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  1. Good question. The prior owners did a number on this place before they left. How many longtime posters did they ban or chase off? And how many like Westy and Monica did NYC chase away with his racist nutjob psychopath antics?
  2. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I like Royce Freeman as a mid to late round pick at RB. Versatile and underrated.
  3. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    The Patriots got a lot of help from the officials as well, as usual.
  4. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Bortles looked good today. He almost outdueled Brady.
  5. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Wow. Thanks for that tremendous insight.
  6. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    How in the hell do you have McFadden available in the 3rd, Hand in the 5th, and Facyson in the 7th? Based on this logic, why not just trade our 5th rounder to the Browns for Myles Garrett and our 7th to Jacksonville for Leonard Fournette?
  7. Yep. I saw an earlier study that said the same thing. Kids’ brains are especially vulnerable. It’s just a matter of time before youth football changes or dies. People won’t sign their kids up for brain damage.
  8. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Yep. Winston has far more talent and ability than Bortles. Too bad Winston has the maturity of a cast member of Teen Mom and the brain of a cast member from Jersey Shore. He’s both a criminal and a mistake prone douchebag, whose attempts at leadership have his teammates all but laughing in his face. Maybe he’ll grow up, stop groping, raping, and embarrassing himself and mature into a quality leader and quaterback. Maybe Trump will stop eating cheeseburgers and rage tweeting at 3 in the morning. I guess anything is possible. :-)
  9. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    He’s the starting QB for a team in the AFC title game. No doubt they have a good running game and great defense. But you sound as asinine as Chris Simms when you act like Bortles has had nothing to do with it.
  10. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    We’re clearly talking about lately Sam. Winston led the Bucs team that many thought was playoff bound to a 5-11 record. Bortles led a Jags team no one expected to do much to the AFC title game.
  11. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Winston has more tools and upside than Bortles. It’s embarrassing that Winston isn’t able to do more with the gifts he’s been given. He doesn’t have quick feet or a quick release. But he has just about every other physical gift I can think of. But he’s also been cursed with the brain and maturity level of a 15 yesr old juvenile he matures and figures shit out, he could be a great NFL QB. I’m just not seeing signs he’s doing that. Are you?
  12. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Dilfer did have his team win the Super Bowl in 2001. No way would I trade Winston for Bortles. I never said anything remotely resembling that. I simply said Bortles is looks better than Winston right now. He’s taking his team deep into the playoffs, the other players clearly like the guy, and he’s playing smart and mistake-free football. My guess is if you privately polled the Bucs players, many would say they think Winston is an embarrassing douchebag idiot. Their reactions to the whole eating the wins fiasco were telling. They looked embarrassed to be standing next to the guy. That’s not a good look for a supposed franchise QB and team leader.
  13. This is hilarious. The childish and immature douchebag mocks Vikings fans after the field goal. Seconds later, Diggs’ touchdown gives him a much deserved kick to the nuts. http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2018/01/sean_payton_skol_chant.html
  14. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Agreed. Bortles is a winner who has his team winning playoff games and in the AFC Championship.
  15. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    I didn’t say Bortles is so much better, I said he looks so much better. Bortles has led his team to the AFC title game. Winston is prepping for a busy night of playing X-Box and drinking beer with his homies. If they have some free time, they might pull a funny gag of stealing some shit from the Publix, screaming vulgar obscenities at women, and/or getting rapey with an Uber driver. I don’t think Bortles is a better quarterback than Winston. But he’s playing within the system and his team is making a playoff run. Can Winston do that? So far, the answer is no. So I wouldn’t trade Winston for Bortles. I would trade him for any number of young quarterbacks however. Here are some examples. Luck Mariota Newton Wilson Wentz Goff Watson Prescott Stafford Carr Garoppolo Bridgewater That’s 12 young quarterbacks that I think are better than Winston...they are some combination of better quarterbacks, better leaders, and better human beings.