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    The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Spooky Shit

    Lincoln was born in his father's brand new log cabin. Kennedy once spilled Log Cabin syrup in his father's brand new Lincoln.
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    draft results

    You guys crack me the fuck up. Do you think for one god damned minute Derwangus would be playing at the same level he is in San Diego (or whatever the fuck that place is called now)? I don't. Not for a second. Vea was the smart fucking pick because he was the top DT talent (allegedly) in the draft and the consensus thought not only from the resident board fucks, but also from the people who "know" was that he would be the piece of the puzzle to take away all the fucking excuses for the lack of pass rush from McCoy and any other scrub on the D-Line. Instead, we got Batman wannabe and a bunch of guys not named JPP. It is what it is, but don't think for a moment your Florida State stooge would fair any better in this shitshow, because he damned sure wouldn't.
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    Koetter's a fuck. Winston absolutely needed to sit against the Bengals. But, he should have started against Carolina. The team was 3-4. The defense was still a sieve. They're playing in a division with two playoff teams, and a third (Atlanta) that's still significantly better than the Bucs. The writing was on the wall. Fitzpatrick had 2.5 games where he played out of his mind. But if you look beyond that, you'll see almost ten years of mediocre football with disastrous turnovers at the worst possible moment. Do we need to think back to his epic six interception game in Kansas City in 2015? Or what about that fourth quarter in Buffalo that same season? Even if you think Winston and Fitzpatrick are the 'same' guy in terms of being hot / cold, turnover prone, etc., you don't hand the ball to a 36 year old journeyman over a 24 year old QB that still might have a long future in the league. Dirk screwed the pooch. And I can't wait for his ass to get fired.
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    Surprised we haven't seen a sign Kareem Hunt thread yet.
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    Park on the 50. Defense won't notice.
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    Succaneers Assistant Coiches

    What a sorry lot of gristle and saturated fat. Aside from Monken and Buckner (who is getting pass for prior work before coming to the rotting corpse that is the Succaneers) -- most of them should be put on a fishing vessel, towed out to sea and sunk into the abyss. Shark bait? Probably not even worthy of that. The most disgusting offenders. Nate Kaczor, "Special" Teams. His teams are special all right. Worst in the league at returning punts and kicks, but at least his kickers always miss extra points (the new Greek kid has only one game under his belt, give him time). How this fucker still has a job is exhibit A2 as to why Koetter is a dead coich walking. John Hoke / Brett Maxie. Hoke's title is secondary coich, Maxie's is defensive backs coich. Maybe Hoke thinks secondary is subserviant to primary and stays inside beating off to goat videos? The Sucs' pass defense has been fucking dreadful for a decade. Promising players have come to the Sucs and promptly dropped a load on the locker room floor and performed like the resultant puddle drying into a crust on said floor. Mark Fuddner, Defensive Clownanator. Sure they haven't gotten worse since Big Head fucking Mike Smith was shown the exit gate a year too fucking late. They couldn't get any worse than historically legendarily bad, and that is where they still are. Adios, Elmer. Enjoy the paper route you will inherit, Elmer. But be vewy vewy quiet. Some irate fan may discover it's you and run you over . George Warhoppingfuck., Offending Line. Or maybe it's Warfuckinghop, it's confusing. This scrub has sucked exhaust for the duration of his tenure which seems like 40 fucking years. He oversees a loafing inconsistent soft group of pansies who always seem to get beat at just the critical time. This Hopfuck needs to be outfitted with some hot water gloves and shown the back door to the kitchen where he can wash the pots. He'd fuck that up too. Stephen Nicholas, Defensive Quality Control Coordinator. I can't believe there is someone on the staff with this title. Jumping Jesus of Juarez. Dave Kennedy and his pudendas, Strength and Conditioning. Judging by the injury rate on this fucked up team, they must be getting lessons on wrist action during a vigorous wank because there isn't any sign of any player actually getting stronger or more well conditioned. He's got like four assistant strength and conditioning experts. I wonder how they measure their work? Don't answer that, for any of them. Adios to all you fucknuts, please do let the door hit you really fucking hard in your asses as you get run out in humiliating fashion when the Turk comes to visit you in six weeks. Fuck Me Larry.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    That's what I love about this board - you can have a thread titled 'Happy Thinksgiving Fuckers' and you know it's an expression of love. And in the interest of inclusivity, let me say 'Happy Thanksgiving to all you Cocksuckers' as well.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    Happy Thanksgiving Dudes and dudettes….Enjoy your Turkey.....not exactly Like Tundra will....Cheers...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    Got up at 5 in the damn AM. Not for the Turkey. For a second pee. 20 years? The SPiT, the birth of this board by C-section, epic threads with nitwits, so many good fans, and memorable characters. Always hoping for the best though. I hope this day finds you all well, and filled with gratitude. Have a great Thanksgiving day.
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    Fucktard back at QB

