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    Opening for Tool would be the one thing that would get me back on a stage again
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    Listening to new Tool, drinking Blonde from Asheville, in good company. Fuck the NFL. And bring on the T and A for halftime. Add a few goats a llamas too ya dumb sumbitches. Wish T was here damnit!
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    NNUD is on to something. Best one they've come up with in a while. I'm sure the SJW's will find something sexist or racist about it though, which will make it all the more enjoyable.
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    Haha... Maybe my phone thinks I perfer the male persuasion.. Considering my wife is a Latina, had she known I wrote how id like to see a couple Spanish dudes shaking their asses on stage..she may go full Lorena Bobbitt on me.
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    I think it's time you learned the difference between a 'latino' and a 'latina'. Or am I treading on personal preference here?
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