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#815484 I Think I'm Done for a While..

Posted by Axe on 26 October 2015 - 03:59 AM

I've been a fan of this team since the day the Tampa Tribune Headline declared their existence..


 I grew up a Browns fan but converted because back then with no interweb, there wasn't Browns news in the area so, the Bucs because of proximity and the excitement of a new NFL franchise became my team..  It's been a long rough ride accentuated with two eras of excellence...One brief, another longer that eventually brought us a Lombardi (seems like ancient history now) but was largely wasted and should have produced at LEAST one more if not two more..


   My wife and I dedicate our Sundays to Buc football.. We always have. For the 22 yrs we've been together.. We own countless $$ of Buc paraphernalia.. We forgo Sunday family lunch get togethers in football season because "We" are the Buc fans of the family.. My family is largely gone... I have one daughter and two grandsons left.. My wife still has her folks, Mom and Dad left tho they are getting long in the tooth and sisters, brothers, and an extended family that we miss every week to watch the shit we saw today..... We came to a conclusion today that we were foregoing precious time with them on Sundays to experience  the bullshitery we watched today.. And honestly, we do not like the owners.. We HATE the Retard triplets!!!!! We HATE the new fuckened unis the retard triplets cast like a black cloud over their dad's once proud franchise.. We don't like the overpaid motor mouth that is Gerald McCoy. Done with Lovie Smith, he's clueless...Don't care for any of our DBs..


Shit!!! the new Swashbuckler outfits SUCK!!!


And here is the biggest thing... We HATE the lack of heart or substance this franchise displays for all to see on a weekly basis..


The retard triplets have run this thing into the ground like Flight 93...


This franchise needs a bionic douche!!


From the ownership down!!  This franchise needs new ownership!!   It needs a REAL GM!! A competent HC!


It needs to cancel EVERY fucking player radio show because the ignorance on display every week during these shows makes us all understand how 16 dumbass penalties happens!


 I'm sorry, this isn't even remotely close to the Buccaneer franchise I fell in love with yrs ago.. WTF happened??


We're gonna do family time on Sundays..


Bash me if you want..

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#824980 Rex hires first female coach!

Posted by tb_buc on 21 January 2016 - 12:19 PM

She must have awesome feet.....
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#853799 Dungy ranks Brady as the 6th best QB since 1978

Posted by jspaldin on 21 July 2017 - 02:37 PM



That was the first mistake of this article.

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#847182 Steve Deumig has inoperable brain cancer

Posted by The Rich McKay Conspiracy on 11 February 2017 - 02:06 PM


Inoperable tumors on my brain. ( this may have been the reason I was having trouble getting through live read commercials in the past on some days in the past and being severely criticized for it. By some of you in the past. I hope you're happy now for the unreasonable criticism)



That's awful to hear, and I certainly wouldn't wish this on anyone, and I feel terrible for him and his family... but damn if he couldn't even announce that he was dying without taking a shot at people...

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#821603 OT: Funniest Bucschat Postings Ever

Posted by SF on 22 December 2015 - 04:21 PM

Ramon's wife's tattooed tit and his pride in posting it.




The "Like" button is at lower right . . . .

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#790971 Mariota & Winston - One is a fraud

Posted by SF on 21 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

I watched NFL Network with considerable interest today to see the top QB prospects head to head.


Not a lot to see on the field. Sure they can both throw the ball and I can't see how who has the faster 40 time has much to do with how well they play quarterback. Every quarterback not named Randall Cunningham who relied on being able to outrun defenders pretty much burst into flames.


The part that caught my attention was the segment where the two of them were at the desk with five NFL Network guys answering questions.


Mariota only made one mistake in the process - he looked and sounded so stilted and uptight he was sacred to death about saying the wrong thing and blowing it. He was sitting there shitting his pants.


Winston was completely comfortable under the glass. He answered quickly and in a manner where you have confidence "this is just me." His answers were also solid and correct.


If you've interviewed people for employment - and these guys are on a job interview - you will always get the guy who will tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear to get the job. And in the end, what good is that guy going to do your company. A business owner or manager needs another yes man like I need more grey hair.


What I saw in Mariota was a guy scared to death he would say the wrong thing and blow his chance as being perceived to be a high value prospect. Kind of like EJ Manuel or Geno Smith. "Somehow I am perceived to be a potential high pick and this is my big chance. So long as I don't get exposed I'll get that big payoff."


What I saw in Winston was a guy relaxed under pressure, knowing he had a target on his back and handling it all in stride. He made statements which could easily be refuted by team mates if they weren't true. In particular, when he was talking about film study. Someone asked him about the fact that playing baseball took away from his off season football work and Rich Eisen, I believe, said something about his coach saying his was a film junkie. Winston responded stating something along the lines of "When I am in the bullpen, I am watching practice film or game film. I always have my device with me and if anyone every questioned my off field film work, we have to log our hours and they are recorded. I would tell anyone who asked, look at the weekly log - that's my name - always on top."


