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  3. I just hope they don't pick a kicker high again. But it seems Light is high when he picks all kinds of players, not just kickers. He needs to get his bitch ass in rehab.
  4. That frees up a pick for a kicker! 🤘🤘
  5. Woot. Brady will mentor him. Good thing. It's not as likely Light n Arians will waste a draft pick on a QB now. Super Bowl 2020!
  6. We got our Plan B if Brady gets hurt. Super Bowl baby! Woot! Woot! https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-to-re-sign-qb-gabbert/ Come on man. Where is the excitement? This is a huge win. He will teach Brady all about Arians offense.
  7. Both reg and samurai in a tag team? That's kinda harsh. Reg would rip him to pieces on his own. So, maybe samurai could just jerk off in a couple of Cam's goofy hats.
  8. Really really hard. With regulator’s dick and samurai’s forearm. Until he promises not to wear any more of that stupid shit he thinks is fashion. smricnt rgltrcnt
  9. No way Bellychode lets that diva wear number 1.
  10. Yesterday
  11. This just in -- the real jersey and pants for Buc throwback games to the Mark Dunfuknik years.
  12. We both know that the duck is looking at the kid.................................
  13. Love the all black unis. Much better than the cheap off brand ketchup all red one's. But where's the numbers? Is that Cappa?
  14. Panth -- you just need Mike Shula back. He was the best! McCaffery will single handedly take them to the promised land. Lots of WildPanther formations and shit.
  15. The reveal of the new uniforms is set for Tuesday, the 7th. I'm sure we won't all be disappointed. Unless they look something more like this than the old ones. There's no orange damnit! But does it matter anyway? It's a fucking uniform. I mean, did half the country jerk off to Farrah's swimsuit when this hit the market ? ...or her nipples. Yeah, I can hear it now. So ...OK, for Reg, how bout this. Or THIS
  16. Yeah come to think of it she’s my sister too. Really hot hairy face-warted babe.
  17. I’ll take the toothless goat. For safety.
  18. Last week
  19. I'd like to say everyone but probably only both Bradys, Godwin, three Glazertards, a gay kicker, ...and either Lilly the toothless goat or every other Buc QB who wore #12 in order of oldest first and Trently twice.
  20. Hmm...my sister does meth! And I dabble in Armadillos.... ...wait a sec...
  21. I got a sneak peak, someone I know knows someone who fucked a gay guy who slept with armadillos whose sister bought meth from this chick whose booyfriend stole one. Here is the home hot weather jersey.
  22. I'm still confused by 63's comment. I mean, who is supposed to blow me?
  23. Goddamit!!!!! He GAVE it to him!!!! Now there's a headline.
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