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Is this the most undisciplined Bucs Team? McCoy thinks So


In post-game press conference, Gerald McCoy said: "Probably the worst I've ever been on as a collective"


“I usually know what to say. At this point, guys. I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know. I know we’re going to keep going. I don’t have no answer. I really don’t I’m sorry.





“We gotta be more disciplined that that. Penalties can kill you. A lot of the points in the game we were at because of penalties. Very undisciplined team. Very undisciplined team. Probably the worst I’ve ever been on as a collective, as a unit.”



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Unfortunately, the end of the tunnel seems to lead to the next tunnel.



Jesus, I can't stop vomiting.


It has nothing to do with the train gif, I just looked back at Mark Dominitwit's record as hog swallower for the Glazerboyz.

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