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    A Bucs Life

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    Check out these crazy videos to see how special Suh is. Suh, Sport Science, Part 1 Suh, Sport Science, Part 2
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    McCoy Released

    I've always tried to stay out of the McCoy thing but jezzusH Caarriist riding a Polar Bear! That guy is one whiny Cnt..
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    McCoy Released

    More about how disrespected he feels. Has there ever been a player as perpetually butthurt as McCoy? Other than Josh Freeman that is? đŸ¤£ It’s hard to imagine how damaging it was to the team to have this gaping pussy ‘leading’ the defense for the past decade. No wonder the team played soft and the defense sucked. The Definition of Butthurt No one respects you because you’re a pussy-ass clown Gerald. Now fuck off already.
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    Bring Back Snook!

    Snook is still here....living rent-free in many posters’ heads.
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    Bring Back Snook!

    You seem just a bit obsessed with Snook and McCoy.. But I do wish Snook would come back. That would bring back JeffT instantly, which would in turn bring back his ridiculous political takes, which would fire up Nuudy and he'd say something that would offend the mentally handicap so there would be a Jesse sighting, which would then bring out multiple sock puppets, all which struggle to complete sentences.. Off season blows! Bucs 10-6 2019!
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    McCoy Released

    Is there any doubt that McCoy will have 5 sacks on the season? And all of them will come against the Bucs.
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    Lance and the forty dollar lawyer fucked this board up real nicely. The asylum fucknut was another of the dimwits who took it to where it is now. They used a software called "miserable user" that made it nearly impossible to log on, let alone post. You weren't banned, just the software made it so hard to participate, you just give up. And that fucktard Lance on the side was emailing me trying to get printing work from my advertising business. Fucking douchebag.
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    I didn't mind any of them I got into it with NYC but overall he was a good guy. Since Snook left JeffT stopped posting. Right now there is nothing to talk about. Since we cant talk politics, I cant say what a great job Trump is doing fixing the 8 years of shit left behind by Obama.