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  2. offensive philosophy change

    its that...... or its her chicken neck clucking when kneeling like an alter boy..
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  4. offensive philosophy change

    This link is offered for the dotard Jesse. Maybe a partial reason for the sore back of hers. I have pain in the inside of my v a g i n a when I pee.
  5. OT - Tiger Woods

    It would be fun to watch the Walking Dead Wreck Trains.
  6. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    The last 2008 game against the Raiders, a must win for the Bucs, the Bucs had a 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter and I believe even into the 4th quarter. Then Michael Bush ran for about 600 yards in the 4th quarter, the beaten up and beaten off Bucs had no answer for him. And now, here we are.
  7. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    The problem that season is that Hovan and Haye were both injured towards the end of the season and they had been able to, at least to that point, keep the OL from getting to the LBers free and clear. The Panthers ran for about 600 yards against them because Ruud and Brooks who was old and injured couldn't handle the second level blocking and handling RBs who were bigger than they were.
  8. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    IIRC it went something like this. Ruud was on a one year deal when Foster was drafted after 2010. The 2011 season was the lockout season and, since Ruud was not under contract and Foster as a pick was not able to practice with the team with no contract, the player who became known as The Grand Middle Organizer....Tyrone McKenzie....took over the "starting" Mike position mainly because he knew the defensive signals. Ruud was never signed. This went on through camp and then in the final pre season game, Foster ended up as the Mike. McKenzie was cut prior to the season. It was absolutely asinine since it was obvious that McKenzie couldn't play. McKenzie, FWIW, continues to this day to be a guy who knows how to play but can't play. He is a LBers coach...last with the Vikings and now with Mike Vrabel.
  9. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Ruud knew how to play the middle in the Tampa 2 which is why a lot of his tackles were downfield. Got him the rep of being soft. And he was. Getting trucked by a 98 pound RB for a TD showed a remarkable ability to take it up the fist hole.
  10. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    I’d be more interested in knowing for how long could Dumfuknik hold his breath. He must have been swallowing whole Glazerhog in order to be in that job for that long. Ruud was a smart player especially in Kiffin’s scheme. I just watched the second 2008 Saints game and Ruud was brilliant at reading Brees’s audibles and calling defensive signals. That was Gruden’s last win. Garcia played like absolute shiite and the DL made it obvious that they couldn’t stop power running, hence the 4 game losing streak to finish the Bucs and Gruden.
  11. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Cutting Ruud (not the end of the world), and then deciding before camp even began than our starting MLB would be replaced with a 3rd round draft pick in Foster who wasn't even a MLB in college. Its not a reflection on foster, but rather how they operated. If I ever meet Gruden, the first thing I'm going to ask is whether Mark Dominik made a good cup of coffee. The second question is whether it was better than RaMo's.
  12. Giants Hire Mike Shula

    It's okay.... Shurmur will call the plays, and Mikey will play an important role working with quarterbacks. What frightens me about Shula is some team might be stupid enough to hire him as a head coach, and we're on the short (bus) list.
  13. Since we're playing the NFC East, there's one we might not want to watch. We're no match for the inventiveness of "one of the brightest minds in the game today."
  14. OT - Tiger Woods

    Depends on your definition of entertaining. Maybe if you expect a happy ending, then yeah, they weren't even a handjob. But watching the Walking Dead or a train wreck can be entertaining. And the Bucs arguably have been both of those over the last decade or so.
  15. OT - Tiger Woods

    Golf is 1000 Times more entertaining than the Bucs have been the last decade plus. As for Tiger, doesn’t matter that he’s healthy if he keeps missing the cut.
  16. OT - Tiger Woods

    I do, When I need a nap
  17. Last week
  18. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    That made me puke in my porridge, tundra. Dik.
  19. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Well damn, if you look hard enough you'll find a few ants at every picnic. And if you're lucky you'll see a few of THESE.
  20. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    Here were the douchebags drafts, including the shit he got for traded picks. 2009 Josh Freeman -- traded UP to get him Kellan Fucking Winslow -- traded a second rounder for him. Browns would have released him. The beginning of a pattern. Roy Miller Kyle Moore Xavier Fulton Ironcially his seventh rounders were the best players of his tenure EG Biggers Sean Mahan Sammy Stroughter 2010 Gerald McCoy (a complete no brainer, an untrained monkey would've drafted McCoy there) Brian Price Arrelius Benn -- traded UP for the useless tit Moron Lewis -- Mike Williams -- too bad he was coiched by Raheehaw, he might have had a good career Brent Bowden -- a PUNTER who sucked even in college Once again the Dumster's seventh round magic kicks in Cody Grimm Dekoda Watson Eric Lorig 2011 You know what? Fuck this, it's making me sick.
  21. Ask Monica Lewinski. Can't say I've seen one lately.
  22. How do I insert a sig? I am panicking here. I have a reputation to uphold. Help!
  23. This MeToo thing has crossed a line here.
  24. sigs

  25. Mark Dominik's worst moves.....

    That place is BYOK.
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