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    Bad call. But I hate Sean Payton and the Saints. So watching them lose their minds is hilarious.
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    What To Do With Winston?

    Yeah, I’m not buying that, the stats have QB’s from different eras. How many Colt fans were pining for Manning’s head? Sure, right, I am saying Winston is the next Manning, or is it Glennon? I’m a 42 year Buc fan, I’m tired of the carousel that emotional fans and media seem to scream for. Winston has shown the tools and desire necessary to win in the league, instead of putting the success on the offense on one player (see McCoy on defense), how about we draft better, coach better and actually have what this sport actually is, a team that plays as a unit.
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    It's going to be Arians

    Tundra just stated a preference. There's not anything wrong with that, and it's a solid step up from the goat/llama thing he's had for a while.
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    I got news for you couch potato’s, Sapp wouldn’t have been the Sapp we knew with the cast of characters and coaching McCoy has had. You don’t have to like it, but it’s truth. Looking back at things that bothered the McCoy “haters”, not rushing out headlong into a neighbors potential domestic violence incident, instead he called the police....how dare he? Extended a hand to QB’s after a sack or hit, what a pussy. Without very little support from the rest of the defense, not just “taking over a game”, because certainly you could have put Sapp out there 1 on 11 and he would still have found his way to the QB. Brought an ice cream truck to practice for the team, what a childish thing to do. Missed some time with injuries early in his career, again, pussy. Played many games with injuries, selfish prick. No, he didn’t make the impact Sapp made with Brooks, Lynch, Culpepper, Chidi, Simeon, Barber and others that actually played as a unit. But please don’t tell me that he “took plays off” like that is a real critique, what does that even mean during the course of a game or season? Wait, I know, when your lined up left and the play goes right and there is 1500 lbs of offensive line in your way....nahh, SAPP would have just thrown them aside. If and when McCoy is traded or released, let’s try not to do what we usually do, denigrate the player. Unless of course being a dick, not the Tundra style of dick, is just what you do.
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    Head Coach

    Got the love of God let’s please not look at potential coaches based on their connection to Tony Dungy. I’ve got an idea, how many are connected to Kevin Bacon.....
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    What To Do With Winston?

    Jesus tap dancing Christ... Only people I really ever heard saying he needed more weapons was the coaching staff/GM. Remember we had Vjax, Evans, ASJ and Doug Martin. There were weapons. One thing that I have read and watch and have heard he needs better coaching and the other thing is, especially in here, is that he needs a OFFENSIVE LINE. Our offensive line is offensive. Regardless of the most informed in here...SMITH IS SHIT. Marpet is pretty good, then Jenson seems to wanna shoot the team in the foot with his stupid bullshit personal fouls and holds at inopportune times but is ok...not highest paid center in the NFL ok, but ok. However, the rest of the line is absolute shit. Not just in pass protection but also in run blocking. Finally our coaching. The head coach is and always has been way way over his head. I have said that, although not necessarily in here, since day one. He was a poor choice after they fired Lovie, who I though was a poor choice as well. Sure he has a great play book, but nothing ever changes. Someone earlier says Winston sucks in the second half of games. Well that's because the plays, regardless or who is calling them, are the same. Nothing is adjusted. Nothing changes in the play mix. Do the fucking math. Shit O-Line. No running game, much less a threat of one, play book that hasn't really changed to the strengths of the players. What do you get? SUCKENING pure and simple. Tree-Your obsession and constant hate of Winston is funny...in a look at-the-weird-guy-hating-on-a-football-player kinda way. You even said we should get Sam Bradford here to replace Winston. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam fucking-cant-take-three-game-snaps-without-going-on-IR Bradford. Jesus wept, son. It stems from you not liking Winstons' character. I get it. I think the entire board does. I mean you get so jazzed about posting how much you hate Winston. One thing that I don't get about all the Winston naysayers is even when he shines he sucks. When he sucks, I say it out loud that he sucks the chrome off trailer hitches. Fucking want to shoot him right in the pussy. However there have been some decent games by him and you are silent as are most naysayers. The jury is still out on Winston. He has an uphill challenge in front of him. But if we shit can him here, he will go on and be a Super Bowl Champion somewhere else. Bank it, twink. Maybe find a new team while you are at it... Just my $0.02.... Your milage may vary very, verily I say unto you. Carry on. 😉
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    Flip the score, if the Bucs win the game the story is how Jameis is scolding his center, being a leader.
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    Dicks in Attendance?

