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    Dungy in the ring of honor

    They are building a special stage with a dais for Tony to accept the honor, but word is the last few steps will be missing, so he won't actually be able to get to the top. Fair's fair.
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    Tony Boselli lights up Simms

    Chris Simms went on the DanLeBatardShow and said Bortles was the 70th best QB in NFL. Boselli called in and said the only cool thing he's ever done is almost die on the field and be related to better players
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    Dungy in the ring of honor

    I just saw that Sam Wyche will be helping him up on the stage.....
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    Page Does Not Exist - Or GoDaddy...

    Never thought I'd miss this bunch of misfits, but I got desperate enough to go to PR and then I really started to miss this dump.
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    OT, so I made an album

    I don't frequent here as much any more but most of you fuckers are alright. I just don't like the way the Glazortards have run the team since dad died. Anyway, I'm not the guitar god that Axe is but I managed to put together an album. You can preview it here: Kirk Pitts dot com If anyone is fool enough to buy it, then look here: Amazon itunes: If you find something you like let me know. If it sucks, tell me! or just ignore this post....
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    None of the Eagles have ever knelt before the national anthem. Try another angle.
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    Dungy in the ring of honor

    Anyone with that much hate for Dungy, wasn’t a Buc fan in the 80’s and much of the 90s. Not a fucking chance. Anyone who sat in that hot fucking stadium, on those hard ass bleachers, pissed and got pissed on using the trough urnial, surrounded by Packer and Bear fans, all while watching your team get stomped every year...appreciated what Dungy did. After sitting with my pop since..pretty much birth, through all that shit I’ll never forget the last game in that Stadium. When the Bucs and Dungy hosted a playoff game and won. It didn’t really matter to me if Dungy ever coached another win as the Bucs head. The fact he took total losers (Wyche’s teams sucked and he never got another HC gig again, so spare me the Sam fucking Wyche bullshit) and turned them into a respectable team, was enough for me to appreciate him. I thought it was time for Dungy to move on and the fact he was too hard headed to change his ways caused him to get fired. But anyone who thinks Dungy doesn’t deserve to be in the ring of honor mist have jumped on the bandwagon in the late 90s.
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    Dungy is a good man and while he didn't get the Bucs to a Super Bowl, he absolutely brought much needed respectability. Deserves to be in.
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    How does ESPN even know who the Bucs drafted, they went to commercial EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TIME THE BUCS PICKED.
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    The domain transferred from one provider (GD) for DNS host to Invision's prefered TLD. But it got borked up a bit; so I signaled it. It's already booked for five years out. I have just been traveling and didn't count on this getting borked, after we just switched all of this over. Seems like I have to watch everything.
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    None of our DE's from last year could take down a parapalegic.
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    Bucs sign Ryan Jensen for 4 years.

    What you’re saying makes sense, which irritates me...I’m here to bitch and moan about how fucking pointless Licht is, how much I hate the Glazers, and how screwed the Bucs are. You’re trying to ruin my mojo you asshole.
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    The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Gruden Grabs Martin

    Martin will run for 1,300 yards, score 10 TD's with Jon Gruden calling plays. Book it, twinks.
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    LeGarrette Blount

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    Interesting. I wonder if the residents of Bay area who don't pay for tickets have standing to sue the people who DO pay for tickets and go to the games for aiding and abetting the Glazers' scheme to profit from a fraudulent entity masquerading as a real NFL franchise.
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    Bucaroo Bonzai

    XFL is coming back.

    Getting in to the XFL as a player should be solely based on the amount of wasted potential you had in the NFL. QBs should be Manziel, S King, JF5, Jamarcus Russell. I'd pay to watch that crap. Nicknames would be Meth, Whopper, Snake the Jake, and the Bust.
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    The poster I miss the most is Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. This thread is the all time best ever on this board, or at least the top 3.
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    Back when there all of the activity on SPIT, the Bucs were arguably the most interesting team in the NFL for several years. Not just the cast of good and colorful players like Brooks, Sapp, Lynch. Alstott, Barber, Dunn and so many more, but the coaching and front office drama as well. Firing Tony Dungy, trading for Jon Gruden, the Gruden/Rich McKay feud. McKay leaving in the middle of the season to the hated Falcons, Bruce Allen coming in, etc..... Point is, the Bucs were good, relevant and a fun team to follow. Now, they are lousy, dysfunctional and far from a fun team to follow. I'll always be a Bucs fan (in spite of my wife and daughters best efforts to dissuade me) and I enjoy lurking here and occasionally posting and seeing what many of you I have know here for over 20 years have to say, but man, it will be more fun when the Bucs are good, interesting and relevant again. A man can dream, can't he?
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    Today's playoff games.

