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    Most of us losers have been posting on this site together since the late 90s. While we dont usually agree on everything (what fun would that be?) we are all Buc fans and share loyalty to a rather dysfunctional organization..but they’re our dysfunctional organization. Anyway..after a long run of being being single; selfish and doing mostly whatever I have wanted to do, I took the plunge and got married a couple years ago. On Monday, we welcomed a beautiful little girl to the world and the newest Buc fan! Can’t wait to carry on the tradition of my late father when took me to games in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s been a beautiful experience and my appreciation for woman and what they go through has grown tremendously. Woman are badasses! No doubt. Finally going home today with a lot more than we left with
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    Where will Winston land?

    Winston taking down Belicheck would be his greatest and most appreciated accomplishment.
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    Bring Back Snook!

    Does anyone need any brownies?
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    The 'boys

    Indulge me for a moment. I hate the fuckin' Cowboys. There's no Bucs rival that even comes close for me. I don't like the overly self important owner, their fans, the attention some of their players get for performance not much better, if so, than what we see from the Bucs every week. The team's been mediocre or slightly better for a couple of decades yet we have the pleasure of Fox covering them every possible week they can and if Fox doesn't have them, they're the national game on the other 3 networks which cover the NFL. This means we're forced to listen to Joe Buck, who I'd probably punch in the face if I ever saw him in person. It would have to be with an uppercut because that's the only way I'd reach his tiny ass and Troy Aikman who spends his season slobbering over his former team. Then there's the dope in my office who spends every goddam season, including currently in this one, telling anyone who doesn't simply walk away from him that the Cowboys are "loaded" and going to the Super Bowl. I'll note that coming into this week that team that everyone is forced to pay attention to and is "loaded" had the same record as the team this board follows and some on this board spend an awful lot of energy criticizing and the Cowboys don't play in a division which has an 11 win team. Now....the NFL feels compelled to change the coin toss rules to "correct" the fact that their QB can't tell the officials the proper choice when they win the toss. I've coached youth football for a number of years and, believe it or not, 8 to 10 year olds walk to the center of the field every week without a coach and properly tell the referee their choice and I can't recall a mistake being made. As an aside, the NFL never should have stepped in last week when the dipshit Prescott told the referee they wished to kick and then attempted to change it. He made his choice and if a 25 year old can't deliver the same simple answer hundreds if not thousands of elementary, middle school high school and college athletes can coherently tell a referee every weekend, then the NFL doesn't need to step in and save his babbling ass. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28350895/sources-nfl-simplify-coin-toss-rules-2020-dak-prescott-gaffe-vs-rams I hope the Eagles win today but, because I don't want it to happen, the Cowboys probably will so we'll be stuck with them at least through the wild card weekend.
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    Time to See Reality

    Easy to pick a good team and cheer for them. Or worse yet, change "favorite" teams every year based on who's good. I'll teach my kids to support the local teams. Teaches them to stick with something though the tough times and makes the cherish the good times even more. I'm find myself very fortunate my dad took me Bucs games growing up. We sat through many hot days in the 80 and 90s in the old sombrero when it was either 2/3 empty or full of opposing team fans. Being able to share that lone championship season with him before he passed away made all those disappointing seasons worth it. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
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    Best draft meme I saw about Draft Day 1 went something like.... "If I wanted to spend 3 hours watching 32 picks, I'd have just watched a Jameis Winston game."
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    I don't watch the games but nothing's changed. Brilliant. Fuckin' brilliant.
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    Bring Back Snook!

    You seem just a bit obsessed with Snook and McCoy.. But I do wish Snook would come back. That would bring back JeffT instantly, which would in turn bring back his ridiculous political takes, which would fire up Nuudy and he'd say something that would offend the mentally handicap so there would be a Jesse sighting, which would then bring out multiple sock puppets, all which struggle to complete sentences.. Off season blows! Bucs 10-6 2019!
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    3-2-2019 mock draft

    No matter what else this undoubtedly idiotic post says, the Bucs aren't getting some team's first 4 picks in this years draft from any team you babbling dipshit.
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    Bad call. But I hate Sean Payton and the Saints. So watching them lose their minds is hilarious.
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    What To Do With Winston?

