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    Trent Dilfer to Announce Bucs Draft Pick

    I have to say, it warms my heart to have a board reputation as a committed Dilfer-hater. And that is the perfect pic. A duck interception that didn't count because he'd already stepped out of bounds. Only Dilfer could snatch incompetence out of the jaws of ineptitude.
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    Drew Lock! I'm keeping a watchful eye on him. I feel he could slide into the 2nd top 5 QB taken behind Murray! Could even be Tampa's #5 spot where he is taken too(not by Tampa...trade of course). Obviously would love for it to be before Tampa's pick so Allen drops to us. But if it is #5, then I hope White drops to wherever we do pick.
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    Although Dilfer was hurt, (bad ankle) the 31-0 loss to the Jets in 1997 was brutal as they come. 2 for 15 for 38 yards with two Pick 6s. Backup Steve Walsh was 1 for 7 for 8 yards. Add a 101 yard kickoff return for a TD, the Jets had a blowout w/o their offense doing nothing. The two games against Detroit were so brutal in 1996 that Buccaneer fans cheered when he was knocked out of the game. Had a picked 6 in each game. One of the pick 6s was after he drove deep into Lions territory and gave up a 96 yard TD pick. Games where he looked good but gave up a pick 6 to ruin a long drive were the toughest to take. Giants game had a bunch of blown calls including a fumble TD by Dilfer that was in error. He also threw a pick AFTER he stepped out of bounds. Refs missed so many calls in that game that DUNGY was fined for attacking the refs. When Dungy is fined for criticizing the refs, you know they suck.
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    Trent Dilfer to Announce Bucs Draft Pick

    Pirate's favorite quarterback.