the next four. I read a good column about how Jimbo’s coddling of Winston destroyed the culture and the program. What’s your take on that?
  13. Maybe on a one year tag. Was he that dumb at FSU? Or is he getting progressively dumber?
  14. Finally some accountability? Winston is seriously incapable of seeing defensive players standing right next to his intended receiver and ready to jump the route and make a play for the ball. He just can’t see them. It’s mind boggling how obvious it is what will happen on those passes. I don’t think that level of stupidity/blindness is fixable. And listening to Jameis speak makes my ears bleed. Holy fuck is he dumb.
  15. It took them 10 years to realize what we already knew...he’s a fraud and a douchebag. Good riddance.