    Yeah, I’m not buying that, the stats have QB’s from different eras. How many Colt fans were pining for Manning’s head? Sure, right, I am saying Winston is the next Manning, or is it Glennon? I’m a 42 year Buc fan, I’m tired of the carousel that emotional fans and media seem to scream for. Winston has shown the tools and desire necessary to win in the league, instead of putting the success on the offense on one player (see McCoy on defense), how about we draft better, coach better and actually have what this sport actually is, a team that plays as a unit.
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    The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Spooky Shit

    Lincoln was born in his father's brand new log cabin. Kennedy once spilled Log Cabin syrup in his father's brand new Lincoln.
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    Fitz's Three Picks

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    Old Glory

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    Super Bowl year?

    I'm not worried about COVID-19. I just swallowed a handful of hydroxychloroquine, washed it down with bleach, and shoved a UV lamp up my ass. I have it on good authority that these are all effective preventive measures - just can't remember if I heard it from Trump or Fauci.
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    They only want to pick his brain. Fortunately this is all they'll find.
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    ...but it wasn't Covid-19. Picked up a UTI somehow and it burns like a mother when I whiz. I've found that it's very helpful to distract myself by singing during the more painful moments, so I came up with some lyrics. Goes like this... (Bouncing up and down on the toilet seat) OO-ga-chaka, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga, oo-ga, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga-chaka, oo-ga-chaka OO-ga, oo-ga, oo-ga-chaka I don't like this feeling, when I have to pee, Feels like hot lava, see-ping out of me I don't want it, I don't want no more, How'd I I catch it? From some llama whore. OW -ow-ow-ow-ow It's not a good feeling. I'm on Cipro now, but I figure I'll have a second verse ready before this is over Axe, you're welcome to the lyrics, but if you record, I want tundra on sax and a video of burning llamas going over a cliff in the background.
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    The Thin Veneer

    WTF.. It's the offseason.. KRANK IT!!! 🤘😀🤘 and maybe buy it? https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/the-thin-veneer
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    Keep Winston but teach the offense how to tackle.
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    Winston was spectacular

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    Dude, I am beginning to think that people on this site just want to bitch about this team...When they lose they will all be out crying like babies with the i told you so's, kinda fucking sad...The D looked great today the secondary that I bitch about was fantastic ...Gooooo Bucs
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    Missed the first PS game.. Guess I didn't miss a lot Spent 8 days in Ecuador, Quito is at 9300 ft.. We spent the night in a nice cabin resort at 13,100 ft and a few days in the Amazon.. The one on the left wanted to know where she could find tndrcnt.. I think she wants child support The wife and I at 1:00am with our driver and guide, leaving for Quito Airport..
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    Geraldine the Machine

    Y'all are stretchin things to make McCoy look less than spectacular. He was a frikin DT so sacks, interceptions, and even fumbles can't define him. It's the trenches and hard fought tackles are the ham in that sammich. He averaged damn near 2 solos per game in his Buc career. He came close to a lot of QBs. He helped up so many he didn't even tackle. He was the Bucs as he gasped, his hands on hips, at the end of losses. No wonder he said he'll retire as a Buc. Well, at least before the stunods gave his number away. Underappreciated and disrespected I doubt he comes back for the ROH ceremony. If you have your way he'll fade away as the whiny c unt who could pick up a Buc paycheck off the floor with no hands. A big quivering va gina flappin it's lips and dripping teary platitudes. So, as it will be, he'll no longer even get a friendly fingering. Turn out the lights.
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    Time to See Reality

    back 10 years ago when my kids were young, their friends would come over on Sundays and watch me watch a Buccaneers game- They laughed endlessly at my profanity-laced tirade play by play narration of what was being witnessed. Once one of the Mother's came over to witness the spectacle known as football Sunday at Boatrunner's house. The child was never allowed to step foot in my house again.
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    Good Read on Winston

