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  2. Dear God,, PLEASE NO!!!!!!
  3. About the only thing that can stop him, in usual Buc fashion, is a big new Contract.
  4. As a Fan of the Gators......I look forward to not seeing Franks next year......
  5. The Bucs have played a few shit teams....lets not forget that …..But The Bucs have made the shit teams look like shit teams....That in it's self is a major upgrade as is our Defense....secondary has looked pretty good with the exception of Ryan Smith coming in for an injured Dean, Smith is a big downgrade...hopefully Dean can come back this week.....Front 7 are freaking me out with some serious play....They look great....Barrett needs to get paid , there isn't anything that shows him dropping off in his play..
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  7. UncleBuc

    Looks like USF needs A Football Coach

    Kiff is off to Ole Miss. Gonna be Willie T.
  8. They drafted enough respected talent for the secondary the last couple years that there should be more than a couple players to expect to develop into solid pros. Thank you Jebus for that ray of light.
  9. Said he will enter the NFL or transfer portal to another team. 1. No one in the NFL would want him. 2. Nothing about how he was playing this year indicates he is that special. Kyle Trask saved the Gators season. I am posting here since no one responds to the college board. https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/three-transfer-options-gators-qb-feleipe-franks. Bow to your burrowing owl masters!
  10. Same here, I’m beginning to like the development of our young secondary. And damn, I forgot Justin Evans was still on the team! He’s always hurt.
  11. NO to Foles. . . just saying but I may change my mind about keeping JW3 after watching the last 4 games
  12. And if Jaboo is the starter again next year you're gonna need a hell of a lot more of that.
  13. Last week
  14. So I got my vault access email today. Very much looking forward to your contribution to next year's vault.
  15. "Fix the oline" I always wonder if some of the most informed ever watch any other football, or any football for that matter. Name 5 really good olines in the NFL. Hell just give me 3. A QB who can get rid of the ball and has pocket awareness can make a perceived shitty looking oline, look good. The Bucs need a new RT to replace the aging Dotson, other than that just some depth. Fixing the defense has already begun. They can rush the passer, stop the run, two stud LBers. The secondary is talented, but extremely young. Add a vet CB/S. No, what this team needs is a CONSISTENT QB who doesnt turn the ball over at a high rate.
  16. Tua said if he is drafted within the first 10-15 players in the draft, he will likely go Pro. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28232058/tua-tagovailoa-tough-pass-draft-top-10-15-pick
  17. I'm not going to dick around trying to guess who could replace Arians' love interest or back up him up. We're in purgatory now and will be in Jaboob hell at least the next year or so. And the backup will be as backups are. Always better than the starter on a losing team. Habanida.
  18. Tua is too talented for every team to pass on him before the Bucs draft position. I see Andy Dalton as the guy the Bucs will grab if they get rid of Winston. I have seen too much of him to really like the guy. When you look at the all 22 tape, every QB has flaws, misses throws and does not see people open. Tannehill is the guy now in Tennessee and every Dolphin fan I have talked to or Dolphin fan board I trolled were happy that he left. The only QB they hated more than Tannehill was Jay Cutler in 2017. Fitznagic BTW, is actually a popular guy in Miami as the Dolphin fans blame management for dumping all the talent around him. They like him better than Rosen.
  19. As would I, but we shouldn't draft just any QB to draft a QB. I love Burrow, but after that I'm not blown away with anyone else. Burrow will be gone. Tua is intriguing as hell, but injuries have to be a major concern. Plus he may not even come out this year.
  20. Foles is a terrific #2, but a mediocre starter at best. When he comes off the bench, he's solid. That's about it. Hard pass.
  21. Like you......I prefer Winston.....If not, Winton it's another Draft Rookie...I don't wanna do the QB carousel....
  22. Fuck that guy I'd rather stick with Winston
  23. That's such a non story story. What's different about that then what has been said all along?
  24. This place sure is quiet when Bruce goes all non committal on Jaboo being back next year too
  25. The secondary was made up of rookies and 2nd year guys playing in a completely different system. I like the future of Dean, SMB and Davis. Edwards has been slower to transition but has been better the last couple games. Whitehead has been solid. I still have high hopes for Justin Evans. They need to add a vet CB to the mix in the offseason.
  26. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Rookie of the Month: #45

  27. jobuc597

    Rookie of the Month: #45

    Nobody tell Tundra...….He won't like it.....
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