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    Take your statement above and realize the statement below is closer to the truth than you will ever admit. Goodbye, Fatass Smith that plays everyday like a limp-wristed, llama-humping idiot. We could find as good or better in FA for less money and maybe even a mid to late round draft choice. 23rd in the league among all LT. That is all I need to know.
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    Only The Browns..

    New Chief of Staff? 😉😛
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Full Staffs

    Enjoy those unlimited visits with the grandkids. Ours keep us hopping on nearly a daily basis.
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    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Some of us like Mules.... some of us like Llamas....and some sell services at the Waffle house....What ever trips your trigger... Rodney King In his brilliance once said..."Can't we all just get along".....
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    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Color me skeptical, but I'm hard pressed to think Benenoch or anyone else had something to do with Efe Obada beating him like a rented mule. E F E O B A DA But, yeah. Let's play Smith like a top 5 LT.
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    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Can't see him taking RT or OG money. Some team will be stupid enough to pay him LT money only to regret it next year at this time. Hopefully that team isn't the Bucs.