Winston didn't even try to cover up some of his schoolyard slang. He sprinkled in just enough to let you know this guy has a complete grasp of what he is saying and what's going on.


I haven't seen it yet, but there is a session he does with Steve Marrucci where they go over plays on the white board. Eisen asked him about it, Without missing a beat WInston said "I Aced that!" With a big smile on his face and then repeated himself "I ACED IT!"


I used to have a small engraved sign on my desk facing the person sitting across from me "Tell me what you THINK, not what you think I want to hear" It was targeted to staff members who would tell me how wonderful my idea was, or some clients idea. You ask them a question and you can see their wheels turning - "what does he want me to say?, What will make me look smart?"


Mariota is saying everything he thinks people want to hear and Winston is saying what rolls right off his head - with confidence because he knows he knows his stuff. Mariota is trying just not to fuck up.


Golfers have a phrase for when they try so hard to do everything perfect they strangle the club and the refer to it as "gripping." Baseball pitchers do the same thing. Mariota is gripping and Winston is just relying on his ability.


Perhaps judging a quarterback by what they say isn't the standard for selecting #1 overall. But they both have enough on their resume quarterback wise, except I think Mariota's resume is a lot of smoke and mirrors. Kind of like this scene from "My Cousin Vinny:"



Mariota is showing you just what he thinks you want to see, this shithouse is made from bricks with straight sides and the right shape and all that blah blah, until you look at it from just the right angle.


Mariota is a mirage.


Winston is the real McCoy.

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#764722 CHOO CHOO! All Aboard the Jameis Winston Train.. Who's with me?

Posted by Cantankeris on 15 September 2014 - 12:01 AM

Winston is a fucking moron. The no brainer is Marriota.
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#842014 Thank you Regulator16

Posted by Ramsforever on 02 November 2016 - 12:34 AM

Payed his debt on the Rams-Bucs game.




Nice coffee mug.


Thank you!

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#837064 I know it is preseason but those missed kicks

Posted by Cantankeris on 21 August 2016 - 06:40 PM

So let me get this straight, we are now deciding that draft picks were "wasted" after 2 preseason games?

This place has really taken a dump.


Yeah, no kidding...


We used to be able to do that after 1 preseason game!

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#835009 Winston: "What I learned"

Posted by The Rich McKay Conspiracy on 13 June 2016 - 02:54 PM

Regardless of whatever you thought about him before he was drafted, and for the first few months I made the anti-Winston argument as loudly as anyone, that kid has done every single goddamn thing right since he got out of college.  Fingers crossed that he can keep it up.

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#834319 Brad Johnson- Gruden does not get enough credit for 2002

Posted by AndyG on 24 May 2016 - 07:57 PM

Gruden's inside information on the Raiders was nice, though it was on Bill Callahan to make the necessary changes to thwart that.

But again, from a previous post, here's the no-frills explanation of Gruden's impact on the Bucs:


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Road TDs on offense under Dungy:
1997 - 1
1999 - 0
2000 - 0
2001 - 0


Road TDs on offense in Gruden's first season with new offense:
2002 - 5


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Total Playoff TDs offense - Dungy:
1997 - 3 TDs in 2 games
1999 - 2 TDs in 2 games
2000 - 0 TDs in 1 game
2001 - 0 TDs in 1 game


Total Playoff TDs offense - Gruden's first season with new offense:
2002 - 8 TDs in 3 games


In one season, the offense Gruden put together scored more playoff touchdowns than were scored in all of Dungy's playoff years combined.


Yes, Gruden won it with Dungy's and Wyche's defensive draft picks. Somebody had to.

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#827771 MArtin Signed

Posted by Cantankeris on 09 March 2016 - 07:44 PM

I'm just glad his deal is out of the way. Now he can get on with getting fat, slow and missing half seasons with planatar flacciditis. True Buc great in the making.
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#824953 Mike Smith Press Conference

Posted by El Bucanero on 21 January 2016 - 12:52 AM

Also, how refreshing is it to hear coaches talk about QB as THE strength of the team for once in for fucking EVER!

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#819781 Who the hell is COLDPLAY

Posted by Gulf Shore Steve on 03 December 2015 - 09:54 PM

This stuff is like Pavlov's dog. Announce halftime show, Bucschat reacts with metalhead requests.




I'm not a fan of the band but what fuckin' rock have you been living under to not have heard of them?

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#818329 OT: Met Marshawn Lynch

Posted by MustangBUCKnastay on 19 November 2015 - 04:44 PM

two nights ago a buddy of mine told me that Marshawn Lynch would be at his work to give a speech about the company. Now anyone who's watched football the past few seasons would have their opinion of Lynch. Some don't like that he doesn't talk to the media in anyway and some think he's all for himself in that aspect. I'm a big-time autograph collector so of course i brought my Lynch jersey (brand new) and his rookie card to see if I could even get close enough for the chance to get it signed; but I didn't think I had the slightest chance of getting close to him.

