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    Fano Dont hate Dirk - just think he is stubborn and needs to change up his gameplans or hire an OC You do bring up some interesting points tho " Maybe the QB can hit an open WR down field" If ur the coach and you know your OL is kinda iffy - why do you continue to try vert routes that take too long to develop??? Maybe some slants and screens? 2 big TE's to work with - yet we dont see them as much as we should in the passing game " maybe the guards can open some holes in the running game" If ur the HC why do you let your OL Coich keep playing spin the bottle with the best guard you have?? - this is the 3rd position for Marpet in 3 yrs Sticking with Martin too long last year was a boneheaded decision as well Barber had a yard more per average last year. "maybe they can run on first down a bit more" K, you lost me here. . . . obviously you didnt read the linked article. . . it points to running on first down as part of the problem - top 10 offenses passed way more on first down than we did. From the link: The Buccaneers ran the ball on 1st-and-10 more than any other team in the league last year and that went against the grain when it came to success rates. If your success rate for completing a pass is over 60 percent and your percentage of gaining more than four yards per attempt is less than 60 percent, you’re just playing the numbers the right way when passing on 1st-and-10. The success rate for the Buccaneers on first down was lower than the rest of the league, as a result, but what made the biggest difference was in how they set themselves up so poorly on second down because of it. Due to the Bucs not having much of a ground game and yet continuing to try on first-and-10, they didn’t get themselves in enough second-and-short situations If you can run the ball and get yourself into second-and-short situations, you do it, but if that’s not possible for the Buccaneers due to a lack of rushing attack, you have to switch it up and find a better way to achieve it. Second-and-short situations allow you to completely take advantage of a defense with both the run and the pass. . . . when it came to play call frequency, the Bucs were on the opposite end of the right trend in 2017. They were running on first down too much when they should have been passing, and they were failing to set themselves up and convert on second down because of it. I dont hate DK at all - and I think he can be a good coach - but he seems very stubborn in changing up gameplans when things dont seem to be working. I agree with you and GSS and others about this NOT being the most pressing problem - but is seems like one of the easiest to fix I just hope that this coaching staff (both sides of the ball) gets it together. . . I respect you guys if you do not agree with this - - (well most of you )
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    Somebody should put together a list of the top 3 "If's" of why we should have made the playoffs every year and over the last 10 years. Or all the way back to ''76. Maybe not PFF or ESPN but some local experts? Scott Smith can interview former players and coaches to get their perspective on the rankings. Could be explosive!