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  2. This sucks but they can't afford to rush him back with this type of injury. They still have plenty of weapons and should be ok as long as the blocking is better than last week.
  3. He practiced with the team Monday, so.I say he will play. The Islanders played hard against the Lightning and one of the first teams from the east coast that I couldn’t hate. They were worthy adversaries.
  4. Do we know if Stamkos is going to be able to play?
  5. They play Dallas Saturday Night. Cirelli scored the game winner.
  6. What? Did they advance? As soon as rook mentioned they only needed to win one and I knew about it they lost. So are they headed to the finals or what?
  7. The Ohio’s butt fucking each other after the game. Nice. Burrow is the real deal capons. Mayfield is a douche and will be out of the league in a drug/homosexual induced scandal by 2023.
  8. They’ve ruined the onside kick. Only the Bucs and Mike Edwards are retarded enough to allow one even if it’s not intentional.
  9. Who is this 83, Boyd of the Bungles? What a mofo!
  10. Joe Burrow is pretty damn impressive for his second game. He hasn’t even thrown his third career pick 6 yet.
  11. Baker Mungfield loves the taste of chicken deep down his throat.
  12. Glad the Bucs don’t play Burrow. He’d get his first win against us in most realities, like Daniel Fucking Jones.
  13. Burrow is a lousy defender against the run!
  14. I hate the Browns. They act like they just beat the fucking Chiefs.
  15. Bwaaahahaha Dont even throw a pass. Well this game sucked I just thought it would be interesting to spam the board about it while I had three other devices on the porn sites.
  16. Oh my can the Bungles be any worse? You know they’re going to run the ball so yo are your worst at stopping the run inside 5 minutes and down by 5. Good golly, whoever’s bungling the DC position they should call Marvin’s Lewis And get a scheme.
  17. The dream of a Tampa Bay Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series Championship is still alive. Love this town.
  18. I have some pretty nice tits capons. They’re hairy but supple.
  19. Bagger Mayfuck throws the pick and Joe Burrow gets the bungles to within one score. Can the Brwoneyes emulate Matt Pudricia’s Loins and cave under the Inevitability of failure? Of course they can!
  20. The little fucker did great against the Saints. I don’t have confidence in JWat though. I’d like to have a look at Tyler’s Johnson.
  21. I’m afraid BA has the big one long before that.
  22. Whoever the Bungles coich is, he fucking sucks. Nixon hasn’t seen a ball since Erin was blowing me and then they give it to him on 3rd and 3. Bwaahahahaha! Of course Joe B gets it on 4th. At least we have Josh Rosen, the next Mike Glennon except for the smarts and the hot wife.
  23. Joe Buck. Troy Aikman. Do they call it 69ing when two dudes do it? I swear Troy has buck spooge running out of his eye.
  24. To self soothe and because all the skin has been abraded off my Jimmy’s Johnson, I rewatched Brady’s first drive as a Buc a few times. Script a few drives, dickheads!
  25. But the Bengals are the Bungles so......... Erin Andrews is knocking on my door with a bag of weed and a months supply of viagara. oh wait that’s Jen Aniston.
  26. And the Browns are still the Browns! 4 tries against the leagues worst and they can’t get it in, never once letting Curtis Mayfield run with it on an option. Stupid fecal Browns.
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