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  1. I think we almost have to draft a QB in this draft. Gabbert is a mediocre at best stopgap. Who is our QB of the future? Why waste the opportunity for Arians to develop and Brady to mentor a prospect? At a minimum, they need to be looking at a midround pick to groom.
  2. A couple of reports have him considering giving baseball a shot. No doubt he has talent. A little weird no team has been willing to take a flier on him as a reclamation project. I think his arrogance makes him hard to coach and fix. I also suspect he still wants way too much money. He thought the Bucs (or some other team) would give him $25 million a year or so. It’ll be hard for him to wind up settling for far less.
  3. Bears just traded for Foles and his monster contract. They appear to be out of the running.
  4. I like the move a lot. There's no free agent out there that's young enough to be the future and good enough to take us deep in the playoffs. Brady offers the latter and then we need to draft and groom a guy behind him. I could be an ideal setup. Either way, it will be a hell of a good time to watch.
  5. Does Tom Brady insist we sign Antonio Brown? Was that part of the deal? If so, this season gets even more interesting.
  6. So we're going from one of the dumbest quarterbacks in league history to one of the smartest? That's one hell of an upgrade. Fuck off Jameis. We made you get your eyes fixed just so you could see all the winning we'll be doing after you leave.
  7. This report says he's on his way here. Brady to TB
  8. I'd love to see Brady brought in for a 2-3 year deal, maybe with a voidable third year. Then draft a guy to groom behind him. When Brady is 70 years old, he'll still be making better decisions with a football than Jameis.
  9. Hopefully waiting on Brady doesn't cost us Bridgewater and other top options.
  10. It would be really hard to spend the twilight years of your career coaching a guy too dumb and/or too stubborn to be coachable. Some have mentioned that Jameis may be the team's Plan B. I think it's more likely he may be Plan H or so. If we can find a serviceable starter, I think Arians is ready to move on. If not, I think they offer Jameis what they think he is worth and a lot less than he thinks he's worth. I also think they draft a QB. We need better QB play and better options in the QB room.
  11. This would be crazy. Bucs sign Bridgewater. Saints sign Winston to back up Brees for a year and then take over. Jameis to the Saints, Bridgewater to the Bucs? It would be the most Bucs thing ever if this happened, Payton fixed Jameis, and Jameis came back and killed us twice a season for the next 8-10 seasons.
  12. I think 5 years of Winston is more than enough. The shitshow has gone on long enough. Even if his performance marginally improves, he’s far too inconsistent to be the leader for a playoff run. So it is time to pull off the Band-Aid and move the fuck on. i would much prefer signing someone like Rivers to a two year deal and then drafting someone like Love as the future. Arians has done some impressive work with young quarterbacks. Let’s give him a kid who has a similar skillset to Mahomes and let work his magic. If we can’t get a Brady, Rivers, etc. as the bridge guy, then the backup option would be signing Jameis to a two year deal, where he can be cut after a year with minimal cap ramifications. Then draft a young guy anyway. We can’t go into another season with Winston as the starter and no options being groomed for the future.
  13. Based on what? The scouts seem to like him. The Bucs seem interested.
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