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  1. He's already more a Buc to me than fuckups like Winston, Simms, and Freeman.
  2. On a one-year incentive laden deal. If healthy, that's a great signing.
  3. Given Winston threw 30 INTs last season, couldn't a good argument be made that Winston doesn't understand our playbook? How much valuable intel would he have to share?
  4. Brady is used to an offense with heavy use of tight ends. I’m kind of hoping Howard stays and we see what kind of damage, he, Gronk, and Brate can do.
  5. Passing on Dobbins is a mistake. Do they have their eye on Akers or someone else?
  6. Dobbins would be an awesome value at a position of need. Fingers crossed.
  7. I think Taylor and Swift will be gone by our next pick. I’m rooting for Dobbins or maybe Helaire-Edwards.
  8. Wirfs is a great pick. How much did it cost us to move up one spot?
  9. I think we almost have to draft a QB in this draft. Gabbert is a mediocre at best stopgap. Who is our QB of the future? Why waste the opportunity for Arians to develop and Brady to mentor a prospect? At a minimum, they need to be looking at a midround pick to groom.
  10. A couple of reports have him considering giving baseball a shot. No doubt he has talent. A little weird no team has been willing to take a flier on him as a reclamation project. I think his arrogance makes him hard to coach and fix. I also suspect he still wants way too much money. He thought the Bucs (or some other team) would give him $25 million a year or so. It’ll be hard for him to wind up settling for far less.
  11. Bears just traded for Foles and his monster contract. They appear to be out of the running.
  12. I like the move a lot. There's no free agent out there that's young enough to be the future and good enough to take us deep in the playoffs. Brady offers the latter and then we need to draft and groom a guy behind him. I could be an ideal setup. Either way, it will be a hell of a good time to watch.
  13. Does Tom Brady insist we sign Antonio Brown? Was that part of the deal? If so, this season gets even more interesting.
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