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    Bruce Arians Rated Among The Worst in NFL

    Shocking. Who could have predicted that the Buccaneers would ruin another coaches reputation.
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    It Wasn't His Fault

    I disagree. Dilfer started his career in his first 21 consecutive starts with 5 TD passes and 28 interceptions ( all of 1995 and first 5 games in 1996). If you add the two starts in 1994 and relief appearances, he threw 6 TD passes and 34 picks. After that point he became better but part of that reason was the Bucs became an effective ground chuck team. It took the ball out of Dilfer's hands more and teams stacked the line of scrimmage leaving more room for the passing game. And even when Dilfer sucked in 1995, Rhett gave the team an effective ground game in 1995. In 1996 Rhett missed the games as part of a salary holdout during the losing streak. Alstott was a rookie FB who was not a primary runner to start the season although he was used as a check down receiver. I never saw anything as pathetic as the Bucs one yard TD effort the last game. Even Barber's successful TD against Arizona required a successful jump cut to avoid being nailed for a two yard loss. Bucs can run successfully in goal line better from the 8 yard line than the 1.I also remember Vinny Testaverde's 13 TDs and 35 picks in one season in 1988. Hard to believe the team was 5-11. Winston is terrible with his turnovers. But I remember all of our QBs. And we had QBs that were worse in turnovers. And Dilfer and Testaverde were terrible at moving the ball down the field. I remember when Bucs fans in Tampa in 1996 cheered the Lions defense for roughing up Dilfer in 1996. I know Winston is not the answer. Unfortunately ever guy I have heard as a replacement with a different set of fleas and ticks. We need an oline that can make a TD on first and 1 at the goal line. Barber catching a 6 yard TD pass after a stuff and a false start is unacceptable. Jameis's pick in the end zone came after running the ball twice at the 1 was killing the clock for the Saints. Yes fault Jameis for the pick but it is pathetic that we can not run the ball in the end zone in those situations. Even worse, Jameis has been the Bucs leading rusher the last two weeks. The Bucs do not run the ball as they can not run the ball. The last game the Bucs ran for over 100 yards was against the Titans (106 yards). Jameis ran for 53 yards on 8 carries. The 3 RBs had 53 yards on 22 carries. That is not winning NFL football. Jameis runs a 4.9.40. He should not be your leading rusher as many weeks as he has been. Once more the numbers are getting worse and not better. The one trick pony of going no huddle first and goal and running Dare in the end zone to avoid defenses from getting their big guys on the field does not work. It is an admission of weakness in the running game. The defense is so bad that it would take all day to explain their weaknesses.
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