    Jaboo needs to change that stupid Fucking nickname but he will be and should be kept for one more year. See what he can do under a coaching regime that actually instillis a winning culture in the team. Losers breed losers. Fuck Dork Coenterr.
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    Kris Richard

    I was thinking about Keith Richards. He has longevity.
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    Bucs offering free tickets!

    Go find a Rams' board. If one exists.
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    Dear Jaboo

    Not at all, I called for Fitz when JW was melting down late against the Browns. You could tell something was up then. He needed the benching. The overall point and I don't throw you in this group fan, is there's a large segment of BucFan, my best friend and college roommate is one of them who have Winston Derangement Syndrome. One bad play and he should be cut immediately. Plays a very solid game, and it's only the 49ers (10th ranked defense in the league). JW is good enough to get this team to the next level, if they get a coach the entire team buys into, a legit NFL kicker consistently, and a defense that can get a few stops and a turnover a game.
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    Nice call on 3rd and 1

    The DB backups are not familiar with the Bucs defensive ethic of not picking a pass.
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    Nice call on 3rd and 1

    Yet they'll let him go because of the money THAT HE'S WORTH.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    We might not always agree, but you all are kinda like family. Hard to believe the core group of us has been posting together for over 20 years through mostly shitty football. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow axeholes!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers

    Thank goodness. If that doesn't bring unity to the board, nothing will.
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    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Poofs and Puffs. At least everyone will finally have the opportunity to see a game played by the rarely seen Dallas Cowboys today.
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    That is the biggest indictment on Licht. Still doesn't have an offensive line that can consistently win the LOS and still no running game when it matters. Won't even mention the defense because there's not enough time.
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    Fucktard back at QB

    I don't know and neither do you. I know it's curious as hell that the same attorney who had Kinsman settle with him represents Uber driver. I know Kinsman's story was full of holes. For you to call him a sexual predator is wrong. He's not been charged with a sexual crime ever. You don't like him, fine. You want him off the Bucs fine. You think he sucks as a QB fine. The sexual predator thing is akin to calling Obama a Muslim from Kenya with a forged birth certificate. Enough with that already.
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    Fucktard back at QB

    I think your wrong!....Here's the reason ...He Sucks …..and we need less distractions ...Not More... To hell with that dumb ass...
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    Looking back on it, that's one of the things that hurt Winston the most. He tried to fill the leadership void. His 'leadership' works well in high school or college, but not the NFL. Wound up doing more harm than good. Should have just kept his mouth shut for the first two years or so and focused on being a starting QB instead of a cheerleader. But there was no other option on the roster. Unless you want a kimono and ice cream truck. Or someone dying their hair red. Or someone having their wife fight their battles for them. Or someone that would make an explosive play one moment and then instantly tap their helmet to come out of the game. Goes on and on. Going to take one hell of a strong minded coach and group of players to turn this thing around.
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    Kicker is Cut

    Yippie we got a new kicker our problems are over ..... playoffs.here we come.
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    So if I’m following correctly, and I can be a bit slow so forgive me, the kicker should start kicking more to the middle of the uprights? This place isn’t the home of the most informed for no reason.