    Oh, is Tundra visiting?
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    Being Old Sucks

    So I’m thinking of Moron 5 as a relatively new band full of the typical Voice-Xfactor manufactured frauds. My daughter tells me they’ve been around 20 years, since before she was born. By a lot. She thinks they’re old. Really? Fuck me. Larry. Please give me back my hard rock life.
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    Holy fuck?!? Really?

    Hey Ed!!!
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    That call was enough to convince me I don't want the Bucs anywhere near the NFC Championship game. Had that call gone against the Bucs.....and I thought this was the single worst (non) call I've seen in a playoff game because it was fuckin' obvious and didn't involve any "interpretation"....I'm not sure I could have handled it. BTW....as an aside....the pass that Brees threw to Ginn to get them down there was the same pass Winston threw to D. Jackson at the end of one of the games this season. The difference is one receiver is a pussy and the other isn't. So they had two completely different outcomes.
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    Because that dipshit got ahold of a stolen laptop and got himself kicked off the Florida football team, the Gators got left with John Brantley as the starting quarterback . . . and Urban Meyer quit to "spend more time with his family." But for that shithead's antics, Newton stays with Florida and wins a national title, instead of going the JUCO route for a year before going to the highest bidder in Auburn. I hate that fuck with a passion for the cavalcade of events that took place thanks to his idiotic decision. My reaction would have been decidedly negative had he been drafted by the Bucs.
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    Unfortunately due to my mental illness I think I have seen or listened to just about every bucs game for the last 30+ years and I can’t recall one player I wanted to see get punched in the mouth more than Scam. But just for fun ley’s Play your favorte Top 5 and I will start. 1. Cam Newton 2. The fat fuck coach from the Packers “Mike Holmgren”. 3. Jimmy Johnson 4. Tie- I always wanted tp punch Testaverde and Dilfer Equally 5. Tie- Peyton Manning for the Monday Night comeback and every ref involved on the Bert Emmanuel debacle. I know technically it’s more than 5 but it was still worth it.
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    I would prefer it to be career ending. Fuck that prima donna clown and his front runner superman act. I much prefer seeing him with the hoodie over his head and that pouty expression on his puss. Only the worst for the scamster.
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    Daniel Jones (QB) Duke

    Like Tundra, at least some of my anger is for effect. I hold Jameis in complete contempt. But it's really hard to give a fuck about this team.
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    I'm thinking I'll call Apple Roofing to pressure wash the carpet..
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    What To Do With Winston?

    I'd prefer Imagining you hanging yourself.....
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    I’m not here to defend his behavior, but if he wasn’t charged it’s because there wasn’t enough evidence that he committed a crime. It’s that simple and it’s not like he hasn’t been investigated like crazy. Even though the Uber thing feels recent, it was nearly three years ago now. Jameis is married with a kid now, and he isn’t even 25 years old yet. As far as we know he’s stayed completely out if trouble for two and a half years now. It’s far from perfect, but he’s something between an innocent kid who’s become a magnet for false allegations, and a flat out rapist. I hate that the only people who know for sure are the victims / accuses, but that’s where we are. One thing I think we DO know is that Jameis is all out of strikes, and I bet he knows it too. He’s on a prove it deal and I doubt any NFL team will sign him to another contract without clauses for his his behavior going forward.
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    Bucs vs Falcons game day

    Smith was secretly feeding them chocolate prune cake.
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    Merry Christmas all you long suffering capons of this franchise...
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    Merry Christmas from Gene Deckerhoff- Caught, Dropped, interception, TD, No Play False start!
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    Harbaugh from Michigan to Tampa???

    AKA Tripletards, Tripleturds, Tardlets, Glazertards, Cerberus, and Hecatoncheires. They, who sometime walk among us on cloven hooves as hideous beasts carrying gold clutches, toss souls into oblivion as perverse blood sport.
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    My Christmas Message for Bucschat

    https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/wasteland Merry Christmas you Moes!!
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    Bahaha...Final Jeopardy

    Ok so I’m a fucking dork. I was watching Jeopardy and the final question was The NFL. “In the 2018 NFL draft this team used a parrot to make one of their picks, but the bird got stage fright” Shit is so embarrassing and fucking hilarious at the same time.