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  2. Winston media from PFT

    It really isn't about what the real story is and isn't........it's about the face of the fucking franchise involving himself in the matter to begin with. First, the company he was/probably still is keeping isn't doing him any favors. Second, because of Winston's history and the fact that every person from near to far has just been waiting on him to fuck up, why is he out getting shit-hammered with people of questionable character to begin with? Third, I haven't used the Uber app for quite some time, but I think I remember when you use the app, it tells you the name of your driver, so was it a coincidence it was a female? Which brings me to this: why was he out getting shit-hammered with people of questionable character, who allegedly called him an Uber driver that just happened to be female given his reputation and his inability to keep himself from acting a fool? Because he is a manchild that thinks he is above the law and thinks he can use his "star power" to keep him from getting in trouble. It happened while he was at FSU, so in his pea brain, why wouldn't it happen now that he's in the NFL? The more I study Winston and the things he does on and off the field, the more he makes it difficult to back him 100%. I want to like the guy that is passionate about winning. I want to like the guy that can throw a frozen rope when he wants to. I like the guy commanding the pocket like a true field general during critical drives of games. But then, he starts eating W's, hanging around thug rapists at all hours of the night, and continues to be involved (in whatever capacity) in questionable actions and decision making. The latter is a guy I don't want at all, regardless of what he can do on the field. The organization just needs to prepare itself accordingly to his actions, so when the proverbial shit does hit the fan, they aren't left with nothing to play the QB position.
  3. While Winston was (allegedly) getting drunk and sexually assaulting his way through just about every woman he’s come into contact with, Mariota was at a Special Olympics event, where he refused to leave until every kid caught a pass. Classy kid that Mariota. Longtime posters will recall how I told everyone Winston would be a disaster and we would be far better off with Mariota. Yet a solid majority of posters here wanted the rapey idiot douchebag anyway. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/04/nfl-titans-marcus-mariota-special-olympics-video https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2018/06/22/marcus-mariota-jameis-winston-nfl-draft-debate-titans-buccaneers/725301002/
  4. Top QBs 2019 draft

    You guys realize your talking about the season after this one. right? Fitz has a year left in him. You may be surprised. Assuming you have some help.
  5. Press Conference...the fans deserve it

    It's the ****** media! Our lives are being sucked in.... What is the alternative? A cave?
  6. Top QBs 2019 draft

    Going to be an interesting yr.. Pivotal, would be an understatement.
  7. Top QBs 2019 draft

    It is an option which is not guaranteed other than, I think, for injury. He's got about $4mil guaranteed for 2018.
  8. Winston media from PFT

    Brandon Banks went to Vanderbilt, was a friend of Darby and apparently barely knew Jameis. Banks played for the Redskins for a while.
  9. Winston media from PFT

    Exactly what happened I don't think anyone will ever know other than the TWO people in the car.
  10. Winston media from PFT

    The believable party was always going to hinge on who appeared to be telling the truth and who appears to be telling the lie. The liar has taken a step forward.
  11. Winston media from PFT

  12. Winston media from PFT

    Right now you still have no idea what did or did not happen.
  13. Winston media from PFT

    Right now it's not looking too swell for Jameis
  14. Winston media from PFT

    My apologies to the board. We have a new contender.
  15. Winston media from PFT

    Congratulations on the stupidest fuckin' post I've seen on this thread. Well done.
  16. Press Conference...the fans deserve it

    Licht and Koetter are away on vacation as is the norm at this time of year. In addition, there has been no announcement of a suspension from the NFL.
  17. Winston media from PFT

    Never heard of the fine young man.
  18. Top QBs 2019 draft

    Honestly? I don't fucking know.. But I sure hope it's the latter.. Don't you?
  19. Winston media from PFT

    If he went to FSU, I'm sure of it. Just ask UncleBuc. :-)
  20. Top QBs 2019 draft

    So wait...the rapey turnover prone idiot ISN'T our sure-fire franchise QB who has found Jesus, settled down, and turned his life around? You guys need to make up your minds.
  21. Winston media from PFT

    I’m sure this Banks guy is also just misunderstood.
  22. Winston media from PFT

    Versus the account of the guy (Winston) who probably should be in jail for rape...and who apparently hangs out with rapists? Tough call.
  23. Winston media from PFT

    Just the fact Winston was hanging out with that guy, regardless of what happened or didn’t happen, is a pretty bad look. But I’m sure in the end end this was just another misunderstanding and Winston will be ready to play ball for our Bucs.
  24. Winston media from PFT

    So is everyone ready to believe the account of the guy that's in jail for rape?
  25. Winston media from PFT

    Some still think he’s just swell. JP Peterson, if you’re not familiar he’s a local sports radio guy, was definding Winston today ad nauseam. JP is a huge FSU homer and loves to hate all the players from other Florida schools, but will defend Winston no matter what. A caller called in today and ask him if he would feel comfortable with leaving Winston alone with his daughter and JP said “absolutely yes”. Yikes.
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