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  2. While I tend to disagree with both sides on this take, I will say that last year he wasn't as bad as I thought. I went back and watched games again. Now I will be the first to admit watching the televised game is not the same thing as watching what the coaches see. I will say this for him. He is more than a serviceable on the left side....but when he fucks up he fucks up spectacularly. In my opinion, this year he has slightly improved but still has what-the-fuck moments. He isn't great. He isn't horrible. He is what he is and if we had a chance at an upgrade we should take it.
  3. Why yes....yes he did.....but he's still going into the HoF. Just ask fuckdindaass. https://bucswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/05/bucs-nfl-donovan-smith-saints-cameron-jordan-franchise-tag/
  4. Didn't Cam Jordan openly mock him online when we renewed with him? Then Jordan shit all over him in both games this year. Jaboo's fault...
  5. Now.... here is a good post.....I strongly agree with Sir SamuraiBuc…..
  6. LOL You have been and always will be delusional when it comes to the play of Dong Smith. He isn't half as good as you come in here with diarrhea of the mouth about, as noted by more "most informed" than you and I.....but hey, if it makes you moist, wear it out. He is probably the 3rd best lineman on the team, but you have him going into the HoF. Pretty sure I am more right about him than you. He would be significantly better on the right side. He's nowhere near the player you like to portray him to be.
  7. rook

    SHIT!!! FSU

    It is a beautiful stadium with first class facilities. It is just not a big home crowd. FAU and SMU is a great matchup in the Boca Bowl as each team has ten wins. The ACC is so bad this year that FIU beat Miami. FIU lost to FAU 37 to 7.
  8. El Bucanero

    SHIT!!! FSU

    Karma meet Judas Taggart. LOL
  9. bucs63

    Looks like USF needs A Football Coach

    Jeff Scott. Clemson. The guy form Sarasota might've liked this.
  10. But Belicheat was furious when it was reported. Or that it was. Whichever
  11. bucs63

    SHIT!!! FSU

    I haven't been to game and haven't been inclined to since Schnellenberger's days. KInda would like to try out his stadium though.
  12. It is the same fuckin excuse word for word they gave in 2015. Apparently New England does not realize that tv and radio stations keep archives of these recordings. They were playing it all morning on ESPN. Patriots need a different cover story.
  13. rook

    SHIT!!! FSU

    Yeah I am in mourning. I knew we were going to lose Kiffin but hiring Taggart is a self inflicted wound. I would rather have Spencer who is FAU's D coordinator.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I look at the Coaches film and can add another item to your definition question. What is a hold? The Colts are one of the least penalized teams in the NFL esp for holding. They did a massive amount of holding against the Bucs with few calls.
  16. bucs63

    SHIT!!! FSU

    Shit! FAU hired Taggert. He's an Owl. Replaces Kiffin. He's a Rebel.
  17. Gulf Shore Steve

    Bengal Gate- Bill Belichick the Cheater

    This is apparently a Kraft Media production so there is only one question. How fuckin' stupid is whoever it is overseeing the filming? ....AND.... I'm already fuckin' tired of this story.
  18. OL grades are impossible to figure unless you know the specific responsibilities of every position on every play which I can guarantee PFF doesn't. It's not like a WR is running a 8 route which there pretty much is only one way to run it. That's not to say the line overall or any one player has been good or bad but I wouldn't look at PFF as the place to find results.
  19. Not to be AN asshole, but does your statement change if I quote the entire thing?
  20. instead of a split with William Gholston. He now has 15.5 sacks and is one sack away from Sapp's team record of 16.5 sacks.
  21. But it's an ASSHOLE. I know. l'm one.
  22. How about you are a ASSHOLE and instead of trying to be a smart ass you actually react to a whole post not one that makes you look like a funny guy.
  23. They have Watford graded a little higher than Smith and Dotson and a lot better than Cappa.
  24. My bad. That rank was for run blocking. They rank #21 for pass blocking.
  25. One thing PFF does not measure is penalties and when they occur. Dotson is notorious for having penalties that either cancel long runs or pre snap penalties (lining up too far from the line of scrimmage to cheat on pass blocking) or a meaningless hold (the guy he held was nowhere near Winston) that cancel TDs.
  26. PFF is always good for a laugh or two. Dotson was a beast at pass blocking in his prime. He was never a good or willing run blocker. I even heard him in an interview say he didnt like to run block. At this stage of his career his feet have slowed and it's time to draft a stud mauler at RT. Funny how most in here probably didnt realize Justin Houston played for the Colts, until Smith went out for a few snaps and boom.
  27. No 23 sounds about right. Curious of the pay ranking of our OL compared to the other 31 teams. Much higher then 23 I'm pretty sure.
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