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    Nice Hamer guitar for a buc fan...

    Yep, I prefer this Gibson It's undergoing surgery soon ..
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    Bobo and Bond released

    OT sorta. . . It was interesting to read how the Patriots (Ernie Adams) found that a left footed punter would give the team a certain percentage (don't remember) of muffed punts during a given season and thats why they coveted a left footed punter. He is an interesting read - https://www.sportscasting.com/meet-the-mysterious-man-behind-the-patriots-dynasty/
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    I went to high school with her and her sibling. Her mother and my mother were friends when I was just a young pup. Her older brother was my little league football coach. She comes from a good hard working family. I'm glad she received this blessing! Dunn is an awesome!!
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