    A couple of things from my perspective (emphasis on the "my" part): 1. Winston isn't a good QB. I'm not sure he will be, but I am not ready to part with him unless we take a guy like Lock in the draft. 2. Dong Smith isn't a good LT. Is he durable? Hell yeah he is.....but that is probably because he plays ole' with the edge rushers and shy's away from violent contact, so he ought to be durable. I do agree with tundracnt, I want to see what he plays like with legit coaching and am willing to admit I am wrong if BA and company can make him as good as fanof says he is. 3. Peyton Barber is Earnest Graham. I am convinced of that. That dude will be good with a fucking O-Line that will open some holes for him. That being said, he hasn't had that opportunity and unless your name is Ali Marpet, you are to blame because he was the only motherfucker on that line playing at a somewhat respectable level last year. 4. Jackjizz Rodgers is a wasted roster space.
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    Kraft is not too crafty

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    It's going to be Arians

    Tundra just stated a preference. There's not anything wrong with that, and it's a solid step up from the goat/llama thing he's had for a while.
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    I got news for you couch potato’s, Sapp wouldn’t have been the Sapp we knew with the cast of characters and coaching McCoy has had. You don’t have to like it, but it’s truth. Looking back at things that bothered the McCoy “haters”, not rushing out headlong into a neighbors potential domestic violence incident, instead he called the police....how dare he? Extended a hand to QB’s after a sack or hit, what a pussy. Without very little support from the rest of the defense, not just “taking over a game”, because certainly you could have put Sapp out there 1 on 11 and he would still have found his way to the QB. Brought an ice cream truck to practice for the team, what a childish thing to do. Missed some time with injuries early in his career, again, pussy. Played many games with injuries, selfish prick. No, he didn’t make the impact Sapp made with Brooks, Lynch, Culpepper, Chidi, Simeon, Barber and others that actually played as a unit. But please don’t tell me that he “took plays off” like that is a real critique, what does that even mean during the course of a game or season? Wait, I know, when your lined up left and the play goes right and there is 1500 lbs of offensive line in your way....nahh, SAPP would have just thrown them aside. If and when McCoy is traded or released, let’s try not to do what we usually do, denigrate the player. Unless of course being a dick, not the Tundra style of dick, is just what you do.
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    Head Coach

    Got the love of God let’s please not look at potential coaches based on their connection to Tony Dungy. I’ve got an idea, how many are connected to Kevin Bacon.....
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    What To Do With Winston?

    Jesus tap dancing Christ... Only people I really ever heard saying he needed more weapons was the coaching staff/GM. Remember we had Vjax, Evans, ASJ and Doug Martin. There were weapons. One thing that I have read and watch and have heard he needs better coaching and the other thing is, especially in here, is that he needs a OFFENSIVE LINE. Our offensive line is offensive. Regardless of the most informed in here...SMITH IS SHIT. Marpet is pretty good, then Jenson seems to wanna shoot the team in the foot with his stupid bullshit personal fouls and holds at inopportune times but is ok...not highest paid center in the NFL ok, but ok. However, the rest of the line is absolute shit. Not just in pass protection but also in run blocking. Finally our coaching. The head coach is and always has been way way over his head. I have said that, although not necessarily in here, since day one. He was a poor choice after they fired Lovie, who I though was a poor choice as well. Sure he has a great play book, but nothing ever changes. Someone earlier says Winston sucks in the second half of games. Well that's because the plays, regardless or who is calling them, are the same. Nothing is adjusted. Nothing changes in the play mix. Do the fucking math. Shit O-Line. No running game, much less a threat of one, play book that hasn't really changed to the strengths of the players. What do you get? SUCKENING pure and simple. Tree-Your obsession and constant hate of Winston is funny...in a look at-the-weird-guy-hating-on-a-football-player kinda way. You even said we should get Sam Bradford here to replace Winston. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam fucking-cant-take-three-game-snaps-without-going-on-IR Bradford. Jesus wept, son. It stems from you not liking Winstons' character. I get it. I think the entire board does. I mean you get so jazzed about posting how much you hate Winston. One thing that I don't get about all the Winston naysayers is even when he shines he sucks. When he sucks, I say it out loud that he sucks the chrome off trailer hitches. Fucking want to shoot him right in the pussy. However there have been some decent games by him and you are silent as are most naysayers. The jury is still out on Winston. He has an uphill challenge in front of him. But if we shit can him here, he will go on and be a Super Bowl Champion somewhere else. Bank it, twink. Maybe find a new team while you are at it... Just my $0.02.... Your milage may vary very, verily I say unto you. Carry on. 😉
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    Flip the score, if the Bucs win the game the story is how Jameis is scolding his center, being a leader.
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    Dicks in Attendance?

