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    Off topic, kinda

    Honestly never had a big problem with the Trop. It's not pretty and it's not the coziest place, but they've done what they can with that venue. I love getting tickets on the ledge in left field, where you can mingle and walk around with bar service - it's like hanging in a sports bar with your buddies, only the big screen happens to be a baseball game going on in real life. There's plenty of parking - food selections could be better, and I'm not crazy about the no-cash policy. But for the most part the staff is friendly and accommodating. My kids are too old now for the Rays tank but they loved it; nice little feature. If I have one big gripe it's that they did away with the Cuesta Ray Cigar Bar upstairs. I enjoyed that place. Sometimes I'd spend more time in there and on the terrace outside than watching the game from my seat....