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  2. Getting the clap is unlucky. Your dick falling off from it is fuckened.
  3. He said fuckened.. Of course he called it "unlucky"
  4. Unique? The most unique team? He means fuckened. He don't know shit about fuckened.
  5. Nnud, Let this help you get over yer Jamies withdrawals..;) I would have been swearing thru the entire fucking thing Some of it is just slap ass funny too 🤣
  6. Yesterday
  7. And that other Gay guy. The guy with no arms and no legs who lies down when the pressure's on. Matt.
  8. https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_f4822bdf-7ef3-522e-8634-54ad5805dc21.html Rest in peace 😥
  9. Blaine Fucking Goobert. Sodomize me with the neck of a giraffe and drop me in an over-chlorinated swimming pool. Fuck me Larry.
  10. Last week
  11. where is the Capt. Pickard facepalm pic when I need it
  12. McNabb's talking point is about 10 years outdated....he must think Bridgewater is white. IMHO, Winston is unemployed because teams don't want to pay "buku bucks" on a turnover machine...but I think Cam is waiting to find a team AFTER the draft because he saw what happened to Glennon (and I can't believe I just invoked Glennon here, since he sucks marsupial pangolin gonads) by signing with a team that drafts a QB in R1.
  13. Agreed. His 62.5 passer rating isn't anything to write home about but he has never, EVER, thrown an interception.
  14. We have our back up to the back up available in Ryan Griffin. I like him better than Gabbert.
  15. I just imagined Gabbert saying "I'm a victim of soycumstance, nyuk nyuk.' [SLAP]
  16. honest question answer....Hell No.....we would have a better chance with Moe ,Larry or Curly and those guys are dead....
  17. If Brady's season ends early its' over anyway, but what if we're in a playoff hunt and he goes down for 3 games? You need someone who can win 1 or 2 of those. Is Gabbert that guy? Honest question.
  18. I think we almost have to draft a QB in this draft. Gabbert is a mediocre at best stopgap. Who is our QB of the future? Why waste the opportunity for Arians to develop and Brady to mentor a prospect? At a minimum, they need to be looking at a midround pick to groom.
  19. Me and Pee Wee Herman are going to the Matinee
  20. Everyone knows Teddy Bridgewater is white.
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