    Oh, is Tundra visiting?
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    draft results

    You guys crack me the fuck up. Do you think for one god damned minute Derwangus would be playing at the same level he is in San Diego (or whatever the fuck that place is called now)? I don't. Not for a second. Vea was the smart fucking pick because he was the top DT talent (allegedly) in the draft and the consensus thought not only from the resident board fucks, but also from the people who "know" was that he would be the piece of the puzzle to take away all the fucking excuses for the lack of pass rush from McCoy and any other scrub on the D-Line. Instead, we got Batman wannabe and a bunch of guys not named JPP. It is what it is, but don't think for a moment your Florida State stooge would fair any better in this shitshow, because he damned sure wouldn't.
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    Bradford fucking sucks. Made of glass with a noodle arm and has never done shit. Hell, they kept Lurch to unload him. Fuck no. Can we please stop saying how every damn scrub that gets released might be a good pickup for the Bucs? Bleach my asshole. Jesus.
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    I will challenge this post, UncleBuc. This isn't a Tampa problem. It is a mush between his ears problem. The guy isn't football smart. He is a classic case of having all the physical intangibles an NFL organization looks for in a franchise QB, and cream of chicken soup for a brain. The team was winning with Fitz. The team was going to lose some games with Fitz as well. The guy has had ample enough time to work on his shortcomings since being drafted. He hasn't at all from what I can tell. He still throws stupid picks. He still panics. He still overthrows deep routes on one play and then underthrows them on the next. He's a thug with the mental capacity of a gnat. Also, he still hasn't stayed out of trouble. I realize the Uber driver thing was a couple of seasons ago, but this was after the FSU fiasco, so he hasn't even cleaned that behavior up either. It's not a Tampa problem. It's an idiot problem. The team will be more productive sending him on his way along with a few others. This team isn't that far from being better and it starts by ridding themselves of Jabooass.
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    The Rich McKay Conspiracy


    Winston just lost his job as far as I’m concerned. Sucks to still be looking for a long term solution at QB, but we are.
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    Turnover machine Winston

    For you grass is always greener fuckers . . . . . anyone thinking the Bucs would have won yesterday with Fitz in there is delusional. The pass rush was intense and Fitz, god love him, is 35 and his escapability is nowhere near what Jameis's is. He would have been sacked more and thrown at least 3 picks (see Steelers, Bears games). Everyone would love the Fitz from weeks one and two -- that's the absolute top for him and he rarely has ever played at that high a level for very long (see Steelers, Bears). And he had really clean pockets in those first two games. Not sure what Warhoppingfuck is teaching his O-Linemen but they've been pretty shabby since the Steelers game (see running game or lack thereof). Winston needs to play better, he can play better, and anyone looking at it objectively will see that he has been playing better over time. The instant gratification seekers want to see him be today's Aaron Rodgers immediately. Who wouldn't? The thing is, 4th year Aaron Rodgers got beat by the 2009 Bucs, Raheehaw's first win as headjob coich. 4th year Jameis is progressing about like 4th year Aaron Rodgers. And for the geniuses that want Winston gone -- who else are you gonna get? Mariota? Blake Bortles? Glennon????? Yeah, let's bring fycking Lurch back here. That will solve everything. Draft a rookie QB and start all over? Fuck me Floyd.
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    Doesn't it cost money to fish out the jumpers? Can't he just walk out into the Gulf and get pulled down by the riptide? No one will ever know or care.
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    Tom Fucking Jones

