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    Where will Winston land?

    Winston taking down Belicheck would be his greatest and most appreciated accomplishment.
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    The 'boys

    Indulge me for a moment. I hate the fuckin' Cowboys. There's no Bucs rival that even comes close for me. I don't like the overly self important owner, their fans, the attention some of their players get for performance not much better, if so, than what we see from the Bucs every week. The team's been mediocre or slightly better for a couple of decades yet we have the pleasure of Fox covering them every possible week they can and if Fox doesn't have them, they're the national game on the other 3 networks which cover the NFL. This means we're forced to listen to Joe Buck, who I'd probably punch in the face if I ever saw him in person. It would have to be with an uppercut because that's the only way I'd reach his tiny ass and Troy Aikman who spends his season slobbering over his former team. Then there's the dope in my office who spends every goddam season, including currently in this one, telling anyone who doesn't simply walk away from him that the Cowboys are "loaded" and going to the Super Bowl. I'll note that coming into this week that team that everyone is forced to pay attention to and is "loaded" had the same record as the team this board follows and some on this board spend an awful lot of energy criticizing and the Cowboys don't play in a division which has an 11 win team. Now....the NFL feels compelled to change the coin toss rules to "correct" the fact that their QB can't tell the officials the proper choice when they win the toss. I've coached youth football for a number of years and, believe it or not, 8 to 10 year olds walk to the center of the field every week without a coach and properly tell the referee their choice and I can't recall a mistake being made. As an aside, the NFL never should have stepped in last week when the dipshit Prescott told the referee they wished to kick and then attempted to change it. He made his choice and if a 25 year old can't deliver the same simple answer hundreds if not thousands of elementary, middle school high school and college athletes can coherently tell a referee every weekend, then the NFL doesn't need to step in and save his babbling ass. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28350895/sources-nfl-simplify-coin-toss-rules-2020-dak-prescott-gaffe-vs-rams I hope the Eagles win today but, because I don't want it to happen, the Cowboys probably will so we'll be stuck with them at least through the wild card weekend.
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    Best draft meme I saw about Draft Day 1 went something like.... "If I wanted to spend 3 hours watching 32 picks, I'd have just watched a Jameis Winston game."
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    I don't watch the games but nothing's changed. Brilliant. Fuckin' brilliant.
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    Old Glory

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    Super Bowl year?

    I'm not worried about COVID-19. I just swallowed a handful of hydroxychloroquine, washed it down with bleach, and shoved a UV lamp up my ass. I have it on good authority that these are all effective preventive measures - just can't remember if I heard it from Trump or Fauci.
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    They only want to pick his brain. Fortunately this is all they'll find.
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    ...but it wasn't Covid-19. Picked up a UTI somehow and it burns like a mother when I whiz. I've found that it's very helpful to distract myself by singing during the more painful moments, so I came up with some lyrics. Goes like this... (Bouncing up and down on the toilet seat) OO-ga-chaka, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga, oo-ga, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga-chaka, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga, oo-ga, oo-ga-chaka I don't like this feeling, when I have to pee, Feels like hot lava, see-ping out of me I don't want it, I don't want no more, How'd I I catch it? From some llama whore. OW -ow-ow-ow-ow It's not a good feeling. I'm on Cipro now, but I figure I'll have a second verse ready before this is over Axe, you're welcome to the lyrics, but if you record, I want tundra on sax and a video of burning llamas going over a cliff in the background.
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    The Thin Veneer

    WTF.. It's the offseason.. KRANK IT!!! 🤘😀🤘 and maybe buy it? https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/the-thin-veneer
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    Keep Winston but teach the offense how to tackle.
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    Winston was spectacular

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    Dude, I am beginning to think that people on this site just want to bitch about this team...When they lose they will all be out crying like babies with the i told you so's, kinda fucking sad...The D looked great today the secondary that I bitch about was fantastic ...Gooooo Bucs
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    Missed the first PS game.. Guess I didn't miss a lot Spent 8 days in Ecuador, Quito is at 9300 ft.. We spent the night in a nice cabin resort at 13,100 ft and a few days in the Amazon.. The one on the left wanted to know where she could find tndrcnt.. I think she wants child support The wife and I at 1:00am with our driver and guide, leaving for Quito Airport..
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    Happy Memorial weekend..

    Stay Safe …..I'll have a Few of the Family over enjoying Margaritas. I've been locked down on my property by choice, I'm just looking forward to some Company with Like thinking... How ever you guys think, Just come back in good Health
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Happy Memorial weekend..

    I'm bringing the girls.
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    Happy Memorial weekend..

    I'll be putting the flag up and having family over Monday for a good old fashioned cookout at the pool. Some heavy T-bones, corn on the cob, tater and macaroni salad, water melon and whatever they cart in. Of course there's an 80% chance of severe thunderstorms predicted for the next few days dammit. Don't think I'll have a chance to go the the cemetery this year either. Pull down the mask ...and ...BOTTOMS UP!
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    Will we have a season Fans or no Fans

    One of the greatest bucschat threads of all time. Here is a link -- http://www.bucschat.com/topic/38080-ot-anyone-remember-max-mcgee/ BucForce started it off with a bang after Apple's shameless plug. It only gets better from there. BucForce said: " Thanks for this update, Apple. Max McGee died on October 20, 2007. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO! Yes, some of us casual fans have even heard of Pam Bondi. In fact, she was just re-elected as Florida's attorney general. Maybe some of us remember Bob Graham? I wonder if his roof needs cleaning."
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    Jameis close to signing with the Saints

    That would be a shame. As a Saint he would have the opportunity to complete more passes to Buccaneers than he did last year
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Gronk a Buc

    The Bucs had the 10th most TE targets in the NFL last year. Whether that's throwing to them enough or not I'm not sure but I think the "Arians doesn't throw to his TEs" argument including from me, is probably overblown in the Bucs case. Brady has the ball. He'll throw it to the guy who's open.
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    Jaboo is a good dude

    word is Winston met his wife at a bakery getting turnovers...
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    If you are Bored.. And who isn't?

