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    Super Bowl year?

    I'm not worried about COVID-19. I just swallowed a handful of hydroxychloroquine, washed it down with bleach, and shoved a UV lamp up my ass. I have it on good authority that these are all effective preventive measures - just can't remember if I heard it from Trump or Fauci.
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    Super Bowl year?

    OK. Uncle. That's it. I give up. Sayonara season. Arrivederci Brady. Guhbye Gronk. Expect the most cruel double penetration fuckening. An expected hapless Buc schlemiel ass plundering plus a vicious un-lubed ramming by that sick bitch mother nature with some super virus infected horse cock. If we didn't have to wear these damn masks she'd have us choking on syphilitic cock too. Fuck Me To Hell 2020.
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