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    Bowles defense doesn't call for "space eaters" you babbling pile of shit.
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    You've chosen to ignore content by shabazz916. Options Bucschat announces that it has asked for three wet turds and a village idiot in return for Jesse. Stupid fucktarded moron. The moronic attention whore thinks the NFL is Madden 2011.
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    We picked up Demar Dotson's option.

    Rook, hope the wife gets well very soon! You are only a couple of hours away, so if you have a need, pm me.
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    rook is the bucschat hall of famer . Everything we see here is first class. Rook and his wife deserve first class support and whoever anyone believes in, that force will see it this way also. Blessings to the rook family from everyone in this asylum.
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    It's unlikely that he would have the initiative to hate it. This is another one of these fucktards that has had the world given to them, and they piss on it instead of being thankful for it.
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    You guys keep talking about eating world class Kimchi when the reality is that you are likely the victims of fish fraud, and the only restaurant you aren't Barred from is the one named Roseanne.