    Boom!!! Fuck you Sean Payton!! I hate that fucktard. Whiny smug dick.
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    Game Chat

    Screw draft position. This team deserved to win a game like this the way they have played against playoff teams the last three weeks. Maybe it's the bourbon talking but Happy New Year and go Bucs in 2018!!!
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    It's to the point, and has been for a while, that ESPN's a KoD. If they're worried about the Bucs' draft, then we're looking at multiple hall of famers in this class.
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    And if you could only manage your stupid.......
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Draft Thread

    Vea was a really good pick. I thought, if the "big three" were gone at 7 and they stayed at 7, he should be the pick anyway over guys such as James, Fitzpatrick, etc. So the fact that they got him at 12 plus 2 other players makes it an even better choice. As a player, for 2019 he'll provide McCoy some help in the middle either taking the double team or rushing when McCoy is doubled (or tripled as he is from time to time). This could also keep both players fresher. However, do not get overly comfortable with the DT duo as this will be the only year we see them together. Ultimately he can be a dominating player. Jones was a good pick. His receiving skills are unproven although this seems more of a lack of opportunity than skillset. Still, I'd prefer to see it demonstrated than hoping it is good. I'm sure the Bucs know what the skill level at the moment is. I've read completely divergent reports on his pass protecting which is actually pretty worrisome. Some reports say it is great. Others say that he can't be put on the field because it is so poor currently. Barber will get a lot of playing time because the Bucs like to run between the tackles. Jones is the home run hitting guy and I wouldn't be surprised if, assuming good health, they'll split series and snaps 60/30 in favor of Barber in 2018. He probably makes Rodgers expendable. They'll probably sign a more Barber type for the PS. Stewart....weird pick but everything about him says safety to me. Tanks comp to Lenny Johnson I can see (a little more square build, not great speed to play nickel but will tackle). I'm going to guess that every evaluation the Bucs did with him was with the thought he'd play safety. However everything I've read about him says he was drafted to "compete" with Hargreaves. I don't think a team uses the 53rd pick in the draft to "compete" for a spot which is on the field 60% of the time. Tank says he can't play. To me that may be more telling than anything. I also understand that not every pick works with any team. Davis....the pick that will likely make this a good draft or not so good a draft. As the barrier corner, he has to be a hit and right away. Everything about him says he can be that guy. Cappa....I know as much about him as everyone else does. Nothing. He's pretty important because, if he can play, he frees up cap space (one of the few avenues to clearing cap space the Bucs currently have for 2018) if they can let Sweezy go. If Cappa can show he can play fairly early, they may either go with him or start Benecoch and let Sweezy go. If he's more of a project, then Sweezy probably needs to be held on to. I'm still not real comfortable here although Jensen will help and I thought Pamphile was a major issue with the OL to the point it was affecting both C and LT as well. Whitehead is Revis' cousin minus the $16mil paycheck, rehabbing knee and the ability to play. Let's hope for the best. Watson.....I have an affinity for FCS WRs since my son was one. The skillset and measurables look like pro material and there have been guys come from this level and at least make a roster. I'd be interested if he can play in the slot since that may make him more valuable. He's in a spot in which he probably doesn't have to contribute this season and may be more of a PS guy than anything else. He'll be battling guys such as Bobo Wilson and Martino for spots. I'm curious as to whether Bobo can take a step forward this season as I think he's got some talent although he's a knucklehead. Bobo should absolutely not room with Stewart in camp unless there is a desire to have OneBuc crumble to the ground. Cichy....appears to be a guy who was projected much higher if he were healthy (round 2 or 3) but fell to 6 because of said health. If he's healthy maybe he can contribute. I don't know if he's a potential Mike, Will or SAM but the Wisconsin coaches said he was the best tackler in the conference. Assuming good health. Vea, Jones and Davis play significant roles on the 2018 team. I hope that Cappa and one of Whitehead and Stewart also contribute to more that STs. Watson and Cichy are probably ST players. As always, it possible if not probable that some of these guys don't make the roster and/or find themselves behind UDFAs.