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    Reports are swirling now that his medical issue was caused by repeated sports injuries. However, it's not from football. Apparently he was involved as a child in rough play of buck-buck. As a clumsy fat kid he was often targeted violently. An anonymous childhood friend, seen wearing a hat with eye holes pulled completely over his face, said he often produced an excessive amount of offensive butt sweat which heightened the ruthless bullying. While his medical history has not been made public there's ample evidence this was traumatic. One friend was quoted saying "He ba was ba peein blood ba when we was kids ba."
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    Ryan Smith Suspended

    Hope he kept his receipts
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    Fuck fat Albert anyway.
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    Geraldine the Machine

    True, but I hear he wanted to dress up like this .
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    Looking Over Ass Sets

    Less sand in her vajayjay than Geraldini