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  2. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    A better oline will help the rb
  3. The place was much more engaging then
  4. Call me crazy, but I always got along with NYC. The Ambulance Chaser and his cousin and his other cousin chased a lot of people away.
  5. Good question. The prior owners did a number on this place before they left. How many longtime posters did they ban or chase off? And how many like Westy and Monica did NYC chase away with his racist nutjob psychopath antics?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I mean long time good guys that got banned by long gone ambulance chasers and the like.. Bannings that were personal and not right in the first place.. Why are guys like Rasta still banned?
  8. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Reports are he's remaining in the closet.
  9. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Guice (LSU) has been listed as anywhere from #8 in the entire draft to early 2nd round in the mocks I've seen.
  10. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I really like Sony Michele and Wadley from Iowa. Anyone know if the back from Iowa St is coming out?
  11. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I’m not sure where the “experts” have him pegged and touted, but I’ve seen him play a handful of times and he’s a solid back. I know he’s been dinged up a lot, so he might have some injury concerns.
  12. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    How does the RB from LSU grade out?
  13. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Bucs need a pick a running scheme, power or zone get big guards on more athletic marpet types
  14. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I really liked what Barber did. I didn’t realize he was as shifty as he is. He reminds me a bit of Errict Rhett. Never seems to go down with initial contact and always seems to fall forward a couple yards when going down. That said, this team needs a duel threat back that can come in not only on 3rd down, but has the ability to play all 3 downs if needed. The oline took a lot of blame for not opening holes in the running game, but Martin wasn’t hitting g the holes. The line, despite injuries, looked better with a bettter back in Barber.
  15. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Sony Michel would be nice. I guess I still "live" in the days where you have a feature back. I am not a fan of the rotational running back style, but I get why it's that way now. I also agree with your assessment of what the team needs in a RB, but Barber really hasn't had that many opportunities to show that he can be that guy. I think his sample size is very small right now, but I personally like what I see. He needs some work, but he was gaining the good yardage Scrub Martin could never gain. The longer that mook is on this team, the more I hate him.
  16. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Licht and Koetter are nowhere near those type of idiots.
  17. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    While I agree Barber can be a really effective 2 down back, this team needs a RB who can catch, break big plays and is a match problem for other teams. Just look at the playoff teams, they all have a joker they use and they typically make big plays at some point in games. Id love to see Sony Michel on the board in the 3rd round when we pick, but I think he ends up going much earlier. But there are a bunch of good RBs in this draft that can fit what the Bucs need.
  18. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    That’s more idiotic than Shabazz’s mock. Yheres no way they pass on the best DE and best OL, to take James.
  19. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    Familiar with Freeman and I agree with you. He could have a very nice career.
  20. Becoming a 2017 Jags fan

    Nonetheless, a contributing member to the forum perused by the smartest fans on the internet.
  21. Championship Sunday!

    I like your optimism, 63.
  22. Championship Sunday!

    All Time. Koetter/Winston are young. Babies compared to this BB dynasty. Right now they may just be Designees Of Greatness, but their time is coming.
  23. Championship Sunday!

    Eventually Brady will retire.
  24. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    They cheated and were allowed to keep those wins you mean ???
  25. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    id always be running back by committee unless you get a special back even then it would be a 70/30 share load
  26. Bucs Early Mock Draft (with trade)

    I like Royce Freeman as a mid to late round pick at RB. Versatile and underrated.
  27. Championship Sunday!

    Nothing to see here. Some of the calls were questionable, but this is the typical BS crying that swirls after the Patriots win a game. Whether you like them or don't, Belicheck/Brady are the G.O.A.T.
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