When I got to the place (The Columbia edge water country club) there were a lot of younger fans (8-14) waiting for him. When he came in the room all the kids got loud and were screaming his name. He smiled and gave the young ones a speech about why schools important and why you have to have your priority's in line if you want to succeed at something. It didn't sound like the normal "stay in school speech" it actually sounded genuine as he brought up living in Oakland and if you didn't succeed in school you'd most likely be one of the many on the streets. He then took picture's with many many students. While this was going on I thought I'd try for my autograph now. When I walked up and asked he said "let everyone get their picture then I will". I expected him to go off and not sign anything since I've had many say the words "in a minute" then run off but to his credit he came and signed not just my jersey but my card. He was very very talkative with all the younger students, even playing tag with them in the hallways. Then the drastic change happened when the room was full of adults. He got very quiet and said absolutely nothing. It was like a complete 180. I could see he was uncomfortable with all the adults surrounding him. He talked with about 3 adults who I'm pretty sure he knew before then but other then that he separated himself very quickly.

I'm simply saying all of this because nobody will ever hear about him speaking to children and trying to make sure all of them had their "moment" with him. I've met plenty of athletes over my time and he was the most interactive one I ever met; when he didn't have to be. I've heard some bash him on here for not speaking, but after meeting the guy and seeing how he truly is he has my respect 100%.

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#818190 The 2015 Draft

Posted by SF on 18 November 2015 - 01:40 PM



Starting Quarterback and undisputed Team Leader - could easily be the starting QB for 15 years;


Starting Middle Linebacker - could be hardy Nickerson II or Shelton Quarles II - Could play here for a decade


Starting Guard - Ali Marpet - Has posted excellent run blocking ratings including highest in the entire league one week - Could play here for a decade


Starting Left Tackle - The starter because he was the best option, but has been better than serviceable and is getting better every week. Doing a solid job and can really only get better. Could also easily play here for a decade plus.


Whether or not Kenny Bell actually has something to offer remains to be seen when he returns from injury next year.


And perhaps Adam Humphries is Karl Williams II . . . .


We're 4-5 and could easily be 6-3 with a win over Washington and any combination of Houston or NY Giants fixes and have done it the past few weeks with only one really legit receiver in Evans, who has a bad case of the dropsies.


This could be considerably worse. 

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#817580 The Remaining Undefeated NFL Teams

Posted by Axe on 12 November 2015 - 01:08 AM


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#817102 Winston is a true LEADER

Posted by SF on 09 November 2015 - 02:10 AM

Anyone else notice it was Winston who calmly grabbed Spence's jersey and had a talk with him after that stupid penalty? Not screaming in his grill, just letting him know what's what.


Spence - not a rookie - stood there and listened to it from a guy who has been on the team for eight games, because he knew he was wrong and didn't object to Winston setting him straight. Not David. Not McCoy. But Winston.

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#804044 Memorial Day...

Posted by SF on 25 May 2015 - 02:11 AM

please remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice to make our country great, and still free.


God bless them all. And go Bucs.


Thank You for a fitting tribute.


I hear people say "Happy Memorial Day" and I just want to scream, or confusing Memorial Day with veterans day. All who serve deserve our thanks and consideration but Memorial Day is a remembrance of those who died in service to their country. Every one of the 700 or so thousand who fought and died in the wars and conflicts below are matched up to wives, mothers, sisters, brothers and children who answered the knock on the door to see officers with grim faces and knew their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers would not be returning home. I just can't imagine the grief.


If you have never seen it, watch Ken Burns masterful series "The War."


Rest In peace.



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#801038 OK, Jamies

Posted by Tundra on 01 May 2015 - 01:44 AM

Jameis, most of the reports on you from peers and teammates, coaches, those who know you, are positive. The fact that you didn't rat out the Publix stooge to save your own ass is notable. 




1. Come in humble, ready to learn and improve.

2. Commit to getting rid of your smoothie physique. Work your ass off in the weight room. 

3. Study the playbook like it's the best porn in the world. Learn it so well you can teach your teammates about the nuances.

4. Work on your mechanics, do not assume that it's good enough to rely on what you brought.

5. DO NOT BE AN INTERCEPTION MACHINE. Testaverde and Dilfdo showed us enough of that to last for decades.

6. Take VJ, Evans, and Rastaferian Jenkins out for steaks and listen to them. Work with them. 


Welcome to Tampa Bay. We need you to be better than your best fans believe you can be. Please don't make us pine for Mariota, or Lurch, or Randy Hedberg. OK? 


Oh, and your Offensive Line? If you ever see Mark Duminik walking around, it's ok wth us if you punch him in the face as hard as you can.  And then tell your coach and GM that it might be a good idea if you could get more than 1.274 seconds to throw the football on a seven step drop. 


Good luck, and may the force be with us. 




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