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    Unidentified Buc Fungus

    I love that there's actually a fungus named after this franchise. How appropriate is that? I think another name for the affliction is "The Glazer Family." Unidentified Buc Fungus
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    Now Vita Vea is Injured

    My blood pressure became a lot more controlled once I realized the Bucs will always suck. Regardless of positive personnel and/or coaching changes, they're going to suck for the remainder of the NFL's existence. Once you embrace that fact, the bad news becomes more like confirmation of known details than a destroyer of expectations. I mean, you can't destroy that which does not exist.
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    I think we found where they stored Jimmy Hoffa.
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    RIP Don Banks

    I just survived open heart surgery I am at home and recouperating. Total bed rest. Stressed my own heart out. He was a very good writer. He was at SI for many years after he left SPT.
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    The 100 strikeouts by Zunnio for an occasional homer are awesome tradeoff though.