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  2. Dom would trade a 2nd rounder for the rights to his option.
  3. Speaking of fraggle fucks — where the hell is regulator with Fuzzy Mae?
  4. With the Bucs cavernous holes at WR, Jaguars have declined the option on Arrelious Benn. I figure 5 years 80mil with 50 guaranteed will get it done.
  5. Now that would be logical. Remember the dark days of Dumfuknik, letting Bennett go because Bowers had been drafted. Not proven he could do shit but he was ready to roll.
  6. At this point, I think they hang on to guys until the replacement is on the team and could even go until the end of preseason. They knew they didn't want Martin and Baker.
  7. Bucs are nowhere near being in danger of that. The Bucs have a lot of big contracts which need to be handed out over the next few years for a change. So they cannot spend like crazy.
  8. Single A shortstop prospect for a 4th starting pitcher is done only by a team desperate to cut payroll. If they want to make money with a single A prospect, might as well get Tebow from the Mets and confess to the tanking.
  9. Time to Flush the Muscle Hamster

    Well, we all know it's going to happen, but I really don't give a gaggle of flying fraggle fucks.....I wanted that sumbich off the team last year.
  10. So in other words, the Rays blow even worse than the Bucs.
  11. I'm giddy after today. So happy I could bang the neighbors' dogs. Woohoo. Both Drug Hamster and Skaggy Bake in one batch. I drink I'll have something to spunk. Yippee!
  12. And there will be more. I doubt both Gholston and Ayers stick. Personally I would see what they both could do under Buckner's tutelage but Buckner will have more input into that after watching 40 hours of film over the next three days.
  13. It's a Bucs life. But, I doubt it. Watch he joins the Eagles, and he and Blount combine for 2000 yards rushing. Naaaa. Ain't happening. Martin is toast.
  14. I drink I'm already thrunk.
  15. The Glazers will save a bundle on hotdogs.
  16. The Bucs must think they've got this addition by subtraction thing down pat. But they don't know the difference between a minuend and a subtrahend.
  17. Now watch this fucker go to New England and make the next 10 Pro Bowls......arrrrrgh!!!
  18. Well, they just traded Stephen Souza too, so might as well back up the moving truck. If I was Chris Archer, I would ask for a trade as well.
  19. Buccaneers are cutting Chris Baker

    Good riddance to this fat ball of monkey spunk too......Two assclowns fired on the same day. Awesome. I think I will tie one on tonight to celebrate.
  20. Time to Flush the Muscle Hamster

    Good riddance drug-addled fuckwit. Glad he is gone........
  21. Yesterday
  22. idk but i hope they can get pieces that fit a puzzle rather than, trying to get names...
  23. "....the city of Tampa Bay....." Well, that does explain something......the dude didn't even know what city he played for!
  24. Well see, if you were on the Bucs' DL and did that, he might have reached whole number sacks...... . . . Too soon?
  25. Well i could go down ...and hold the door open for him....Hell i'll even call him a cab.....
  26. Do we need to spend most of that to meet the salary floor? Again.
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