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  2. Oh Shit!!

    Smith out 2 to 4, so it's a good chance he's not going to be ready for the opener. Ian Rapoport ✔@RapSheet #Bucs standout LT Donovan Smith, who suffered what appeared to be a scary injury in practice, has a sprained knee and is out 2-4 weeks, source said. Not good news for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for his starts, but not worst-case scenario for Tampa Bay and Smith. 9:55 PM - Aug 21, 2018
  3. Sims injured on the kickoff

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Times googleplex.
  4. Oh Shit!!

    Some prosthetics are more useful than others. Particularly when your **** lips are bruised, then you can take a prosthetic up the dirt road.
  5. Oh Shit!!

    Yeah, It's JPP's team now. Fire those cannons, damnit!
  6. Oh Shit!!

    I know right! They're pirates, rub a little dirt on it, duct tape a peg leg on there and play ball!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Oh Shit!!

    That's reassuring. It's amazing what they can do with prosthetics these days.
  9. Oh Shit!!

    Lets hope this is true! If so, we dodged a couple bullets for sure! Rick Stroud‏ @NFLSTROUD 42m42 minutes ago More Bucs are optimistic that both LT Donovan Smith and S Justin Evans will be ready for Week 1 vs the Saints.
  10. Beaaahaaahaa. i told her I always liked Dog Style. Then asked her if she would leave her dog with me for an hour or so. <<snare hit cymbal crash>> By the way, Jesse, as has been the policy of this forum, go fuck yourself.
  11. Oh Shit!!

    Hope D Smith is not out for the season. If yes, Licht will have to trade for a pro LT because the Bucs don’t have shit behind him at LT. Well actuall, shit is what they have behind Donovan.
  12. Oh Shit!!

    I agree 100%! Really hoping its not too serious!
  13. Oh Shit!!

    Smith has been taking a beating from fans and some media for a while. All he’s done is never miss a snap and play solid LT. Is he perfect? Not even close. He struggles at times with certain type rushers as do most LTs. If he misses significant time, it’s a huge loss.
  14. The other day this young woman came to my door holding some leaflets and said she was from Saint Teresa's missionary. I told her I liked her style. Hopefully Koetter and Monken are on the same page.
  15. Oh Shit!!

    Yeah, but... It's not like they'll suddenly think he was so great they should've taken him home to fuck their momma. Just that OL talent behind a starter usually looks like a big oafish halfwit when plugged in at LT and has to deal with a teams best pass rusher. We still have Mike Smith to apply that phrase to though.
  16. Oh Shit!!

    All the idiots who said “Smith fucking sucks” can now see just how solid the guy has been. Lovely
  17. Observations from Titans Game

    The left CB needs to stick with the receiver or we could be in trouble.
  18. Who ever is makin the calls, it looks like we have some great receivers and Winston is tossing some good passes. Also, the receivers can grab the ball from the backups too The Saints game will surely be interesting.
  19. Oh Shit!!

    Those injuries won't be as bad as they first thought. Amputations are becoming quite common these days.
  20. Oh Shit!!

    Jenna Laine "Bucs starting left tackle Donovan Smith just got rolled up on in practice, is in some real pain and is visibly upset. Play stopped as trainers tended to him. He was able to walk off the field but limping and with a lot of assistance." #Bucs S Justin Evans also left practice with some sort of injury. He was carted back to the training room just before Donovan Smith went down
  21. The Current

    These are pretty good if you havent seen them yet. https://www.buccaneers.com/video/the-current-behind-the-scenes-with-the-bucs-episode-one https://www.buccaneers.com/video/the-current-behind-the-scenes-with-the-bucs-episode-two https://www.buccaneers.com/video/the-current-behind-the-scenes-with-the-bucs-episode-three
  22. Observations from Titans Game

    It might take a while to eval ROJO as an R2 reach. If he doesnt make some serious noise quick he will probably lose a lot of touches this year. Any chance the Raiders cut Chris Warren III ???? That kid is a beast!!!!
  23. I say yes. . . but we havent really seen how he will call a game yet. . . but it would have to give better results even if he is OC in name only and in Koetters ear on gameday. I dont think it would be a bad thing but Koetter might not want to let someone else determine his future for him. It's his butt on the chopping block if it all goes south.
  24. Bow down to your FAU Masters

    Nope, just a peaceful, congenial owlette knitting a scarf for little owl Jr.
  25. I think the point is that Koetter can focus on being a head coach.
  26. Observations from Titans Game

    RoJo was a reach? What the fuck he was a far better gamble than a kicker for that pick!
  27. Tom Jones and Martin Fennelly are Unreadable

    He says his twitter feed will not change and that is really valuable for timely info. He was a reporter who just gave us the story and that's all. Theoretically Stroud is the same and I've never had the problems with him others do. Jones is the papers oppositional curmudgeon and Fennelly is the "witty" columnist who I've never found funny in even the remotest sense. I wasn't a big fan of Hubert Mizell or Tom McEwan when they were alive but they were light years ahead of any of these guys.
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