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  1. tfree32

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Arians is coddling JaMarcus Winston just like Jimbo did. Huge mistake.
  2. tfree32

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Jameis Winston has 18 interceptions in his first 10 games this season, tying his career high for a single season. Winston's 18 INT are the most by a player through their team's first 10 games since Jay Cutler in 2009 (18). #NFLResearch
  3. tfree32

    I've Seen Enough

    We actually have a decent amount of talent. So there’s no excuse for playing so poorly. I would suggest blowing it up and starting over. But unless the Glazers all die, we’d still be stuck with whichever morons they hire. This must be how it feels to be a Knicks fan.
  4. tfree32

    Saints game today

    Rough game thus far. Nothing seems to be working.
  5. tfree32

    Myles Garrett

    I think he has to be suspended for the rest of the year...at a minimum. If it were my call, he would also be out for all of next year as well. He should also be prosecuted for assault and battery, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or whatever criminal charges are appropriate. That was insane, potentially lethal, after the whistle, and completely outside the bounds of the game.
  6. tfree32

    It Wasn't His Fault

    I avoid watching the games. I don't get many of them and am not going to pay extra to watch a dumpster fire. It doesn't have to be an either/or. Winston and the secondary can both suck. So I'm certainly not blaming all of our struggles on him. There are parts of games and even entire games when Winston looks great. But there are also times he looks horrible. He is what he is...a talented QB who lacks the football I.Q., consistency, judgment, leadership, and character to be a franchise QB. He can't be relied on to play well consistently or to make the plays necessary to win. Any franchise that relies on him is going to struggle to make the playoffs and will be unable to compete for championships.
  7. tfree32

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Winston has 14 interceptions and 2 fumbles (1 lost). So his TD to turnover ratio is basically 1 to 1. It's impossible for a team to win consistently when their QB hands the ball to the other team almost as often as he scores. He has also been sacked 34 times, often because he simply holds onto the ball for too long and doesn't get rid of it.
  8. tfree32

    Nickname for Bucs secondary

    “The Mexican Border” or “Trump’s Wall”
  9. tfree32

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    Tua is having a rough game so far. If he can't stand up to LSU's pass rush, NFL defenses will give him fits.
  10. tfree32

    Cam done for the year

    Didn't Miami have the chance to sign Brees and choose Daunte Culpepper instead? The next couple of drafts have a ton of highly rated QB prospects. I think that will make it harder for guys like Winston, Mariota, Trubisky, etc. to find starting jobs if the teams that drafted them cut bait.
  11. In the time it took you to post that Jameis threw three more interceptions.
  12. This is pretty interesting... https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/10/30/fans-think-bucs-gm-has-a-secret-pro-jameis-winston-burner-account-video-pics/ https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/dp19y2/dirtysports_is_bucs_gm_running_a_pro_jameis/f5s3e2p/?context=1
  13. Coach Bruce Arians on Jameis Winston's two INT, one lost fumble game. "Jameis did not throw one damn interception that was his fault. His receivers let him down today. Guys stopped routes that were supposed to be going down the middle." @NFLStroud
  14. I'm not watching the game, but it sounds like more of the same from Jameis. The INT in particular looked bad. Is he like "Wild Thing" from Major League, where he just needs glasses? 😂