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    For Those That Can Stomach It

    We've had OL issues for so long that I think most fans just accept it as a given. And if there's anything this forum will teach you, the fact that some 'fans' aren't actually watching the games doesn't mean they won't comment. Could we use another top tackle? Absolutely. I don't think there are any franchises out there that couldn't. Regardless, I challenge anyone that has any credibility whatsoever to watch that clip and come away thinking that Jameis just needs better help on the OL to succeed. It's not his protection that is the issue. The running game could certainly use improvement, but that's not the issue either. And I'd love it if the vision correction fixed him, but given his long history of making bad decisions I won't hold my breath. The issue is Winston's judgement, plain and simple. He makes the worst possible choice on a significant number of plays per game, and it usually costs us. Better talent on the OL and at RB just aren't going to change that.
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    For Those That Can Stomach It

    Must have been intercepted
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    For Those That Can Stomach It

    Brady is not going to play for another 6 seasons... that is a stupid contract to give him.
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    You want fanodabucs in the ROH?
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