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  2. OK, so I'm not really a hockey fan. And truth be told, I have a minor connection to the Bluejackets, so I was pulling for them last year - that may piss of those of you who haven't obliterated your memories with drink, drugs and llama sex. But I gotta say, I'm happy for you guys. I do love the city of Tampa. Y'all deserve good things.
  3. Gibson compares to Stamkos because he had only the one at bat in that Series. A lot of people recall Willis hitting the two jumpers at the start and must think he came out of the game but he actually played 27 minutes splitting time with Nate Bowman. Walt Frazier, who was my favorite player had a game for the ages. 36 points and 19 assists. Knicks got out to a big lead and never looked back.
  4. Willis Reed....man that’s a great memory. He would have been better off cutting off his leg and jamming a log into the storch. But I believe he scored the Knicks first four points? And shut down Wilt Chamberlain. How did he do it?
  5. Jack and Jill went up the hill, Each with a buck and a quarter......
  6. I was thinking Steven Stamkos brief appearance where he scored a goal reminded me of Kirk Gibson's homer in the World Series or Willis Reid in the NBA finals in Game 7.
  7. 2020 Stanley Cup Champs!!! Next up.. the Rays!!!! Then the Bucs!!!
  8. Next week it’s Packers Falcons. Falcons.
  9. Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard To get her poor dog a bone But when she bent over...Rover took over (Ohh!) And gave her a bone if his own!
  10. BTW - Louis Riddick is competent. I’m not listening to the clown show but he is looking at Pick 6 and what’s his fuck like “How retarded are you guys?”
  11. A shutout to bring the cup back to the Bay. Now — GO RAYS. This is important. I will not watch any Rays games.
  12. Game. Over. Can we play the Ravens instead of the Chefs?
  13. Lamar Jackson looks like Tyrod Taylor.
  14. Victor Hedman wins the Trophy as the MVP of the playoffs. I thought it might be Point but Hedman is deserving. Played more minutes than anyone.
  15. LIGHTNING WIN LORD STANLEY’S CUP! I hope he washed it.
  16. You’re welcome! I kept all the neg mojos distracted with the crows chefs game. Fucking fantastic!
  17. Hey NNUDY did you mean a RONALD Jones Jersey?
  18. OK Capons we got us kind of a football game. Drink up me hearties yoho.
  19. That’s a position in the gay football league
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