    Professor Terguson: You remember that thing we had about 30 years ago called the Korean conflict? And how we failed to achieve victory? How come we didn't cross the 38th parallel and push those rice-eaters back to the Great Wall of China? Professor Terguson: [rips a desk apart] Then take the fucking wall apart [shouts] Professor Terguson: brick by brick and nuke them back into the fucking stone age forever? Tell me why! How come? Say it! Say it! Thornton Melon: [incensed] All right. I'll say it. 'Cause Truman was too much of a *pussy wimp* to let MacArthur go in there [shouts] Thornton Melon: and blow out those Commie bastards! Professor Terguson: Good answer. Good answer. I like the way you think. I'm gonna be watching you. Thornton Melon: [chuckling to his classmates] Good teacher. He really seems to care. About what I have no idea. Tom Jones version- Remember Sunday's game win against the Saints where we achieved victory. Who called the plays? Who called the Plays in that Superdome and drove the fucking who dat crowd in the Stone age out on Bourbon street. Say it! Say it! Coach Koetter_ All Right I will say it! I was too much of a Pussy wimp to admit it was Todd Moncken! I have learn to delegate authority because I have lot of things to monitor during the game. We won the game on the road and put up 48 points with our backup fucking QB you douchebag Tom Jones- Good answer. Good answer. I like the way you think although I will not mention it in my column because I am a douchebag. Coach Koetter- Good sportswriter. He really seems to care- about his own fucking ego more than covering the team.
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    Will we have a season Fans or no Fans

    One of the greatest bucschat threads of all time. Here is a link -- http://www.bucschat.com/topic/38080-ot-anyone-remember-max-mcgee/ BucForce started it off with a bang after Apple's shameless plug. It only gets better from there. BucForce said: " Thanks for this update, Apple. Max McGee died on October 20, 2007. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO! Yes, some of us casual fans have even heard of Pam Bondi. In fact, she was just re-elected as Florida's attorney general. Maybe some of us remember Bob Graham? I wonder if his roof needs cleaning."
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    If you are Bored.. And who isn't?

    The ones at my house are doing well, thanks.
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Geraldine the Machine

    As much as I like Karl, this may be the single most absurd attempt to compare two players I've ever seen on this board, which is certainly saying something. McCoy is gone. You guys keep talking about him. He keeps talking about Tampa. Both should end. He's gone. Hopefully Suh plays well but my anticipation is that it won't really make much difference in the defense from having one player over the other.
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    IMO McCoy's lack of nastiness and overly friendly guy attitude has been detrimental to the Buccaneers D in the last 7 years. Defensive players should be nasty unlikable evil human beings, I would rather McCoy receive a 15-yard penalty of Unsportman like conduct for aggressively sticking his helmet in Matt Ryan's chest then hovering over him than hitting a guy then apologizing and helping him up. Fuck that, Good Riddance Gerald
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    Because that dipshit got ahold of a stolen laptop and got himself kicked off the Florida football team, the Gators got left with John Brantley as the starting quarterback . . . and Urban Meyer quit to "spend more time with his family." But for that shithead's antics, Newton stays with Florida and wins a national title, instead of going the JUCO route for a year before going to the highest bidder in Auburn. I hate that fuck with a passion for the cavalcade of events that took place thanks to his idiotic decision. My reaction would have been decidedly negative had he been drafted by the Bucs.
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    Merry Christmas all you long suffering capons of this franchise...
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    Harbaugh from Michigan to Tampa???

    AKA Tripletards, Tripleturds, Tardlets, Glazertards, Cerberus, and Hecatoncheires. They, who sometime walk among us on cloven hooves as hideous beasts carrying gold clutches, toss souls into oblivion as perverse blood sport.
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    Koetter's a fuck. Winston absolutely needed to sit against the Bengals. But, he should have started against Carolina. The team was 3-4. The defense was still a sieve. They're playing in a division with two playoff teams, and a third (Atlanta) that's still significantly better than the Bucs. The writing was on the wall. Fitzpatrick had 2.5 games where he played out of his mind. But if you look beyond that, you'll see almost ten years of mediocre football with disastrous turnovers at the worst possible moment. Do we need to think back to his epic six interception game in Kansas City in 2015? Or what about that fourth quarter in Buffalo that same season? Even if you think Winston and Fitzpatrick are the 'same' guy in terms of being hot / cold, turnover prone, etc., you don't hand the ball to a 36 year old journeyman over a 24 year old QB that still might have a long future in the league. Dirk screwed the pooch. And I can't wait for his ass to get fired.
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