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College Football

Tampa to Host 2017 College National Championship

Dec 16 2013 08:12 PM | tmservo in College Football

Tampa becomes the first city that did not host one of the big six bowl games to be awarded with the National Championship game. The five cities Tampa beat out for the 2017 national title game were San Francisco/Santa Clara (Levi's Stadium), Jacksonvil...

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U of F faces Mass Exodus

Dec 16 2013 05:57 AM | tmservo in College Football

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Junior quarterback Tyler Murphy, who started six games for the Gators this season, intends to transfer, the school confirmed on Sunday. Murphy becomes the latest Gators player to choose to leave the program. Last Thursday, the sc...

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College Bowl Game Contest: Pick the Winners for...

Dec 09 2013 08:10 PM | tmservo in College Football

Merry Christmas all! Here we go, your chance to do some damage and win some real money. This contest is completely open, so Mods (and even me) can participate since it requires some skill on your part. In order to participate, you must list all of you...

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Florida Gators sink to All Time Low

Nov 24 2013 06:08 AM | tmservo in College Football

GAINESVILLE — Any hope of a bowl game is now gone. The 2013 Florida Gators will be remembered as the worst team since the one in 1979 that finished 0-10-1. The first with a sub-.500 record and six-game losing streak, including a 26-20 loss to Division...

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Les Miles implicated in Pay to Play Scandal

Sep 10 2013 03:14 PM | tmservo in College Football

Sports Illustrated just posted up an article implicated LSU Coach Les Miles as involved in paying players to play during his tenure at Oklahoma State http://espn.go.com/c...d-les-miles-eraSome players received $2,000 annually and others around $10,000...

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Florida Catches the Injury Bug

Aug 24 2013 04:10 AM | driggsxx in College Football

SBL, August 23, 2013 - (Tallahassee) - Coach Muschamp had plenty of reasons to feel a bit bitter on Friday. Florida, who’s season may rely heavily on the success of their run game found themselves at a real loss when Matt Jones, Tailback was confirmed...

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