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    Dear Succaneers,

    Blow me. Take your gutless field act and curl up with it in the feces position. Fuck yourselves. Glazers - crash your fucking airplane somewhere. Koetter - Fuck you too. You get to be an offensive coordinator for someone else who has a head coach with some fucking heart and balls. So this shit show doesn’t really even bother you, cocksucking paint chip eating cnt. Fuddner - you were given a bag of shit that was soaked in kerosene and on fire. Still, your defense couldn’t stop the one dimensional Ravens? Fuck you. Enjoy retirement. Monken - blow me. 3rd and 1 against the Ravens, and you go one back set and choose to run RIGHT? And then on 4th down you choose not to stretch the Ravens zone at all???? Fuck you too. Enjoy your OC gig with fuckin Cleveland. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
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    No, it means this particular post/thread has no value......because it doesn't and is something like someone who has never watched the damned game (a newbie) would come up with. Lighten up, Frances....by the way, your Dolphins reminded us today who they really were.
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    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    Winston wasn't the problem yesterday despite the ramblings of the most informed. Dropped passes. Shitty protection. Uneven play calling. He and Evans not on the same page on the interception. Curious that this genius fan base is unable to grasp the concept that there's 10 other guys on offense, and if the majority of them don't do their job, it might have a negative impact on the QB production.
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    I'm okay with a division winner hosting a wild-card team with a better record. Winning your division should mean something. I've always felt the same about the college playoffs. If you can't win your conference, you don't belong in the championship game. You had your chance, and blew it.
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    Lame. The Bucs lost because they suck. Period.
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    Craig B.

    The Buc's Defense SUCKS

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    No little pink houses for you and me in here, bitches.
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    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    How many drops today? Especially that 1st drive. Lots to fix, the QB is not on the top of the list.
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    What To Do With Winston?

    Yeah, bring in Mark Sanchez and get Bortles and Glennon to fill out the depth.
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    I haven't been able to listen to Bucs football on the radio for 10 or 15 years now. Deckerhoff is trying to drive everyone insane.
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    Anger makes me angry.
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    Try listening to it with Gene. Caught dropped. Caught Dropped. Caught dropped.
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    What To Do With Winston?

    ."............and then after dad caught the dog with mom, apparently mom forgot to douche, and here we are!"
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    so let me get this straight. Just because this poster is new to the forum means that he's never watched football and has no opinions of value? I've read many times statements exactly like your post and they are the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen.