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    Winston article by Bassinger

    Hey man, you know you're my good firend, but I'm not sure I understand the Gator fan hating Jameis thing. I'm a Gator, UF grad, 1976-1981, The Doug Dickey - Charlie Pell years. The 1977 or 1978 Gators sent 11 players to the NFL, obviously loaded -- LOADED -- with talent and the team could only muster 6-4-1 and 4-7. Mercifully Dickless was fired, Charlie Pell was hired and they went winless in 1979. I mean, I follow the shit out of the Gators. But I didn;t want them to draft Hargreaves and I am in Winston's corner (poor bastard--that's KoD right there). But he has done plenty to create his doubters as well as those like me who see much more upside. Those that see more downside do have their points, there's no hiding from his flaws. I see both sides. Anyway, just wanted to point that out, brother.
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    From the fishwrap. which BTW I refuse to buy a subscription to. I just clear out my cookies and it lets me have 10 more articles. Fuck them -- but anyway, http://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/05/14/bucs-will-turn-heads-this-season-nfl-networks-kyle-brandt-says/ NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt loves this time of year, because it’s fun to speculate about which teams that were terrible last season might surprise people in the coming season. Asked on the Good Morning Football show which team will turn heads in 2019, Brandt, without hesitation, placed a Bucs cap on his head. “I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers," Brandt said. "I don’t know if they’ll win 12 games, nine, whatever, (they) will turn heads, they will make splashes. Deep balls all day.” The reason for Brandt’s optimism? The Bucs’ new head coach. “Bruce Arians showed up in the desert (in 2013) for the woebegone Arizona Cardinals, who were 5-11, and like that," he says, snapping his fingers, "they go to 10-6. (Quarterback) Carson Palmer was terrible with the Raiders. Like that, (he became) incredible. Watch Bruce Arians do something this year with Jameis (Winston), with that talent.” The Bucs’ offensive talent includes wide receiver Mike Evans, who Brandt said may be the most underrated player in the NFL. “I am a big Mike Evans guy,” he said. Brandt made a believer of co-host Peter Schrager. “I’m in,” Schrager chimed in. “Love their rookie, (linebacker) Devin White, too.” So, the Sucs will give head while opponents are balls deep up their asses. Thats' what I took out of this fishwrap piece. Stop it -- STOP IT -- NO POSITIVITY. NEGATIVITY ONLY. Fargin Iceholes.
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    He actually attempts to do an analysis, of which the conclusion I would agree with, instead of of using the more important aspects of Winston such as pre-game speeches, what university he attended and tee shots off his head. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/05/10/tampa-bay-buccaneers-quarterback-jameis-winston-passing-stats-haters-are-wrong-and-so-are-the-fanboys/
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    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    I actually did something I never do, and now I know why. I listened to a Rick Stroud pudcast to see if any more could be gleaned about the Hargreaves being put in the corner with a dunce cap issue. Holy shit, I've had severe abdominal cramps that were much more enjoyable. There is a reason why these fishwrappers went to writing for a living -- while they may suck at it, they are far worse at pretending to be radio or TV guys. Welcome to the world of selfies. Fuck me. In any event, after ten minutes or so of listening to incoherent dick pudding splattering my ears, the Stroudster had nothing more to add to the mystery. There's 10 years off my life right there. Fuckn Sucs.
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    Winston article by Bassinger

    Oh, for sure buddy. And that post isn't directed at you. I know your Gator pedigree. Doesn't cloud your judgment though when evaluating certain players on the team.
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    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    Excuses? They should be arranged and numbered for convenience. The Buccaneers Compendium of Calamity would have at least three volumes. One for Player Failure and False Promise. For Hargreaves I'd say under Vol III, Hargreaves would be excused in PFFP-Sec1, #6, #129, and #2044 so far. He's likely got a 51 and a possible 313 to be added when he gets shit canned by Arians.
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    If I had a nickel for everytime... (No, that wouldn't even make me soonk.)
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    I have given up on expecting a turnaround, but it is technically possible. Arians could be the old man to do it... he seems a mix of what the Buccaneers have been looking for. A players coach who holds players accountable for the product on the field. A coach who expects the team leaders to hold players responsible for their play. In Morris the Buccaneers got a players coach who wanted to be invited to their parties. In Schiano the Buccaneers had a task master who held players accountable, but he was not a players coach. In Smith the Buccaneers got a players coach who was not in touch with the NFL any more. In Koetter the Buccaneers got a players coach who had issues holding people responsible and making decisions. Maybe, just maybe Arians is a real coach after several unmitigated disasters.
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    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    BA isn't messing around. Hargreaves has one shot, how can someone with his (lack of) credentials not have his mind right to practice? WTF? I love it that BA is no nonsense old school. Love that.
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    Roster moves

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    He may be a Brown but is it a coincidence his career fizzled and all this sick perv behavior manifested after a 3 year fuckening in Tampa.
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    Greg Spires as a Former Patriot??????

    Undoubtedly he wouldn't have been worse at kicking than the douchebags Lorcht and Domoronik paraded through One Suc Place. So there is that glimmer of less negative.
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    Our QB is Awesome

    Jameis Winston Just Used His Head As A Golf Tee https://995qyk.com/2019/05/07/jameis-winston-golf-tee-head/?fbclid=IwAR2pr_cHsyzI9-YDSoQJq5w6uHplHU_3mwbH-ChSqUxeIjjfCmCyu3Hd5Lk
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Our QB is Awesome

    I noticed some of the reaction on PR and let's just say those motherfuckers are the stupidest motherfuckers in any NFL fanbase.
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    Bucs pick up Hargreaves option.

    Hargreaves sucks. Yes, the deal isn't cost prohibitive and there's low risk tied to it. With that said, whenever Hargreaves' name comes up, I can't help but laugh at how the narrative surrounding a player can fluctuate not based on actual production or value but based on where they played college ball. If this kid was a Nole or Cane, he'd be eviscerated on a daily basis.
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    Will Arians solve our kicking woes

    FIRE ANGER. Try to keep up. The powers that be here have decided its the cnt pntr/hldrs flt y. Carry On. 🖕