    The ones at my house are doing well, thanks.
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    This, to me can't be argued. It pretty much says it all.. Yeah, he's about to throw for 5,000 yds.. Why? Because the fucktard opens every damn game with a pick 6 and before they know it, they're down 10-14 pts so they have to throw the fucking ball.. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy y'know? Tag him, no choice really. Bring him back but develop a valid plan B. There isn't one now
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    The defense was spectacular

    They held a very good Texans offense to really one drive. They held Hopkins to season low 23 yards. They held Hyde to 1.7 yards per carry. They were constantly in Watson's face with pressure and if it wasn't for his great scrambling ability, they would've had even more than the 5 sacks they got. They overcame the fact that everytime they forced a punt or created a TO, Winston gave it right back. These defense is growing every week and it's fun to watch. Any who babbles on about how things haven't changed, must not be watching or only partly watching or not have much time to watch or not willing to pay to watch...or..nevermind
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    Fine, but literally declaring that "nothing has changed" while not watching the games is kinda bullshit. At some point the team really is on the rise, and draft position is less valuable than infusing a winning culture into the locker room. We've reached that point now. I want this team to win out, I want Jameis to set passing records, and I want the Bucs to draft a solid player in the mid to late teens.
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    Warning Warning Danger Danger

    Bucs have lost Scotty Miller and Godwin. Now they are using Ishmael Hyman. Let's hope the Bucs do not get a torn Hyman.
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    Good thing we got rid of the guy that did the drafting
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    Famous philosophers got nothing on #7. “The glass is always full,” Winston said, via Greg Auman of TheAthletic.com. “Just because it might be half full of water, it's still full of air." Still, I'll take this over eating W's.
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    Haha... Maybe my phone thinks I perfer the male persuasion.. Considering my wife is a Latina, had she known I wrote how id like to see a couple Spanish dudes shaking their asses on stage..she may go full Lorena Bobbitt on me.
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    Last topic he started was Blow me...

    "Hey man -- thanks for checking in om me, I am fine. Trying to quit the Bucs! I can't take it anymore. They ruin my Sundays and then I have residual bad feelings that last for days. Not healthy. Tell the inmates in the Bucschat asylum that I am doing this for my mental health." I agree with him 1000%
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    F**k McCoy

    It was a second half TD run by Barber and the last TD in the game. Thanks Gerald. You finally made a play to beat the Panthers.
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    Sapp: McCoy Not Even Close to a Legend

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    Standing next to the big menacing guy who looks like he's on some prison release program? No wonder he's signaling thumbs up to the camera to say he's OK.
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    Yeah. Axe is the one on the far left.
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    Nice Axe! I didn't picture you being so short and I definitely wouldn't trust that crazy looking tour guide. He looks kinda sketchy to me.;)
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    The goofy bastage may be a lousy NFL quarterback (as I said he is), but he probably lays his Johnson across his swimming pool and has the wife and dog frolic on it. It’s good to be Glennon.
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    "Two people were confirmed injured" Turns out it was Tundra and Miss August...
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    Gronk a Buc

    Just think of the kicker we could have drafted with that pick
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    Don't know about everyone but I've been banging her so often I've gotten to know her face like the back of my hand.
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    So, Compared to a Year Ago Today

    The score was tied 17-17 when the Bucs made 4 turnovers. When the Bucs were turnover free until the pick with less than 2 minutes left, they lost 6-3. The evidence is clear. Jameis needed to throw more picks.
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    O line defense

    Part of it is you want, but Winston sucks in every way as a person, player, and leader. He's supposed to be the figurehead of a team. Maybe if they had one who was worthy of any respect at all, the rest of the team wouldn't be quite as much of a joke
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    Maybe the QB Whisperer only whispers to quarterbacks who were going to be fucking great anyway.
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    It was a Dilferesque performance.
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    Melvin Gordon

    Very good player. Wants to be paid like the best in the game. He also plays a position that you should never break the bank for. Ackler and Jackson took over when Gordon got hurt last year and there was little to no drop off in production. Cant wait to see what Peyton Barber can do for a coach who won't abandon the running game and will call since creative running plays. Go back and watch just about any game from last year and Barber looked like he was going to run for 150 yards after the first 2 drives. Then the Bucs would either fall way behind or just stopped running the ball. Pass on trading draft picks and paying big money they don't have on a RB.
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    Hey NNUDster

    Happy Birthday Fellas!! 🍾
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    Thanks Tundra, it is taking me 30 minutes to get my thoughts together to type a few sentences. WTF is with McCoy. It's like he's always has been like Spongebob trying to be a leader except he lacks spongebob's social skills. And I'd really like to ask Sapp, "what do you think of McCoy carrying the helmets for the rookies like he did with the Bucs?" It's like a drill sergeant carrying your backpacks for you. Part of the point of camp is making the rookies know their place.
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    Offseason 2019 is Over. Did it Blow?

    I wrote one. It's haiku. Tndr cnt. Btch az cnt. et a dk. Cnt.
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    Offseason Blows

    You think THAT'S a dumpster fire??? Wait till tomorrow, I'm gonna drop an effin dumpster fire on you mutherf🤬s!
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