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    He was outstanding today.
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Geraldine the Machine

    As much as I like Karl, this may be the single most absurd attempt to compare two players I've ever seen on this board, which is certainly saying something. McCoy is gone. You guys keep talking about him. He keeps talking about Tampa. Both should end. He's gone. Hopefully Suh plays well but my anticipation is that it won't really make much difference in the defense from having one player over the other.
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    I hope he can do that all the time....if he only had a chin...impressive none the less...
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    Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    0-21 counting preseason
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    Nice 18 Inning win

    Their base running esp by Choi in the 10th was terrible. Can not imagine shutting the Twins out for 17 innings like they did yesterday.
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    Bring Back Snook!

    Does anyone need any brownies?