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    McCoy Released

    Is there any doubt that McCoy will have 5 sacks on the season? And all of them will come against the Bucs.
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    Another Bruce Arians Quote of Beauty

    I love this aspect of BA -- the no nonsense, no coddling, in your face, fuck you style of setting expectations and accountability. "“Be in shape when you come back, don’t start over and don’t be that guy – simple,” Arians said."
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    Looks like the Rays aren't going away....

    Any one notice Pham and Kiermaier made plays at the Trop last night far tougher than Heredia and Garcia had Saturday and Sunday.
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    Should be easily be a 1000 yard back under this offensive staff. Word out of camp is RoJo looks really good. In the kid's defense, he never had much of a chance last year. He was often hit as soon as he touched the ball and was put in some curious spots by Dirk.
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    McCoy Released

    Fuck that twinkle-toed cocksucker. Kimono wearing bitch.
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    During the offseason, all of the reports from camps around the league are way too upbeat and optimistic. But if Arians/Leftwich can coach Winston to make better decisions with the ball, Suh/Vea dominate in the trenches, David/White form the fastest LB duo in the league, and the myriad of draft picks spent on the secondary pay off with a decent pass defense, this could be a playoff team. Lots of ifs there, but the pieces are in place to finally make the playoffs again. Better coaches, better talent, more toughness and speed, and a coherent vision for winning...it’s nice to have hope again.
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    Another Bruce Arians Quote of Beauty

    Suh 2019! Fuck Geraldine!