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    Fitz's Three Picks

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    Gulf Shore Steve

    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    Doesn't it cost money to fish out the jumpers? Can't he just walk out into the Gulf and get pulled down by the riptide? No one will ever know or care.
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    Gulf Shore Steve

    It could be worse...

    Wrong board to be discussing sacks. We have no idea what they are.
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    Jameis Starts Against the Bears

    If it was Jameis, not Fitz, who had the exact same stats and results in the first three games, the first message in this thread would have been: "No other QB in the league could have QB'd this team to a 2-1 record against that schedule! I mean, he's got 3 straight 400 yard games, and even with last night's INTs he's he's still leading the NFC in passer rating, and he damn near engineered a comeback from 17 points down in the 4th. Can't BELIEVE anyone would want to bench him after all that for a few early mistakes." 😉
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    The team will go no where with the defense it has right now. It can't stop the run. It can't stop the pass. The talent is not this bad. The scheme and coaching on the other hand needs to be replaced. Sadly, that does not happen mid-season. This means the Buccaneers will be in reboot mode this off-season.
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    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    That wasn't so spectacular. He did it naked and drunk while violating parole. Who the fuck hasn't gone the extra mile under the exact same scenario. Maybe at a bar or a Catholic school but still...
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    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    Jesse, wherever you are, don’t listen to these naysayers, they are just jealous because they have mortgages, high utility bills and other costs of home ownership. Anybody that was willing to swim into the path of 40 ft boats traveling 180 miles an hour has my respect. Repeat after me Jesse...fuck those guys!!
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    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    Hell ….I got a boat...I'll give him a ride and give him all the Champipple he can drink....I'll even bring some cement Blocks and chain...
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    Smith should walk the plank now...and to hell with it ….let anybody call defense.....or make shit up...
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    Is koetter calling plays today?

    Mitch Trubinsky has thrown 6 TD passes by the third quarter. Pretty sure the D owns this as they keep digging a hole that no offense can ever climb out of. There is no offensive playbook for this. Should be 7 TDs but the Bears WR dropped it.
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    Please fire Mike Smith at halftime

    How do we know? We're Buc fans
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    Fitz's Three Picks

    Are you a musician? 😉
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    Why The Fuck Can’t We Have Chat Back?

    But she hides it well.
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    OT Brady

    Bucs 2 dash zero and about to play on MFN... I’m gonna go with...who gives a fuck.
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    Some of the capons laughed at me when I posted this. Only fools and fans crazed on peyote bud would be laughing now. This fucking blows. The Bucs are only ever a playoff team when they have a fucking stud defense. Quit selling the team's soul and identity and get back to DEFENSE. But make it modern. Time to build a man-to-man smother machine. Period.
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    Trade Gerald MCcoy!!!!

    You guys are very hard on this young man, someone who we all failed, someone who needed a safe place, Jefft where were you for him? Rich, how about you? I will be happy to shelter this wayward bum, er soul.
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    Highly regarded by ownership. The guys that still highly regarded Raheem when they had to fire him? There's a big part of the problem with the 10 year rebuild failure right there. "I think you see some plays where Jameis looked very sharp as far as running the offense, getting us in and out of the huddle," Koetter said. Does that quote sound like coach Mckay saying "...but we ran on and off the field pretty well."
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    I think Mike Smith was bitzed during the game Sunday. 90 proof.
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    Gulf Shore Steve


    This game was so out of hand it was a true laugher to me but the one thing I find just a tad annoying is that the headlines and questions from our fabulous media still are focusing on the QB when the defense can't stop anyone and hasn't been able to do so in two seasons.
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    In general, I think the Bucs (as an organization) need to find out about Winston. If the current staff isn't back including the GM which after today is probably more likely than ever, the new guys would want to see if Winston has improved over his first three seasons and make a decision as to whether they want to pay his option next season or begin to move on. Getting him some game action today made a lot of sense going into the bye week.
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    I was, but threw on the blue windbreaker I have to blend in.
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    Fitz's Three Picks

    Nah. He had another meltdown. He does that. They said it during the game. Jumped right to that storyline. Said that's why he's a journeyman QB. Brett Favre never threw a pick. The other team on the field kicking their ass had nothing to do with it. The three sacks and thirteen QB hits were mostly his fault too.
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    Jameis Starts Against the Bears

    I don't really know why everyone is jumping on this bandwagon. Fitz has done spectacular things in spurts throughout his career and then he takes a shit.There is a reason he is a career back up. Ride him till he takes his annual shit put in Winston and move on...
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    Buccaneers vs Steelers

    It’s not an act. You are a rams fan. Fuck yourself and leave. I especially couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck what you think or say or do on a BUCCANEERS FORUM. Very politely, take your opinion and RAM it through your ass.
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    Winston appears to be making some progress year to year. He is young and the potential is there, but he has yet to look like a franchise QB. Additionally, there is the off the field drama and lack of maturity in general. Before Fitzmagic, I think the consensus was 'let's have him play another year or two, so we can figure out if he is the future. BUT Fitz is playing lights out football right now. He just had 2 games in a row with better stats than Winston has had in 3 years. Right now, today, Fitz is the better QB. There is no question. Until his level of play drops and he starts losing games, he should be our starter.