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  2. Material science technology has come far enough along that players should be able to have a cardio-neutral protective solution. They already wear a helmet that weighs a ton and costs a fortune. An athlete’s answer to the masks. WEAR THE FUCKING MASK This really isn’t THAT hard, but for overly zealous individual rights folks. For the greater good, sometimes the individual must sacrifice. And this isn’t being asked to cough up 10% more of your paycheck for chrissakes. GODDAMMITT WEAR THE FUCKING MASK
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  4. The NFL will have some guidance from what happens when the NBA and MLB fire it up again assuming they do. Much of the season hinges on what the guidelines will be for a team in which there is a positive test and how many players that could affect for what period of time.
  5. i would love to have sports this year but I do not see how it happens. If it does happen, how many asterisks will you have to put on a season where it is quite likely that a number of outstanding players will be sidelined in key games because of the virus. It will turn the entire NFL season into a weird COVID lottery.
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  7. Well, the second one team has to shut down for some players getting Covid, the seasons over. These morons are likely to get the season cancelled before it starts. And I would suggest some folk throw out the idea that no one gets paid if it is players getting sick because of stupid behavior that causes the season to be cancelled. Then the morons will start getting "Code Red" in the locker room by dudes wearing masks who want to play and make bank....
  8. Even of the biggest deniers in Republican Governor Brian Kemp is begging Georgia residents to wear masks if they want a NCAA football season this year. I already saw our Bucs LT Donovan Smith whose wife is going to have their first baby does not want to play this year. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2899626-bucs-donovan-smith-says-playing-nfl-games-amid-covid-19-isnt-worth-risk
  9. Even if you don't believe in the mask thing, because you'd rather listen to an orange turd than a scientist... listening to the epidemiologists is hands down the only prayer we have of ever seeing Tom Brady suit up for a game as a Buc.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/11/world/coronavirus-updates.html Louisiana Orders Bars Closed and Masks for Most But Devon Fucking White decides to have 2000 fucking people all over his property wehere masks will not be worn by most. Fucking idiots.
  11. Living somewhat prosperously in this pandemic boils down to one thing -- WEAR THE FUCKING MASK. After like a minute I forget I'm even wearing the damn thing. A little compromise of some "personal freedoms" principle for the greater good is not an onerous request. WEAR THE FUCKING MASK. You now, based on science. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/06/417906/still-confused-about-masks-heres-science-behind-how-face-masks-prevent Two compelling case reports also suggest that masks can prevent transmission in high-risk scenarios, said Chin-Hong and Rutherford. In one case, a man flew from China to Toronto and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. He had a dry cough and wore a mask on the flight, and all 25 people closest to him on the flight tested negative for COVID-19. In another case, in late May, two hair stylists in Missouri had close contact with 140 clients while sick with COVID-19. Everyone wore a mask and none of the clients tested positive. I'm not condoning that sick people are out and about, but the results speak for themselves and more examples of cases like this are piling up.
  12. But wait, there's more! And a Buc is the poster-boy! Masterminds indeed. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/11/ol-masterminds-summit-features-few-masks-no-distancing/ “OL Masterminds Summit” features few masks, no distancing Posted by Mike Florio on July 11, 2020, 3:51 PM EDT Getty Images As the NFL and the NFL Players Association haggle over every detail of football in a pandemic, one key question will be whether players can and will do everything they need to do — and not do everything they shouldn’t do — from August through December (or, in the case of 12 playoffs teams, into and possibly through January). There’s plenty of reason to think that this will be a bigger challenge than previously believed. Case in point: The OL Masterminds Summit in Dallas. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle has posted videos from the event. This one shows Saints tackle Terron Armstead (with no mask) speaking to a group of offensive lineman who are definitely not standing more than six feet apart. Several aren’t wearing masks, or their masks are pulled down. (That’s the one major design flaw of the mask. For it to properly work. It must actually, you know, cover the mouth and the nose.) If that one isn’t sufficiently alarming, here’s a video from a hot-wing eating contest at the OL Mastermind Summit, won by Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen. There are well over a dozen large men in the shot, bodies pressed together as two of them furiously consume chicken wings. One man in the background is wearing a mask. These are the men who inherently have enhanced risk of a serious outcome, given their BMI. And they’re engaging in this behavior in Dallas, one of the current hotbeds of COVID-19. At a time when football season seems to be hanging in the balance, this group of offensive linemen has just jumped onto the side of the scale that lands on “try again next year.” Thus, as the NFL and NFLPA prepare to continue their negotiations on Monday regarding the various things that need to be done before the season can proceed, the participants should consider asking themselves an important question: Why bother?
  13. https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/1984761 Tampa Bay Rays catcher Kevan Smith can't help but notice how people in Florida are dealing with masks during the coronavirus pandemic - and it's a stark contrast to what he's experienced in his home state. "Pennsylvania feels like it's a lot different up there than down here," Smith said Saturday, according to Josh Tolentino of The Athletic. "Obviously, the numbers are a lot worse here. But I felt like you couldn't even walk outside without a mask on (at home). And then here (in Florida), you go out with a mask and we have guys getting called names and all of the above. So just a totally different feel around the country. "(One Rays teammate) was in a store shopping for food and was called a pansy. It's like, 'little do they know.' I went out briefly to just pick up some takeout food and I swear I got like a dozen eyeballs on me looking at me like I'm the weird (one) walking in with a mask." Smith admitted the behavior he's seen is perplexing. "It's just very immature or whatever you want to call it," the 32-year-old said. "But it's just comical. I mean it. It's going on all over the world. We're seeing it firsthand here, so we've just got to stick within our realm and just do what we've got to do to stay responsible and everything should be fine." Florida confirmed over 11,400 cases of COIVD-19 on Friday - the second-highest single-day jump for the state, according to Tony Pipitone and Brian Hamacher of NBC Miami. Florida has recorded more than 244,000 total cases thus far.
  14. As always, the comments are the most interesting thing to read in that article.
  15. Our very own Devon White, hosting a party for 2,000 in Louisiana this week. Good fucking grief. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/10/devin-white-hosting-a-party-with-2000-people-expected/
  16. Cam will go 0-4 and be banished to the bench by Belichick
  17. That jersey is fugly. I'll stick to the pewter.
  18. Chess is shut down. They could play virtual via computers but then you have to worry about cheating. We are trying to play the major sports and we still have not found a way to play chess live everywhere.
  19. That’s my neighbor’s pool. He saw what was lying on the bottom.
  20. Still a little skeptical that they will actually get through a 60 game schedule and playoffs without the virus causing a shutdown.
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  22. Looks like a Crap version of a Falcons Jersey
  23. https://twitter.com/RaysBaseball/status/1280267725722529794/photo/1 Yankees get 6 at home and 4 on the road vs the Rays.
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