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    Might explain what he mysteriously trips in the backfield while scrambling....
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    The goofy bastage may be a lousy NFL quarterback (as I said he is), but he probably lays his Johnson across his swimming pool and has the wife and dog frolic on it. It’s good to be Glennon.
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    Alex Cappa

    Very pleasant surprise, and way better than he looked last year in preseason. The starting five looked solid for sure, it can’t hurt that they’re not going to,do that stupid rotation bullshit that Drk Knttr insisted on during his reign of under achievement. Go Cappa go.
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    Still early in preseason. He had a good completion percentage and yardage, and he has only had 6 months to learn the system. Bwahahaha.
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    Showed the photo to my son - 'Holy Fuck' was his reaction too.
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    I'll wait for some results and be a grumbling asshole until proven otherwise. Uh, with wins, not me being an asshole. That's a given. It's just that there's promise after each new hire and each off-season. And those you named, and many before remind me of this quote.. I never went to bed with an ugly woman. But I've woken up next to a few. Hopefully Arians is hot. Still. Hopefully we don't find a fat puss drippin hairy whore going through our pockets when we wake up. Again. First time since Gruden. Hopefully this is the last time we need to say that. Ever.