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Pinned  Bucs V Redskins: RGIII Returns VS Bucs Defense..

Nov 16 2014 05:14 PM | tmservo in Football

RGIII makes his return to the Redskins this week, as he faces the near bottom ranked Bucs Defense, which allows more points than anyone.. exception being the Chicago Bears. Preview from ESPN here: http://scores.espn.g...ameId=400554378

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Winston on NFL Record Pace

Nov 01 2015 04:44 PM | tmservo in Football

While the Bucs continue to struggle, Winston has done something no other QB has: his first six games were over 200 Yards http://www.al.com/sp...l-record_r.html This article lays it out; what other records may stay in Winston's future? Well, that may b...

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Kyle Brindza Released by the Bucs.

Oct 05 2015 05:01 PM | tmservo in Football

Kyle Brindza has been released by Tampa Bay

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Holy Cow, Bucs Win One in New Orleans

Sep 21 2015 07:29 PM | tmservo in Football

Nothing, just needed to change the front page story and have some time this week. Enjoy a win, guys.

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Alstott Impressed with Winston

Apr 15 2015 11:27 PM | tmservo in Football

"I think first and foremost, he's a great person. He has a big heart, very personable, was there interacting with the crowd and everybody that supported my event," said Alstott, the former Bucs fullback. "Everybody loved having him around. He was reall...

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ESPN & Benjamin Allbright: Bucs & Winst...

Apr 10 2015 10:57 PM | tmservo in Football

Sources say that the Tampa Bay Bucs have reached a deal in principle with Jameis Winston for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft https://twitter.com/...551387095347200 Jameis Winston WILL be the #Bucs pick, per source. It's a done deal. Did what they consid...

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Bucs Release McCown

Feb 12 2015 02:17 PM | tmservo in Football

Tampa Bay has released McCown, clearing the field to draft a QB. Follow the thread here: http://www.bucschat....release-mccown/

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I've Got Nothing.. Bucs fall again

Dec 01 2014 04:02 AM | tmservo in Football

The Bucs fall short again today, 14-13 to the Bengals. So..

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Is this the most undisciplined Bucs Team? McCo...

Nov 10 2014 03:11 AM | tmservo in Football

In post-game press conference, Gerald McCoy said: "Probably the worst I've ever been on as a collective" “I usually know what to say. At this point, guys. I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know. I know we’re going to keep going. I don’t have...

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GameDay: Bucs V Ravens

Oct 12 2014 03:36 PM | tmservo in Football

Open Thread: Bucs V Ravens

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Take that, Curt.. Bucs win against Steelers

Sep 28 2014 10:24 PM | tmservo in Football

Despite predictions that the Bucs would get run out by the Steelers by all prognosticators, Glennon and the Bucs came alive a bit and left with a nice win.

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Carl (ATHF) Gives his Stone Cold Lock of the We...

Sep 27 2014 12:03 PM | tmservo in Football

Sometimes, you have to appreciate the joke.

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With the #1 Pick in the 2015 Draft..

Sep 20 2014 01:06 AM | tmservo in Football

Should the Bucs have the #1 pick, who is high on the draft board?

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Bucs V Rams Post Mortem

Sep 15 2014 12:29 AM | tmservo in Football

Rams beat Bucs, 19-17 TAMPA, Fla. -- Greg Zuerlein's fourth field goal of the day, a 38-yarder with 38 seconds remaining, gave third-string quarterback Austin Davis and the St. Louis Rams a 19-17 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Davis co...

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Post Game Thread: Did we Learn Anything?

Sep 08 2014 12:46 AM | tmservo in Football

Was anything at all learned today? Is our OL truly this bad?

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Bucs Owner Malcolm Glazer Passes Away

May 29 2014 02:56 AM | tmservo in Football

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are saddened to announce the passing of Owner/President Malcolm Glazer earlier this morning at the age of 85. A dynamic business leader, Glazer helped mold the Buccaneers into a model franchise and one respected league-wide. S...

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Doug Martin Cleared to Play

Apr 01 2014 04:36 AM | tmservo in Football

http://www.nfl.com/n...shoulder-injury Doug Martin medically cleared from shoulder injuryFor all the free agents imported by the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers regime, one of the most important additions is a young player returning from a torn labrum that c...

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Zuttah on the way out

Mar 17 2014 01:47 PM | BucsFootball in Football

http://fansided.com/...ng on FS#!Aba0g

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Could Jared Allen be Tampa Bay Bound?

Feb 28 2014 04:25 PM | tmservo in Football

The Waiver Wire is reporting that Tampa is in the hunt for Jared Allen.. 26. DE Jared Allen GK: The Minnesota Vikings were a bad team all-around last year, but none of that is Jared Allen’s fault. He posted another double-digit sack season for the sev...

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Lovie Smith says 'A Franchise QB will be av...

Feb 20 2014 08:47 PM | tmservo in Football

Bucs coach Lovie Smith says he believes a 'franchise quarterback,' worthy of the seventh overall pick will be available when the Bucs make their first-round selection in the NFL draft. If so, Smith says, don't be surprised if they take him. “I know e...

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Jason Licht named Bucs GM

Jan 21 2014 07:50 PM | tmservo in Football

Per Jay Glazer, the Tampa Bay Bucs have agreed in principle to Jason Richt of Arizona to become the new GM, with a 4 year deal and a 5th year option. [quote] The Bucs have tabbed Jason Licht as their new General Manager. The two sides are still w...

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Official Bucs Press Release on Lovie Smith

Jan 03 2014 02:23 AM | tmservo in Football

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that Lovie Smith has been hired as the 10th head coach in franchise history, signing a five-year contract with the club. An introductory press conference will be held in the team auditorium at One Buccaneer plac...

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Bucs Clean House: Schiano, Dom both Fired

Dec 30 2013 05:03 PM | tmservo in Football

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired coach Greg Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik on Monday, one day after completing their third straight losing season. The Buccaneers announced the firings in a statement released Monday morning. http://espn.go.com/...

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Let the Post-Mortem begin

Dec 30 2013 02:08 AM | tmservo in Football

So, what comes next for the Bucs? Draft prospects? Firings? People on the trading block?

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Was David's Exclusion from Pro-Bowl slanted?

Dec 28 2013 09:41 PM | tmservo in Football

ESPN Today argues that the exclusion of David from the pro-bowl is one of the things that highlights everything wrong with the current selection practice. http://espn.go.com/b...oster-integrityThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Lavonte David isn't on the team....

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